Harry Potter a New Chance

A/N: I'll make this brief, this is the first fic I'm publishing at please read and review, unlike a lot of fic's I'm working on this one is not complete, I'm going to publish it as I write it. Yes it's au, get over it. This fic picks up from ootp, Harry never makes it to the Dursley's .

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Looking out at the Dursley's I feel the dread I normally associate with them. That cold hard fear that tells me I don't want to be near them if I can help it. I'd do just about anything Dumbledore asked of me if it meant getting away from them, preferably forever. But I know he won't take me away from them till his precious blood wards are recharged. Something didn't feel the same though, it feels as if tho there was another set of eyes on me; like I was being watched from afar.

Off in a dark corner of the track a tall but thin man with jet black hair, piercing silver eyes and a long black trench-coat that covered the rest of him from view was waiting, waiting for his moment to strike. When that time came he'd take Harry Potter from his muggle relatives and take him away, what happens from there depended on what choice the boy makes. For now the man was content to stand and watch for the perfect moment.

The dread was replaced by another form of dread, the dread of loosing Sirius, he's gone and it's all my fault. At least it feels like it was all my fault, I'm sure everyone else blames me as well. I'll never hear his laughter again, see his smile, feel his warm loving embrace. I never should have gone to the department of mysteries that night, I should have waited it out, gotten a message out to Dumbledore, something, anything other then what I did. I'm sure if I'd never gone Sirius would still be here, everyone else and I would still have him.

The cloaked man whom had been up to this point silently watching saw his moment start to form. He quickly but silently sneaked up on the guards tailing the Dursley's and knocked them out one at a time and dragged them off where they wouldn't be noticed for a while. Then he waited for the perfect moment and it came soon enough when someone collided with Harry's trolly. He grabbed Harry and all of his things and left without a word.

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