Accept It

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It was weird, Tom had know that, and he was always wondering what was wrong with him. At first he denied everything, he just couldn't accept it. But after a long time, he finally decided to just accept it and move on. Tom accepted the fact that he was gay and had his eyes set for some other guy, but that wasn't even the best part yet, the guy he would secretly stare at was none other than Jake. And he hated himself for it and he belittled himself for it. But he finally had accepted the fact that he was in love with Jake, his male cousin.

It was lunch and Tom had found a nice quiet place to sit at underneath a fairly large Oak tree. He wasn't hungry, so he didn't have any lunch with him. Tom just looked up at the clouds and thought about everything and nothing all at the same time.

"Yo! Tommy boy!" Tom twitched at the nickname, but lowered his gaze to the only one who called him 'Tommy Boy'

"What do you want Jake?" Tom asked, he was tired and you could hear t in his voice. It was because Tom had recently been unable to sleep.

"You okay? You sound like your about to pass out." Jake sated

"Fine, just fine." Tom bit out. It sounded a lot more hostile than he meant for it to be

Jake sat down next to the older, but may I add shorter, brunette. Making said brunette slightly more tense and nervous, although trying not to let Jake notice. Which he didn't.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" Jake asked, breaking the silence

"I haven't been avoiding you." Tom said, although it was a lie. Because ever since he accepted he fact that he was in love with his male cousin, Tom had been trying to avoid Jake as much as possible, hoping that maybe with some distance his love would die down and eventually fade into nothing.

"Liar, I know you have, don't try to deny it." Jake said in an accusatory tone

"I don't know what your talking about, but I have to go." Tom said, he didn't let it show, but he was starting to panic.

Jake didn't say anything as Tom stood up and left. As soon as he was out of the blonde teens view, Tom ran, he ran all the way to the back of the school. He had started hyperventilating and was trying to calm himself down Damn it Tom, what's wrong with you! he thought bitterly to himself. Unfortunately Tom knew he and Jake had Art, the last class of the school day, together. And how he thought of just skipping, he knew he couldn't.

So with a sight Tom started walking to his last class just as the bell had rung. (Authors note: In Tom's school they eat lunch at two or something, leave me alone I'm home-schooled!)

Once he entered the class his eyes automatically found Jake. But when the blonde teen looked up Tom blushed and quickly looked away, hoping Jake hadn't seen the blush that had crawled onto his face as he took a seat at his assigned table. Which just so happened to be the same table Jake was at. And how ever much Tom loved being near Jake, it also hurt because in his own mind, Tom wasn't good enough for anyone to date.

Class had passed by fast and Tom didn't care, He just wanted to get away from Jake as fast as possible. The bell rang, Tom grabbed all of his things, and bolted for the door. He had made his way down to his locker when the face he wanted to see the least slammed his hand on Tom's locker door.

"Hey, Tom, whatcha doin'?" Andy, who was known as the 'School Gay', said

He was tall and muscular, but even though Tom was gay, he'd never date a jerk like that. It was well known in the school that Andy would go after any guy, gay or straight.

"None of your business." The brunette said, pushing the taller brunette's hand away so he could open up his locker

Andy grabbed the smaller brunette's wrist and pulled him into the janitors closet when no one was lookng

"Let go!" The smaller of the two said

But that was all, because Andy crushed his lips against Tom's. Shocking him so much so that he couldn't move. But when he did finally regain himself he tried to push the larger male off, but that only cause Andy to push Tom into a wall with enough force to hurt for a good week. Tom winced as his back collided with the shelf behind him. With out any other Ideas Tom could only think of one thing to do. He opened his mouth and bit down hard enough on Andy's lip to cause the larger brunette to bleed.

Furious, Andy pulled back, and backhanded Tom so hard across the face that he fell down. It brought small tears o his eyes because of the pain, but Tom couldn't cry, not in front of this bastard. Andy grabbed Tom by the hair and forced the smaller brunette up to his feet. Andy raised his balled up fist in the air and Tom closed his eyes waiting for the punch, but it never happened.

Slowly opening his eyes, Tom saw that Jake had came just in time and riped Andy off of the smallest boy in the janitors closet. After Jake got several good punches Andy ran off to god-knows-where.

"You okay?" Jake asked quietly touching the pinkish cheek, that had already started to bruise. This causing Tom to flinch backwards. "Sorry."

"It's fine, I'm fine." Tom said. Just then a thought crossed his mind It's kind of like he rescued me like how a prince rescues a princess. The thought automatically making Tom blush a deep shade of red, and Jake giving him and odd look.

"Why are you avoiding me?" Jake said breaking the silence. Tom just looked down "I thought were were best friends, why can't you just tell me what I did wrong, so I can apologize and we can hang out again." Jake said and put his hands on either side of Tom's head, making said brunette extremely nervous.

"Y-you wouldn't want to know. You'd hate me if you knew." Tom said, a certain sadness filled his voice, as if his whole world had come crashng down around him.

"I can't hate you Tom, were like brothers." Jake said. but that was the worst thing he could have said to the already upset brunette, because a look of pain crawled into Toms eyes.

And as he spoke his voice broke and his eyes started to water slightly "You know, it was nothing, really. I doesn't matter." And Tom plastered a fake smile on, and tried to get away from Jake

"Tom, you look like your about to cry, it has to matter."Jake said not letting Tom get away

"It doesn't matter! Now move!" Tom yelled, which startled Jake, but only made him mad at his cousin for not telling him anything

"No! You need to tell me what's wrong! If you hate me at least have the balls to tell me so! Your acting like such a girl with your mood swings and lame excuses!" Jake yelled out.

Tom looked down with wide eyes, as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and he couldn't help the tears from falling. Was it really so bad to be a little girly? Jake noticed the brunette crying after he heard the quiet sobs coming from the smaller teen, and it shocked him that Tom was crying just because of what Jake had said.

"Tom, calm down, it's okay, just stop crying." Jake begged

"I don't hate you." Tom whispered as he willed the tears to stop falling

"Then what's wrong?" Jake asked in his sweetest voice

"Would you hate me if I said that I was in love you? That when ever your around me I get nervous and shy. I didn't want you to hate me so I thought that if I tried to distance myself from you I wouldn't love you anymore. But it hurt whenever I wasn't around you, and when you said we were like brothers i hurt to know that that was all you thought of me." Tom said as he wiped the remaining tears away with the sleeve of his shirt

Jake just stared at the brunette, shocked at what he had said. Tom looked down and gripped he hem of his shirt once more. That's it, he hates me, he'll never talk to me again, I'm so stupid! Tom thought as new tears began to form in his eyes. but he felt Jake's hands grab his chin and lift it up so that he was facing the blonde teen dead on, and Jake started leaning in. Don't panic, don't panic! Tom tried to calm himself but when Jake kissed him he completely melted into the blondes touch.

"Please don't cry again Tom." Jake said with a small smile.

Jake placed his hands on each of Tom's cheeks and the brunette leaned in on them, closing his eyes with a smile on his face.

"Come on, lets go." Jake said letting go of Tom's cheeks and grabbing the other teens hand, leading them out of the janitors closet.

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