"I have an idea!" Kanoko exclaimed enthusiastically. She turned her back against Kiri and searched through her neatly organised jewellery box until she found a small box covered in blue fabric. "Here it is!" she said out loud and then opened the box, revealing a small barrette decorated with a white flower Kiri could not name. "Don't you think it'll match perfectly with your yukata?" Kanoko, beaming, looked at Kiri who frowned.

"I don't think so." She said to Kanoko's disappointment.

"Why not?" Kanoko asked, confused.

"It's not what I usually would wear."

"Well, you wouldn't usually wear a yukata either, now would you Kiri?" She asked smiling her usual soft smile. "Sit down. I'll put it on for you" Kiri frowned once again, but she didn't protest as Kanoko took a strand of her hair, braided it and finally fastened it next to her ear with the hair clip. As a celebration for winning the semi-finals, S.P had decided to attend the local fireworks festival. The annual festival was one of the Aoyama family's traditions and since her younger brother was sick, Kanoko persuaded them all to go.

"Look! Doesn't it match well with your yukata?" she said happily. Kiri looked in the mirror. It was true, it did match well. The small white flower pattern on her light blue dress resembled the hair ornament she wore. She smiled calmly. "Yes Kanoko. Thanks'."

"How long are they going to make us wait?" Narumi grumbled. The bustling crowd and the loud noises that came with it was definitely not to his liking so he sat, arms crossed, next to Kei and Ochiai on a bench, a sour expression on his face.

"They're only five minutes late you know?" Kei said. Then with a dreaming expression he added; "Ah, I hope they wear yukatas! I think Kiri would look really cute in one. Don't you think so Occhi?" Kei turned his eyes to Ochiai and Narumi joined in.

"Well…" Koshiba-san in a yukata

"What are you thinking that is making you blush!" Narumi yelled. "You bastard!"

"Sorry we're late." The three boys looked up as they heard the soft voice and there Kanoko and Kiri were, standing right in front of them.

"Oh, no it's fine," Ochiai said, blushing. As his and Kiri's eyes met, he turned away and pretended to be interested in a pebble on the ground. Narumi looked away too, embarrassed.

Damn, she's cute, he thought reluctantly. Kiri who took no notice of him, smiled a bit as Kei exclaimed: "Waaah, you both look so cute!" a wide grin on his face. Shy, Kanoko touched her hair and then asked; "Ken-nii isn't coming?"

"Ah, no he had some work to do, he said that he wished he could come…" Ochiai answered looking up again, smiling.

"Oh, ok." he noticed the slight disappointment in her voice.

"Well should we get going?" Kei urged. "I want a chocolate banana!"

The five of them stood at the viewpoint, waiting for the fireworks show to begin. It had become a little bit chilly as time went on, and the night sky was now deep blue and sprinkled with stars. In the corner of his eyes, Narumi saw Kiri shiver at a sudden chilly breeze. He hesitated.

Kiri suddenly felt something on her back. She turned her head and surprised, she discovered Narumi behind her, putting his cardigan over her shoulders.

"Eh, thanks," she told him, unsure of what else to say.

"No problem." He kept his eyes focused on the sky, anticipating the fireworks and at the same time hiding his embarrassment. As the first fireworks exploded into purples and blues and the night became filled with excitement, Narumi looked at Kiri. She stared with awe at the sudden colours in the sky, now red had joined the others. Narumi said in a low voice:

"Oi, Kiri," she turned her head and looked at him, her eyes asking: 'what'. Narumi took a deep breath and stuttered "Let's do our best at the finale this week okay?" Kiri smiled.


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