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They both watched this new vampire for a short period of time. Then seemingly as one they both looked away from him and turned to each other.

"Harry come now, let's not keep our guests waiting. Follow me and open your mind to the possibility of what I have offered you so far young Harry.", Vlad said and walked past Harry and the new vampire towards the doors.

Not wanting to be left behind and curious about what else might develop Harry followed Vlad. They left the throne room, outside of it they met another vampire which bowed to them and then proceeded to lead them along the maze-like hallways. They travelled for several minuets in complete silence taking seemingly random turns every so often till they came to a large set of double doors. These doors seemed a lot like all the other doors Harry had seen up to this point except the design on the doors seemed to move and change shapes as he watched it.

"We are here Mil'Lord", said the vampire that led them to the doors.

"Very good. Now open the doors and introduce us, then you may leave.", said Vlad.

The vampire calmly opened both doors at the same time in a grand sweeping gesture and proudly announced to the populace of the room, "Introducing our great and honourable king, The King of Vampires Vlad Tèpès and The-Boy-Who-Lived Harry Potter."

After making the introductions the vampire left quietly and gracefully slipping away almost completely unnoticed. The room was grand and spacious inside it had several chairs holding various people all wearing cloaks with their hoods up and over their faces, from under some of the hoods silver hair could be seen.

Walking to his chair and taking a seat Vlad said, "Come young Harry have a seat and lets get this started shall we?".

Harry walked slightly nervously to the only open chair left in the room, the one facing the other chairs gathered in a semi-circle around it. He slowly sat down in it and looked around himself at the others in the room. By his count there were four people with visible silver hair, maybe more he could not see. This assembled group radiated a power quite unlike anything Harry had felt before. It seemed the further in he got that there were more people then he'd seen before, it was hard to count at all in the current conditions.

"Shall we begin my fellow peers? Or do you all wish to take measure of the poor by and scare him of his wits before they can even be measured properly?", Said Vlad from somewhere in the semi-circle.

"I believe bantering would be pointless at a time like this, especially one so critical for all of us present", Came the answer of male voice in the semi-circle.

"Of course there is a time and a place for banter and we must agree now is not it. Now is a time for serious talks, about the future of more then just ourselves but that of our races as well. Pointless bandying of words would only harm us at such a crucial time as this. I believe we should move foreword to the real objective my fellow peers, and discuss why we are really here.", Said a female voice from the semi-circle.

"Well said Milady. The purpose of tonight is paramount to all of us. It holds a weight of seriousness none of us would even dare joke about. This is the first meeting of the Veela and Vampires. This meeting is to not only discuss an alliance between us, but to also give us a fighting chance in the dark times to come. This is the time for action, not bickering, I hope we can come to some kind of agreement between our ancient and noble races.", Said Vlad diplomatically.

"That is the real question of the hour isn't it thought? Why are all of us really here? What do we expect to achieve from this? What are we willing to do, give, and lose to make this happen? Mere words in truth, but that is how all great agreements and alliances have been formed in centuries... no even longer then that, Millenniums past. They all started as mere word-of-mouth agreements and then went onto paper and then into action. The question really isn't any of my previous questions it's more or less will our actions, and conduct reflect our accord we make here today?" Said a strong male voice from somewhere amongst the outer edges of the room, whom ever spoke wasn't visible to human eyes.

"Your quite right as usual Marius. My friends, lets all make this as simple as possible, I'll start by explaining what I have to offer and we will go from there. I'm offering to train the boy in martial arts, help him with his Occlumency, Teach him how to properly use a weapon (this comment caused several sniggers throughout the assembled group but Vlad paid it no heed), Teach him the history and politics of Vampires. As for what I'm offering the Veela, I offer you all my aid when it is needed and I can assist you with the matter at hand, be the help needed some of my warriors, our skill, knowledge, what ever is necessary to complete the task at hand as long as it is possible to do so. This is the best offer I can give you personally.", said Vlad from somewhere in the semicircle.

"The Veela offer is much the same Mil'Lord. We offer to teach the boy our history, we will teach the boy wandless magic if he shows an affinity for the art, we will teach him politics both Veela and Wizarding, we offer the boy a Veela companion that will stay with him if he wishes, if he has elemental prowess we will train him in his elements until he has mastered them, we will teach him magic light, dark, and grey to have a better fighting chance against his foe's spells, we will teach him how to be the proper Lord of a Most Noble and Ancient hose such as the one he is lord of, we will show him the art of being subtle, also teach him how to use seduction to get what he wants/needs, we also offer to teach him how to become an Animagus if he has the potential to become one. As for the Vampires, We The Veela Nation offer you our aid when it is possible to give it to you.", said a soft but strong musical voice from somewhere in the room.

"That vaguely sounds like your offering no aid at all to the Vampire nation Veela. Our Lord and King has offered you his aid and thus the aid of his entire clan, Clan Nosferatu the strongest and most powerful of all Vampire Clans. Yet you make no mention of what kind of aid you will provide as vague as your wording is you could say, "Well, we are busy I'm sorry we can't aid you" and we would be high and dry while you are having a ball for all we know! How do we know you will provide us with any aid at all with as weak as your wording is if it's written on a treaty that way what is to say you won't give it a half hearted attempt and day it was your best. What's to stop you from trying to as the saying goes, "Kick the dog while he's down"?", The angry female vampire took an audible breath at this point before she continued on her tirade. "Who's to say you won't offer us some token of aid while we lay there putting everything on the line for you while helping you when we need more and you can offer more?! So I ask you what you have to offer us that is of any value in comparison to what we have offered you?"

"Enough, while your quite right Lady Akasha that was taking it too far. If we want to be allies we must not accuse each other of things without any base this isn't the time for it! Now of all times we must be civil if you can not be civil or simply find yourself incapable of it remain silent or leave this meeting at once, and that is an order from your King, Lady Akasha NightStalker", Said Vlad with venom.

"I'm sorry Mil'Lord it won't happen again", Said Akasha.

"See to it that it doesn't your dangerously close to angering me beyond my limit Akasha. I'm sorry Veela of the room, my apologies to both you and the Veela Nation, I hope no offence was taken", Said Vlad diplomatically.

"No offence taken Vladimir Nosferatu, King of all Vampires. She did raise a good point your offer was most generous and ours was vague. What exactly do we have to bring to the table to aid the vampires? The answer isn't as simple as it might seem. We think we've come up with an alternate food source for Vampire Kind that will be able to work instead of feeding off of humans, without the side-effects of previous measures that have more then likely been tried in the past! It still needs some work but if it can be made to work then it will be a great start to making an inroads to getting along with humans and wizards alike. We can help you with what ever political power we the Veela still hold. We in times of war will aid your armies if need be, provide back-up and support for the vampire troops. We will help train vampire medics if you send any vampires to us to learn the arts of healing and caring for the injured and even if you already have vampire equivalents I'm sure there is something we can teach them to improve the healing process. More details and what we can and can't do can be hammered out later, all we need for now is a good enough treaty to make a better one I believe since time is of the essence as we all know Mil'Lord", Said a strong firm musical feminine voice that radiated power and authority from somewhere around the room.

"Your are quite right Mil'Lady time is of the essence and all we need for now is a tentative treaty with a firm promise off alliance and aid for the future so we can hammer out the details at a later date and time where time isn't so much of a problem. I would like to pass the motion before this esteemed body to do just that, Make a firm treaty where both races pledge to be allies and offer aid in times of need and to form a better stronger treaty at a later date when time is not of the essence as it is right now", Said a strong sounding male voice from the outer edges of the room.

"As usual Marius you are correct I second the Motion, All in favour?", Said Vlad and he waited and presumably counted the number of people whom shouted "Aye!", "All opposed to the motion?", he again seemed to wait and count the few Nays!, that could be heard thought the room. "The Majority has it the motion is passed, If you will Mil'Lady", said Vlad as he stood and gracefully walked to where he could be seen by the entire room in front of Harry.

Harry and Vlad both watched as one of the silver haired members of the joint council meeting who seemed to radiate power and respect as well as seeming to be even more graceful then the King of Vampires himself had been previously there was no movement wasted in her short but purposeful stride as she walked up to Vlad.

"I Queen Angèle of the Veela do hereby solemnly swear that me and my people the Veela Nation will be allies henceforth with the Vampire Nation, Offer aid in times of need and forge a stronger and better treaty at a time that is of better convenience to both the Veela and Vampire Nations.", Said Queen Angèle regally in her strong powerful but musical voice.

"I Lord Vladimir Nosferatu, Lord of Clan Nosferatu, King of all Vampires do hereby solemnly swear that me and my people the Vampire Nation will be allies henceforth with the Veela Nation, Offer aid in times of need and forge a stronger and better treaty at a time that is of better convenience to both the Vampire and Veela Nations.", Said Lord Vladimir.

"So Mote it be", Said both rulers at the same time. A bloody read glow surrounded the Vampire King and a soft ethereal glow surrounded the Queen of the Veela. Overwhelmed by what was going on Harry fainted after witnessing the pact be made.

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