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This was so wrong in many, many ways. Fucked up even. No no...completely fucked up. There I stood looking like an idiot unable to take my gaze off of the girl who just came storming up to us. Not just any girl either, the leech lover. And on top of that Jakes girl. I couldn't help the growl that erupted from my chest at that thought. Well, she was Jakes girl until this very moment. He was going to rip my head off, but right now it didn't matter.

Why was she still yelling? Oh yeah.

"What did you do!" She was cute when she was mad. Wait, stop that!

I could already feel myself start to shake, but it wasn't at her. I could never get mad at her. Not now. Not ever. I was pissed at myself. What the fuck did I just do?

Jared letting out a laugh when he realized what happened just made it worse.

"What did we do? What did he tell you, huh?" I demanded, watching her face as it turned to mine again. Nope, not letting myself go all soft. But those brown eyes...I felt something jolt inside of me as I stared into them again.

"Nothing, he tells me nothing because he's afraid of you!" She yelled in my face.

I couldn't help but start to laugh, if at anything but her. The way her face puckered as she yelled and the way her face was as red as a tomato, so adorable. Everything was so adorable.

Then she slapped me across my face. Of course it didn't hurt, but I was already pissed at myself for doing this. I started to shake thinking about it and meeting her eyes yet again. This was so wrong.

"Paul, calm down! Bella get back!" Sam tried to order me, but it was too late. The heat was radiating out of my body and I could feel my body tremble from head to toe now. Especially now that Jacob was in sight running towards us.

"Bella!" he yelled as he leaped towards us.

That did it. I let a growl grow in my chest and erupt from my throat. I let the rage consume me and I bursted into my wolf and leaped forward.

It shouldn't of, but it hurt to see the fear on her face before she turned and started running.

"Jake! Run!"

She tripped, of course she tripped.

Jacobs reddish brown fur burst everywhere as he phased. His thoughts being hostile towards me, yelling at me to get back to get away from her pissed me off even more.

I wasn't going to hurt her. I couldn't. She was the only thing tying me to this Earth, the center of my...What the HELL was I thinking?

You did NOT do that Paul! Jacob was growling at me, and taking a leap at me. Great now he knew.

I lurched towards him, sinking my teeth into his neck. He yelped, but forced me to the ground snapping his teeth at me. I rolled around, pushing him into the dirt this time.

I couldn't HELP it Jacob! I all but howled. Now we were in the forest, I knew this because he had me slammed up against a tree. That didn't last long. I jumped up, jumping on him.

Jacob, Paul, Enough! No one could disobey that voice, the Alpha. It sucked. If I could just bite one of his legs off... Paul, ENOUGH. I let out a whine as I had to obey, taking a few paces back from Jacob.

I felt guilty as I felt his emotions. Hurt, loss, betrayal. Okay so the last one made me mad. I'd say I'm sorry but I can't help it, so I'm not sorry Jacob.

I didn't even get to... His thoughts trailed off. Shit. Everyone in the pack knew how much he loved her, we could see it through his eyes.

Jacob, you know this is not Pauls fault. It's something that couldn't be helped. You're just going to have to deal with it unless she rejects him.

What, don't I get a choice in this? This whole thing pissed me off. I hated this. I started to think about how I didn't even like her, but my insides twitched. That was a lie, I did like her. Did I? I remembered how horrified she looked looking back at me after I exploded fur everywhere. My heart ached, and I felt a pull towards her. I just wanted to run to her, hold her, and tell her everything was going to be okay. What the hell?

I think you just answered your own question. Sam thought quietly.

Jacob whined and it was obvious to feel the pain of his hurt though he was trying to hide it.

This was going to suck. This already did suck.

Then Sam told us that Bella is at Emily's with Jared and Embry. I felt that damn pull again, that same ache all throughout my body. I started running towards the small house.