I kept re reading this chapter and even re-wrote it once. Honestly I'm not that happy with it, but here it is as I gave up frustrated. I will note that we haven't seen the last of the Volturi. I know I kind of wrote them out quickly but I have plans. I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to do a sequel to dive into that one or throw it into the last few chapters of this. I'm not sure yet. I don't think I have enough plans to do a sequel, unless I follow some of the Breaking Dawn storyline which I didn't want to. I hate how I kind of made Bella seem in this story also but even in the books she was toying with Jakes emotions then back with Edward, so I guess it's not that different. At least in this she was hardly friends with Paul before Edward came back, I guess. Oh well. Either way only a few more chapters left in this story! The next will probably be up tonight since I'm almost done with it. Enjoy!

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I turned once to look back in the direction the clearing and mountains. An oddly colored smoke was rising up and the smell burned the fuck out of my nose. Disgusting. Someone must have returned to the mountain we were on to light the red head and her friend's body pieces up. Probably a Cullen.

As soon as I knew we were close to the Black residence I slid to a stop just hidden in the trees. I could hear everyone outside, even Charlie, and I totally didn't want him to try and take a shot at me. I could hear Jacobs screams even from out here and I winced. All the way here I caught glimpses of what had happened from Seth who was put on patrol to make sure no one else was lingering. It was just what he saw through everyone else but still. Stupid idiot. But he was screaming so he was alive. I knelt down so Bella could climb off. She stood back, expecting me to just morph back. Ugh, I ripped my pair of shorts not bothering when I phased to run. Fuck it. It took me a minute to calm myself enough to phase back. I looked straight up to her face which was of course blushing. I smirked since I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of. "I ripped my shorts." I explained her unspoken question.

She blushed the deepest shade of red, trying to keep her eyes on my face. "I uh...I'm going to...check on Jacob." She turned and started running. I started to laugh then hunched over with a groan. This wasn't going to fix itself fast enough. It felt good to almost be normal with Bella even for a moment. The dread hit me as I wondered how long this would last, her being around me. I tried to push the thoughts out of my head that she was running to Jacobs bed side, it would just piss me off for no reason. She was his friend and he needed her. Well, what he really needed was for someone to knock him in the head a few times, but that would have to wait until he was better.

I walked around the trees trying to see if Jacob had anything laying around. Finally I found a pair of shorts and yanked them on. Even though he was taller they still fit. We all had about the same muscle mass since we all phased, just Sam was taller than all of us because he was the first I figured, and Jacob the tallest pushing seven feet because he was the born Alpha.

I started jogging to the house, stopping by the rest of the pack aside from Seth who were standing outside. "Is he alright?" I asked, my eyebrows knitting together.

"Dr. Cullen had to re-break his bones." Embry said, wincing himself as he looked down at the ground as another scream pierced all of our ears.

I tried not to growl at the name of Cullen but failed just a little. I held up my hands as I felt several glares piercing my body. "I know I know. I just witnessed Edward trying to snap at Bella though, I'm allowed to be a tad tense."

One of my pack brothers sighed. "We saw. Looks like you had it worse up there. We were all blind sided." Quil muttered this time.

Finally the burning sensation in my nose hit me to alert me the Cullen leader was coming out, which meant he was done with Jacob. The only sounds inside of the house now were three heartbeats and Jacobs moans.

"He's going to be alright, just needs to rest. I'll be back later to set up a drip. He'll probably burn off the morphine I gave him." I narrowed my eyes, wondering if it was Carlisle who patched me up weeks ago. Glancing around at the sheepish looks on my pack brothers faces I was right. Sneaky bastards. They at least looked away when my glare darkened. I was going to snap off their legs one by one.

"Thanks, so much." Billy spoke up, even holding his hand out to shake the vampires. I rolled my eyes but recovered with a half smile. Two sets of monsters who were born enemies actually worked together. It was kind of amazing but right now I was just glad it was over.

"It's no problem." Carlisle smiled before he disappeared.

Sam walked out, looking like he had aged in the past twenty four hours. I couldn't help but snort. He shot me a warning look before speaking. "Jake's going to be fine in a few days, just a lot of broken bones. Everyone can go home. Seth's on patrol just in case, I'll switch off with him after I take a nap." He looked like he needed more than a nap.

He stalked off towards his and Emily's house. I just shook my head. Within five minutes the rest of the pack had left. I wheeled Billy inside so he could move about the house at least, settling on the couch to wait for any indication Bella was done visiting her beaten best friend. I noticed the pain was easing some and sighed in some relief. I totally did not want to re break any of my bones. I knew Jacob didn't want to see any of us, I had been there. No one wanted any of the others to see us in their weakest state. It was fucking embarrassing and shameful.

I wasn't sure if Bella even wanted me to wait on her but dammit I wasn't leaving her right now. I remembered the cuts on her wrists and wondered if she needed to be seen by a doctor her own self tonight. Dammit, why didn't I think of this shit earlier? I stood up, about to break up their reunion, when she was closing his bedroom door quietly behind her. "He's asleep for now." She said softly.

I nodded. "Billy? Do you need anything?" I looked to the older man.

He shook his head. "No. Well, yeah, maybe some water? I'm just waiting on Dr. Cullen to come back then I'm probably going to bed. I'm just glad this is over." He was muttering by the end.

I placed a hand on his shoulder on my way to the small kitchen. "Trust me, so am I." In a way. I still knew Bella could and probably will go back to the Cullen home tonight. As awful as this threat was to her, now I felt all ties except for the imprint to her were broken. I sighed as I filled up a glass with some water from the tap, dropping a few ice cubes in it from the freezer. I handed it to Billy as I came out. "Here you go. If you need anything Billy just call one of us. I'll put a bug in Emily or Sue's ear to make you something to eat for the morning."

"I'll cook." Bella piped up. I raised my eyebrows. She blushed. "I cook for Charlie and me all the time. I'll bring by something tomorrow, okay?" Billy just nodded his head towards her with a smile.

"Come on Bella." I said as I headed to the door, holding it open for her. Once she was outside I grabbed her shoulder to turn her around. "How are your cuts?" I asked, grabbing her arm and undoing the makeshift bandage. It didn't look like it was too deep, at least she was somehow smart in her dumbass attempt.

"They sting but I don't think they need stitches...they're not bleeding anymore." She peered down with me.

I nodded, wrapping her wrist back up. "I'll take you home." I was resigned already to my fate to come.

"Uh..Charlie thinks that I'm staying the night with the Cullen's until tomorrow." She muttered, looking down at the ground. "I don't want to...go to their house. I can't deal with Edward apologizing right now."

"Then you can crash at my house. My mom's never home." I shrugged. "Or Sam's house if you'd be more comfortable. They always have a spare bedroom." Good, maybe she was finally afraid of her precious vampire family.

"Your house is fine, he looked tired and I don't want to impose.

I felt giddy knowing she'd be in my house, but I contained it. It was just one night. "Alright, come on." I waited for her to get beside me before I started leading the way to my small house. She stumbled a few times before I finally gave up trying to catch her and just linked our arms together.

When we got to my house I opened the front door for her, flipping on a light as we stepped inside. Our house was pretty basic, which was good enough considering me nor my mom were ever really home. We had a couch, a small television that was barely used, and an empty end table. The rest of the house was pretty much the same, very few pictures on the wall. The ones that were up were of a smaller me, then one of my mother, father, and me. I never understood why my mom kept it hanging up. She could hardly speak of the man that left so many years ago, and I didn't remember much of him anyway.

"If you're hungry we have some food in the kitchen." I muttered. "Otherwise my rooms the first door on the left." I nodded towards the small hallway. "I can sleep on the couch."

"I'm not hun-" Then her stomach growled. I smirked as she scowled down at it like it betrayed her. "Okay food then sleep." She was already heading to the kitchen.

I followed wondering if my mom had ever went to the grocery store. Opening the fridge then the cabinets I made a face. Nope. Bella gave me a questioning look and I shrugged my shoulders. "My mom works non stop, we're both hardly here."

She nodded, pulling out some eggs and cheese. "These will work." She said, already finding a skillet and going to work.

"Want me to help?" I don't know why I offered. I was pretty much useless in the kitchen unless I could just open it and eat it. If it weren't for Emily I would have probably starved.

She shook her head with a small smile. "I cook all the time, it's fine."

"If you cook all the time then why are you so damn then?" I didn't really mean to say it out loud but she really needed to take care of herself.

She stopped cracking eggs into the skillet on the stove, though looking down at it. "It seems ever since I haven't been around you I can't eat."

Frowning I stepped towards her, hesitantly putting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry." There was so much I wanted, that I needed to say, but this sounded better right now.

"I know I made a mistake. I don't know why." She turned around to face me, my hand dropping in the process. "I just...the imprint, that was a surprise. Then it was like I felt this crazy need to be around you, to be with you. I was starting to get used to it, starting to like you. But all those months? I just dreamed that he would come back. When he did it's what I thought I wanted. It's been...hell." She sighed. "I can't sleep and when I do I have nightmares of you leaving me, even if I was the one to walk away. I can't eat. I feel this hole inside of me. I don't know what to do. Then...I always knew it was a risk with vampires." She laughed once despite her eyes filling up with tears. "They all left for my safety when Jasper tried to snap at me when I got a papercut. But I forgave. I always thought Edward could resist, dreamed that one day I would be one of them. Then the look in his eyes as he was coming to me. I was no longer afraid of just Victoria, I thought he would drain me first." She shuddered. "I don't think I could ever want to become one of them. The war, the bloodlust..." She trailed off, looking down at the tiled floor as a tear slid down her cheek.

I reached up, wiping her tear away with my thumb. It was like my life was finally coming into fucking focus. I blinked, looking down at her. Did she really just admit to all of this shit? I felt awful knowing it had been tearing her apart too, but finally she was seeing things clearly. "The imprint was a surprise, and I'm sorry for that, but it can't be helped. I'm sorry for that too. You need to realize...I'm here any way you need me, want me." I gazed into her chocolate brown eyes for what felt like hours until she finally broke away, blushing at the floor. "Your eggs are burning." I noted as the burnt smell filled my nose, figuring we would talk later.

"Oh crap." She spun around and tried to salvage them. I laughed, sitting at the table amused. She must have managed to save said eggs since ten minutes later she sat two plates down at the table. I didn't question her, I just picked up my fork and practically inhaled them, smirking as I noticed Bella had done the same.

Bella's eyes were practically closing right before my eyes. I chuckled as I stood, scooping her up into my arms without asking. She didn't question. "Lets get you in bed." I kicked the door open to my bedroom and laid her down on my bed. I had this hopeful feeling in the morning we could talk things out in the morning. For once in for fucking ever things seemed to be looking up in my favor.

"Lay with me?" She asked sleepily, fighting to keep her eyes open. I just crawled in beside her. She sighed, scooting as close as she could next to me without being on me. I slid an arm around her, already drifting off into a deep peaceful sleep. This was home.