A black-haired boy was sitting on a wall, watching a scenery in front of him. An ocean, furiously crashing to rocks, but that stones never gave up their fight and there it went all over again – a wave crashing to the stone.
A black figure went from behind him and patted him on a shoulder.
„Dwight. It´s time."
„I know. Just a second."
„No. We have to leave now."
„A second."
„No!" Older man grabed him by the shoulder at this point and dragged him to the car which was waiting near a big, old house.
The house looked like it was about a century old, built in old style, with front door in size of an elephant. Dwight always kind of feared to open door, that it would break down if he touches it.
But now he was leaving and wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
His dad was sitting on the other side of the limousine than Dwight himself and glared from a Window. Dwight did the same.


About an hour later McCarthys stepped out of the car and looked around – they arrived at an airport and immediately, a small servant came and took their luggage. His father gave him fifty cents as a hint of thankfullness.
„Father?" he asked innocently, but the older man didn't even anknowledged him.
It a hall at the airport, waiting for thein plane, Dwight begun to feel alone.
It was a first time he traveled somewhere without his mother. She would always tell him that the plane won't crash and how it would be nice in a new city they traveled to.
This city they were moving into – Basin City – had a reputation of toilettes on his former school.
It was so small city Dwight even couldn't find it on a map. All he knew about it was that it was ruled by Roarks, some big family there. It certainly wasn't as noble family as McCarthys, that was for sure.
The other thing he knew was that they were going to live in The Hills – a big house, but smaller than their origin family house.

They were led to the private loudge, where they were supposed to stay until thein flight. Dwight was already very bored. And very lonely. Every person in the loudge was a grown-up and they nodded at them as they passed by.
„Good morning, I am Taylor and I am here if you'd need anything. Would you like something to drink?"
„Whiskey." Answered Joseph McCarthy immediately. She then looked at the boy.
„What about you?"
„Water. Thank you." He smiled politely. She just shook her head and left.


The airport of Basin city was the smallest Dwight has ever seen. There was only two halls - one for departures and one for arrivals. No others.