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Chapter 11: Why are you here?

The next day was scary for Tezuka. Why you ask? Let's go back to this morning.


Beep! Beep! Beep!

Tezuka's alarm clock rang and rang. At the third cycle, he woke up. When he started to open his eyes, he saw…gold?

When he fully opened his eyes, he almost screamed from shock. But he was a man. Men don't scream. Nor shout. But the widen their eyes.

Ryoma was smirking on top of him, wearing nothing but a pure white kimono. He thought he could see her cleavage- but bandages tightly banded her breasts.

Holy shit. Did he just WANT to see hers?

He shook that thought out stared at Ryoma.

"Please get off me." He said.

She smirked even more.

"Did you like your wake-up call?" she said,

"No." he replied.

She stared at him, hard.

"Fine." She pouted.

She got off him and went to the bathroom. Once she left, he got out from his shock and stood up as well. He fixed his bed and went downstairs to eat.

When he got there, his bento, breakfast and Ryoma's food were there and a note.

It read:

Kunimitsu, grandfather, your father and me are out for grocery shopping. Take care!

P.S. Don't impregnate Ryoma! I don't want a grandchild yet!


He sweat dropped. Why were his family members so perverted?

He ate his breakfast and Ryoma came down as well. She ate hers while he took a bath. While she was washing the dishes, he came back down and went to her.

"Itekimasu!" he said and pecked her cheek and left.

Ryoma froze.

Did-did he ju-just…


Tezuka froze.

He was already near school when he realized just what he did.

He thought she was his mother! That's his daily routine! Eat, leave, say goodbye, and peck.

Shit! He thought that RYOMA, of all people, WAS HIS MOTHER. And that apron she wore and her hair tied up like that didn't help.

He shook himself to rid himself from his worries.

He continued on to his way to the classroom and sat down.

"Ne Tezuka! Will your girlfriend come again?" Eiji asked.

"Saa, will she?" Fuji asked.

"No." he said.

'At least I hope.'

The bell rang and everyone scrambled back to his or her seats. The teacher then came in and placed her stuff down.

The teacher had black waist-length hair with blue highlights-which was tied into two pig tails- and had big blue eyes. Her name was Nakamura Kaori.

"Okay everyone, today we have a new student. Treat her gently okay? She's all two years younger than you, making her 12. Come in!" she said.

The door slid open, revealing a girl wearing their school uniform-which was a blue and white sailor uniform (I changed it-I hate pink!) and had greenish-blackish hair and her eyes were closed.

Everyone was Amazed.

Except Tezuka.

"My name's Echizen Ryoma. Yoroshiku." She said.

They sweat dropped. She just used 'ore' not 'watashi'!

She smirked at them and went to Tezuka.

"Yo Tezuka. Fancy meeting you here."


Now. Tezuka was scared. Why?


Suddenly, people whispered to themselves.

"They know each other?"

"Shit man. She looks devilish."

"She's so pretty…"

"Could this be the one people rumored yesterday?"


Damn it.


Ryoma insisted on coming with Tezuka to eat. Saying I'm new here and I don't know my way around yet.

Screw her! He knows that she went around the whole school yesterday!

When they got to the roof, they sat down and Tezuka glared at her.

"Just HOW did you get here." He glared.

"I gave the required papers and answered a test, pay, buy more stuff, wait, get results, sleep, do my morning routine and walked. Duh." She shrugged.

"Don't tell me you steal for the fees."

"I'm not that unoriginal. I hypnotize people and then get their money."

"You're serious?" he gawked.

"Of course. Your currency's different from ours y'know?" she said.

"How so?" he asked.

"1 ka is equal to a thousand in your world. Meaning 100 ka is equal to 100,000 yen." She said.

He nodded.

"Why didn't you use that instead?"

She smirked.

"It's fun to hypnotize people." She smiled.

He sighed.

When will this end?