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Jim can't believe this is happening to him. She actually went through with it. He really had thought Gaila was joking all those months ago when she had brought it up. At the time he had other things on his mind (namely getting his stubborn Vulcan husband back) and had simply brushed off the Orion's words as a way to lighten the mood. He realises now that he should have known better. He blames Spock for putting him off his game and plans on making the Vulcan pay after the reception. There aren't enough chocolate sauce and vibrator attachments in the universe to pay off this debt, but Jim is goddamned well going to give it his best shot, especially if Spock doesn't quit laughing in his head!

Kirk shakes his head a little to pull himself out of his own thoughts. He is getting ahead of himself. Before he can even think about leaving the reception, he will to make it through the ceremony currently taking place. The ceremony he is a part of. The ceremony where he is wearing a fucking dress. A sky blue dress. Jesus, there goes his reputation as the manliest captain in the Fleet.

He is standing next to McCoy as his best man in a sky blue silk dress.

'Fuck my life.'

'For the last time, t'hy'la, it is a robe,, not a dress. It is a traditional garb worn by Orion warriors. You should be pleased with the fact that Gaila chose a colour that flatters you. Your eyes are quite breath-taking in that shade of blue.'

Kirk turns slightly to the seated guests and scans the faces until his eyes land on the smirking (for a Vulcan) face of his bond-mate.

'Shut up, you. I don't care what you say, this is a fucking dress and why the hell doesn't Bones have to wear one?'

Spock doesn't answer. Jim tries to focus on the bond to figure out why his husband has gone silent and discovers feelings of amusement and... lust traveling through their bond from Spock's mind. Kirk's eyebrows shot up in question.

'Lust? Really, ashayam? You're getting hot seeing me in a dress?'

Suddenly, this garb doesn't seem so bad (and Jim remembers that blue silk teddy one of his ex-girlfriends gave him as a joke. Hmmmm…).

Spock's gaze travels slowly up and down the length of his mate's body and his head tilts as he stares at Jim in open appreciation.

'My apologies, ashaya. I have just realised that your outfit will allow me easy access to your body once we have the opportunity to participate in sexual intercourse. This realisation has caused a spike in my hormone production.'

Kirk's eyes widen and a red blush stains his cheeks. Another wave of lust from his husband has him shifting on his feet and trying to squash down his arousal.

'You are extremely aesthetically pleasing when you blush and I wish to continue eliciting similar responses from you, but I believe it would be best if you return your focus to the end of this wedding ceremony. You would not want Admiral Pike to know that you were distracted while he gave his sermon.'

Jim nods in agreement and (reluctantly) turns back to watch McCoy and Gaila, who are clasping hands, and Pike who is standing before the couple in his dress uniform.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Before McCoy can make even the smallest movement towards his new wife, Gaila grabs the doctor by the back of his neck and pulls him into a pretty racy (but what else did he expect from Gaila) kiss. Pike is surprised for a moment, but recovers quickly.

"Or kiss the groom. I'm not fussyeither way."

That seems to snap everyone out of their dazed states and the whole chapel bursts into applause. The newly married couple continue kissing as if they are the only two people in the universe. Kirk is sure that to them, at this moment in time, they are the only people in the universe. He can't help but smile at that.


A couple of wedding photos (and more than a couple of drinks) later finds Kirk standing at the bar talking with Pike, still in the blue dress, which seems a lot more bearable now that he knows his Vulcan warrior bond mate is literally counting the seconds until he can peel Jim out of it.

"Not that I am complaining, but why didn't you preside over the wedding? McCoy and Vro could have done this much earlier if they didn't have to wait for me to fly out to meet you."

Kirk shakes his head in slight amusement at the confused admiral.

"I told them that, but they wanted me in the wedding party. I am actually thankful for the fact that McCoy had no one else to be the best man because Gaila would have then made me a bridesmaid alongside Uhura."

Pike glances down at Jim's outfit and a smirk forms on his lips.

Well, you do have the dress."

Kirk punches the older man in the arm, but there is no force behind it.

"It's not a dress, it's a robe. A very manly robe, so shut your gob... sir."

Pike starts laughing. Over the admiral's shoulder Jim spots Spock making his way over to them.

"Good evening, Admiral Pike."

Spock bows his head to his old captain. Pike smiles and returns the bow.

"Hello, Commander."

Spock then turns to face Jim and extends two fingers towards his bond-mate. Kirk grins and returns the gesture. The Vulcan twists around to return his focus towards the admiral, his fingers still caressing Jim's.

"Admiral Pike, I was wondering if you are finished speaking with Jim because I wish to as they say 'steal him away,' so that we may share a dance?"
|Pike chuckles and nods his head.

"He's all yours, Mr Spock."

Spock bows his head and grabs Kirk's hand more securely and pulls him towards the dance floor. Jim can just make out Spock's whispered "I know he is" and his heart still swells at the fact that he belongs to Spock just as much as the Vulcan belongs to him.

They make their way through the dancing couples and onto the dance floor. Jim wraps his arms around Spock's neck, as the Vulcan's hands are placed on his slim hips. They sway in time with the music as they gaze at each other.

"It is hard to believe that we are six month into our mission. It feels like yesterday that I watched you walk into your classroom in that ridiculously sexy professor's uniform."

Kirk smiles in response to Spock's dilating pupils before continuing.

"Jesus, Spock! We just witnessed Bones and Gaila get married. They didn't even know each other when we first met and now they are fucking married. Where did the time go?"

Spock's eyebrow shoots out and a small teasing smile tugs threateningly at his lips.

"Time does indeed seem to be moving at an accelerated pace. We ourselves have been Vulcan bonded and Federation married for a little over two years now."

Kirk groans at this reminder.

"God, I'm getting old, Hurry! Check if I have any grey hairs."

Spock lifts a hand from Jim's hip to brush it through his bond-mate's hair. Kirk's eyelids slide close at the caress. However, his eyes snap open a moment later when he feels a sting at his scalp. He is shocked to find a short silver hair held between Spock's pointer finger and thumb.

"I have found one."

A disbelieving expression crosses Kirk's face as he stares at his husband, who is looking utterly too innocent for his own good.

"Okaaay... but why did you pull it out?"

They halt their dancing for a few seconds as one song ends and then begin again when a new song starts. Spock lets the hair fall form his grasp and his hand returns to Jim's hip.

"You cannot very well see if it is still on your head and you would not have believed me if I had simply informed you of it."

Jim throws head back and laughs, uncaring of the eyes that are focused on him and Spock. When his laughter subsides, Kirk rests his cheek against Spock's warmer one and watches the couples dance around them.

Uhura is leading Scotty around the floor in what looks to be some kind of waltz. Jim is impressed that the Scot is actually holding his own. He knows first hand that Monty is not the most graceful man in the Federation. Every so often the glistening of Uhura's engagement ring catches the captain's eye and he chuckles inwardly (He still can't believe that Scotty used a piece of a blown out dilithium crystal as the stone on the ring and that Uhura was actually delighted with it. He had always seen her as more of a diamond girl). Love sure does look good on her.

Jim then spots Sulu and Chekov at the edge of the dancing crowd, participating in what can only be called the most ridiculous dance off in the history of forever. Sulu is doing 'the swimmer' for God's sake! Both men are facing each other, laughing, when suddenly his supposedly innocent Pavel leaps towards the still chuckling pilot and pulls him into a not-so-innocent kiss. Kirk averts his gaze to give them some privacy, but mentally begins planning when he is going to have the 'you hurt him and I'll kill you' talk with Sulu.

What he sees next melts his heart. McCoy and Gaila are standing in the middle of the dance floor. Not dancing, just standing. Bones is caressing Gaila's cheeks with both hands, while he peppers her entire face with butterfly kisses. The Orion's eyes are closed and she has the sweetest smile on her face (one he has never seen directed at anyone other than Bones). Her hands are playing with the hair at the back of her husband's neck and she is mouthing what Kirk is positive is "I love you."

Jim's observations are interrupted when he feels warm lips press against his neck. He leans back to gaze at the man who has made his life complete. Spock's eyes glisten with what can only be described as pure love.

"T'hy'la, you are content."

Jim knows that it is not a question, but as his eyes scan over his thriving crew that are currently housed within his beautiful ship and then settle again on Spock, he can't help but answer.

"Yeah, I really am."

He nestles closer in Spock's arms as they sway to the music.

'I'll be even more content when you peel me out of this dress and make love to me, ashaya.'

'I will peel you out of all of your clothes and make love to you every day for the rest of our lives.'

Jim smiles and takes one last whirl around the dance floor, knowing that he'll never be alone again.


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