I'm not going to bother with disclaimers. This isn't the time. This was written in memory of Elisabeth Sladen, R.I.P xx Get the tissues ready guys, I needed them just writing this story xx

Sadness in the Stars


Amy Pond stood at the stairs by the console that lead underneath the glass floor. She watched the Doctor move silently around the console, and could feel a change in the air. Something wasn't right…

"Doctor?" she spoke in a soft voice.

"Amelia." The Doctor answered simply, not looking up from what he was doing, his eyes had darkened with a mixture of anger and sadness, and a neutral expression masking his emotions.

"What's bothering you?" Amy questioned, walking over to him and put her hand on his arm.

The Doctor froze and looked at her. How was it she could see something was wrong? How in this entire universe did she land an idiot like Rory?

"Doctor.. Has something happened?" she asked when she got no response.

The Doctor kept his steady gaze on her. "A very old friend has died…" he spoke quietly.

"Oh… Doctor I'm sorry…" she whispered and pulled him in a hug.

"Nah…Don't be She wouldn't have wanted to be saved." he told her, hugging her.

"Doesn't stop the pain." She said softly. "What took her?"

"Cancer…" he answered. "And I could have saved her. Could have taken her to one of the best hospitals in the galaxy. But if I'd have given her the option she would have told me no… she wouldn't have wanted me to play God."

"She sounds like a wise woman. Who was she? What was she like?" she asked, wanting to know who this amazing woman was, so she could have at least someone to look up to. And she knew talking about the person you lose can help you keep alive their memory.

"She was amazing. The travels we had together… She was one of the best friends I have ever had." He said, a smile creeping on to his face. "Sarah Jane Smith. When I left her, I left her in Aberdeen. Was meant to leave her in Croydon."

Amy giggled. "So you get places as well as times wrong." She smirked.

"The TARDIS is old you know. Older than I am." He smiled.

"Shut up and carry on."

"Sarah Jane touched people wherever we went, whether she did it intentionally or not, she left her mark on people and that mark will stay there forever. She took on a young boy as her own son, he was meant to be the Bane's creation to take over the world, but because they grew a human child, he has human aspects. She stopped the Bane from doing whatever they'd planned and she saved the boy, gaining a few friends in return. Luke Smith, Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra and Maria Jackson. Every single one of them helping her to defend the earth from Sarah Jane's attic in Ealing." He spoke. "There never will be another woman quite like her, she truly was special. But as someone once told me, every song must end soon. Everything has its time."

"Who said that?" Amy looked at him.

"I did." He grinned at her.

"Will she have a funeral?" Amy asked.

"I imagine so…" he sighed heavily.

"She sounds truly amazing, and I think you should be there. You need to say a proper goodbye." She told him.

"She was." He nodded. "Right, Amelia give me that phone." He said, holding his hand out.

"Get it yourself, and stop calling me Amelia." She scowled then smiled, reaching over to grab the phone and handed up to him, then she watched him dial a lot of numbers. What was he doing? Calling the entire galaxy? She rolled her eyes at him then went over to the captain's seat and sat on it, propping her long pale legs upon the edge of the console, and listened while the Doctor spoke in hushed tones, as though trying to soothe someone from crying, and her heart went out to the boy and friends Sarah Jane had left behind.