Hey guys so sorry about the delay in writing for my stories so I decided to rehash some old stories that I had on my old account, laurelanderich. All of these are revamped and unbeta'd so forgive any mistakes. Just mention in your reviews any errors you find. I'll try to update as much as I can possible once a week. School is ending soon so I'll be around a lot more. Enjoy your taste of Jumping Jacks.

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"Ali, give me back my Benny," five-year-old Bella Swan cried, her soft brown curls blowing in the slight breeze.

Alice Cullen held up Benny the bear hugging him tightly. "He's so soft!" Alice spun squeezing the tawny bear in her arms, her yellow sundress twirling around her thin legs.

The bear was snatched from her hands by Alice's older brother Emmett. He was ten. "Here you go Bells."

Bella hugged Benny tightly and smiled. "Thank you Emmy."

Emmett smiled back and held out a bag of jumping jacks. "Wanna play with me?"

Bella nodded. "You are the bestest friend ever Emmy."

As Emmett dropped the jacks on the ground and prepared to drop the ball Renee walked up and picked up Bella. Emmett and Alice looked confused. Bella stared at Renee crying.

"You and I are going on trip Bella, you'll like it so much honey," Renee said plastering on a fake smile.

Bella started to cry triggering Alice and Emmett to cry.

That was the last time Bella saw her two best friends.

I know that was short but it was just a teaser of their past. Keep your eyes peeled or follow me on twitter ( NightstalkersKM) for information.

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