Authors Notes: I am glad at the reviews and messages I got so I am going to continue Accept It, I went away for a while and my writing style has changed somewhat. But I hope you all enjoy the story and I am glad you like it so far.

It had been a week or so since Jake had kissed the short brunette. It was nice even if the two were dating in secret.

Tom had seen a girl flirting with Jake earlier at school, it was unsettling and Tom had been quiet since third period. He had a million thoughts going threw his mind Who was that? Why didn't Jake walk away? Why didn't he tell her to go? Why hasn't he brought it up? Tom didn't want to believe that his boyfriend would ever cheat on him, but he and the girl seemed to be having a right good time.

Tom didn't like it when Jake smiled at other people the way he smiled at that girl. It was the smile he gave Tom when they had first kissed. It was a smile he wanted to be just for him. It was silly to think that Jake was that type of person but Tom couldn't help it. Just like he couldn't help the fact that Jake, his boyfriend, had been flirting with a girl. Tom had always been one to over worry. But he was also possessive and he didn't want the taller teen to know that.

The brunette looked up from his bed and at Jake who was on his computer looking at different music and bands for his I-pod. The brunette was about to say something, but stopped when Jake, himself began, not looking away from that damned monitor.

"You've been quiet." The blond stated bluntly.

"So have you." It was not a lie. Usually Jake was a ball of energy with a mile-a-minute mouth that wouldn't shut up.

Jake turned in the swivel chair and was now facing the smaller teen. "So?"

Tom was sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce and looked down at his legs, playing with the hem of his pant leg. The brunette wanted to say something, anything about what happened in third period, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything.

Tom looked up and saw the blond roll his eyes and turn back to the computer screen.

Maybe he'd rather be with a girl. Maybe he'd already gotten tired of Tom and was looking for someone else. Would he leave me to fins a pretty girl? Tom looked at his boyfriend. Jake was good looking, that was obvious, he could probably date any girl he wanted. So why hadn't he broken it off with Tom already? The blond seemed to be having a great time with that girl. Maybe he was waiting for Tom to break it off?

It was the weekend and Jake had yet to mention anything that happened three days ago in third period. The brunette was getting annoyed and didn't like the fact the Jake was keeping this from him (even if he already knew.).

"Jake, we need to talk." The brunette said as he walked in front of the TV screen, hand on his hips and all.

"Tom! I'm going to die! Move!" Jake shouted, trying to move his head in a way that didn't have the smaller teen in the way of his game.

The brunette was fuming. "No." He bit back and turned the TV off.

"TOM!" Jake shouted.

"I said 'We need to talk.'." The brunette said, glaring at his boyfriend. Any protests the blond had died in his throat when the glare was thrown his way.

Tom lead them into his room and away from anyone who might interrupt them. "hat do we need to talk about?" Jake asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

The brunette gave him another glare but spoke anyways. "Three days ago, in third period, you were flirting with a girl. Why didn't you tell her off?" Tom asked as he stared at his boyfriend.

"What? This is what this is about? You're a little jealous?" Jake said looking a the brunette with a smile. The brunette glared at the taller male and Jake stopped smiling.

"Why did you keep on flirting with her? Why didn't you tell me what had happened?" Tom asked, he had stopped glaring, but kept his gaze on the blond.

"It's not that big a deal alright? She was just playing around and I don't need to inform you every time I do something." Jake said in a casual tone.

"Oh, so if I just went around flirting with the first guy who looks at me you wouldn't have a problem with it?" The smaller of the two bit out.

"Of course I would!" Jake said, jumping up from his seat. "Have you been flirting with any guys?" the blond asked.

"Then if you can flirt with other people why the hell can't I? What's so special about you!" The brunette said, giving his boyfriend another glare for the ump-tenth time today.

"Flirting with guys and girls are different! You can't just go around flirting with guys!" Jake said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But you can go around flirting with random girls? How is that fair!" The brunette said.

Jake didn't really know what to say. He hadn't been expecting this when Tom said they needed to talk, so naturally he wasn't prepared.

"Why is this so important! I'm sure you've flirted with other people!" Jake spat out.

It was the wrong thing to say, he didn't know it, but it was. Tom looked at him in shock at first, but the gave Jake his most deadliest glare he could muster up. "I have never flirted with anyone before because i had you! I knew I didn't need anyone else because I had you by my side. So would you stop showing everyone that smile!" Tom finally let it out. Without his glare wavering once.

This wasn't really about the flirting, The brunette knew that the reason he was so upset was because of the smile Jake had used then he was flirting. It was the same smile he used after he had kissed the brunette.

"Smile?" The blond asked incredulously.

"That damn smile! You used that smile when you were flirting with that girl! It was the same smile you used when you kissed me! You big idiot!" The smaller one said.

It clicked, the blond realized what this was about now. He walked over the the brunette and hugged him around the waist. "I'm sorry, I promise I will never smile like that to anyone but you." Jake said kissing the brunette on the forehead.

"Whatever." Tom said, his face turning a deep shade of red.

"Love you too." Jake said as Tom rested hit head on the taller boy's shoulder.