It was undeniably a very hot day, even though it was only may. The sun shone stubbornly on the small wooden house, and the air was filled with the fragrances of the summer. The fat cat hastily lifted her head as she heard a noise, but then she quickly returned to sleeping as she realised that it was just a group of kids running down the street, laughing happily. Although the cat has no idea what she was expecting, she had a vague feeling that something was going to happen. All day, Seiji had been franticly running around the house, cleaning it, fixing the broken steps by the front door, (and cleaning was not one of his daily routines) and it gave her a feeling in the gut that wasn't familiar All of a sudden the cat heard a new noise, a quieter one, like light foot steps walking on the soft grass. Suddenly something was blocking the sunrays she had been basking so happily in and she let out a soft meow as two small hands lifted her from the grass bed. The petite girl pulled the cat closer to her face and whispered softly:

"I'm home Shampoo."

The hallway seemed louder than usual as the three boys tried to get through the mass of starving pupils all heading towards the cafeteria.

"So, god damn noisy," grumbled Narumi, grumpy as usual. "Why can't they just shut up?" since it was merely a question to emphasise neither Kei nor Ochiai answered him. They were used to Narumi's complaining and decided to ignore it like they did most of the time. Narumi would never admit it but that day he was a bit more grumpy, mostly because was extremely nervous. He was going to see 'mussy-head' for the first time in six months. Half of the year she was spending in America had already passed by, and today she was returning to help the Sp win a styling contest that would give the winner a million yen. Narumi didn't like the word 'help'. "Why did Ochiai ask her to come, it's not like we need her." He thought sourly. But even though he was a bit annoyed by the fact that the Sp didn't think that they could win without Kiri, he was a bit happy that he would be able to see her. School didn't feel quit the same without here apathetic face around.

"I bet she hasn't changed at all."

"Snip, snip", small strands of hair fell silently to the linoleum floor as Narumi styled one of the dolls used for hair cutting practice's long hair. Sp's clubroom was filled with sounds, the clicking from Ochiai's laptop, the crunching sound of Kei eating his beloved pocky, they were all sounds that made Narumi relax. No matter how tense he was, he always managed to calm down while cutting hair, it was like an oasis for him. Kei just sat there, eating his strawberry flavoured snack while reading the may issue of 'shonen jump' but suddenly he exclaimed: "Naru, when is Kiri-chan coming?" he tilted his head as he continued: "I want to see her."

At the word Kiri, Naru flinched and accidentally cut of a big chunk of hair from the doll.

"Crap, Kei you idiot, don't talk to me while I'm cutting." Irritated, he put down the scissors. God, what was he so nervous for? It was just plain old mussy-head, nothing special.

"According to my calculations, Kiri's plane landed two hours ago so she shouldn't be long." Ochiai said in an almost robotic voice. They all flinched as they heard the door handle suddenly being pushed down.

"Geez, knock will you!" Narumi mumbled.

"Hello, to you too, Naru-Naru," Narumi immediately recognized the voice without any emotion. So did Kei and Ochiai.

"Oh, hi, Kiri!" Kei said blissfully. "We've been waiting for you!"

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