(Author's Note: Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating my other story, but that's because I was working on this one. This is a Twilight story where the Volturi still didn't get over their fight with the Cullens over the "immortal child" they thought Renesmee was, and they hire an assassin to kill them. I will try to update this story as often as possible, but I can't garantee anything. Oh, and this story takes place after Breaking Dawn.)

Jane was in her room at the Volturi castle, and she was looking out the window, up at the night sky. It was a full moon tonight without any stars. She sighed.

Goddammit she thought. I hate the Cullens so much. I just want them all dead, especially Bella, but I can't kill them and-

"Hey Jane," someone said, and she turned around to see Alec.

"What's up?" he asked her casually.

"Nothing," she lied.

"You're thinking about the Cullens aren't you?" he said.

"Yeah, I am" she answered. "I can't believe they owned us. We're the Volturi, the strongest vampires of all time. How the hell did we ever get beaten by a bunch of 'vegetarians?' "

She was getting really upset now. She clenched her fists and remembered the Cullens' warning that if the Volturi ever threatens then again, they will die.

"I can't believe this!" continued Jane. "I could have killed them all with my torture ability, but that bitch Bella just had to step in and use her mind shield!"

"Jane, I know you're upset" Alec said, trying to calm her down. "There is a solution to this problem!"

"Like what?" she responded shrilly. "I can't kill them with pain, and besides they have those filthy mutts on their side!"

"Jane, the Cullens are going down," repeated Alec. He ignored her questioning look and continued talking. "Aro told me that he hired an assassin to go after the Cullens. They are finished, Jane. That's what they get for provoking us!"

Jane smiled evilly. "All right, I hope they die a slow and painful death…"

The girl slipped on a black mask that hid the lower half of her face, and looked into the mirror. Her reflection stared back at her, and she could see that she was ready. She was wearing a black catsuit, and her long white-blond hair was tied back. Her eyes had a cold look, and she was carrying a whip. She didn't look a day over 21.

"I am so ready to do this," she said out loud. "The Cullens are going down."

She opened the window of her small, dark apartment and climbed out of her room, and down to the ground. When she got there, she took out her phone, selected the GPS option, and headed south for Forks.

"Esme, look what I can do!" exclaimed Renesmee. It was morning in Forks, and Renesmee was in the dining room, eating some Count Chocula with blood instead of milk. She touched Esme on the hand, and Esme instantly received her thoughts.

"Wow, that's great," replied Esme. She smiled, and realized how happy was. Renesmee was the closest thing to a child, something she always wanted but couldn't get.

It seemed like the start of a perfectly normal day. Renesmee and Esme were at home, having breakfast while everyone else was out. There was an unlikely chance that something bad would happen.

"What was that?" Renesmee asked suddenly. "I saw something rush past the window.

"Probably just an animal," said Esme. "It can't be another vampire."

The girl that had just rushed past the window, had now climbed up a tree, and she gazed at the mansion. She could see them through the window.

That's got to be them she thought. That woman must be Esme Cullen, and that child must be the hybrid that Aro was talking about when he hired me.

She took out her smartphone again, and this time she scrolled through the pictures, and the messages that Aro had sent her, giving her information on each of the Cullens' appearance and abilities.

Yep that's definitely Esme, she decided. The assassin jumped down from the tree, and landed onto the ground. She moved closer to the window. Esme and the child were still chatting, and they hadn't noticed her because they were facing away from the window. The assassin then took out a couple of kunais (throwing knives) and hurled them toward the window. They hit the glass, causing it to shatter.

Esme and Renesmee turned around and gasped when they saw the assassin enter through the broken window and into the house. Instinctively, Esme stepped in front of the child, trying to protect her from the assassin.

"Who are you?" she asked. "And what do you want from us?"

"My name is Killer," the assassin answered coolly. "And I'm here to kill both of you."

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