Everyone walked inside and took their seats and the service began. But Luke, Clyde, Rani and the Doctor could only sit back, furious that this man was talking about the most amazing woman on the planet and he knew nothing about her.

The Doctor stood up, cutting the man short. "I'd like to say something."

The man stepped aside. "Of course."

The Doctor bounded up to the front, he almost looked like his old self for just a second. But anyone who knew him, they knew he was far from back to normal.

"I'm sorry but you're talking about Sarah Jane like you knew her for all of her life. Most of you here don't know her even half as well." He started. "Over the time I knew her and travelled with her, she got quite close, she was my best friend. Confronting whatever came our way together, helping those who needed it together." He said. He had to be careful what he said. "And then when we parted ways, I know I'm not the best of drivers…. She wanted to be left in Croydon… I left her in Aberdeen." He gave a small smile, his comment had made a few people laugh. "When we met up again years later oh did I get it in the neck. But she was so happy to see me, her temper didn't last. It never could."

Luke and Clyde nodded, they knew that.

"Over the years she built a name for herself, she was an amazing journalist, great friend, and a few years later, a brilliant mother." The Doctor continued and stopped when Luke stood up. "Come up here then Luke." He said gently.

Luke walked up to him.

"Do you want me to stay?" the Doctor asked softly, and Luke nodded. The Doctor took his step back, but remained behind the boy.

"You'll never know anyone else like my mum…" Luke started his voice croaky. "She really was amazing, and she loved helping people. Anyone she met, if they needed help she'd do it…Sometimes against her better judgements, but it was rare she got things wrong. I was born running for my life… but she saved me. She took me in like her own. Loved me like her own and I'll never forget that. She loved Clyde, Rani and Maria like her own too, and whenever there was a story she had to investigate, we were there with her. Whether she wanted us there or not… My mum was a hero to many, and there's a lot of people who will say that, but very few can actually prove it." He finished, he couldn't say anymore, he was choked up and his tears had started to fall again.

The Doctor pulled the boy into a hug as the curtain started to close around the coffin.

Rani, Clyde, Maria, Gita, Haresh and Alan got up and walked over to Luke, Rory and Amy stayed sat down; Amy couldn't help but let her own tears fall as she heard both of them speak of the woman they both loved.

"Good-bye Sarah-Jane…" came the murmurs of the small gathering at the front by the curtain.

"Good-bye mum…" Luke's whisper was barely audible as the mahogany casket was lost from view forever.

A/N: R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen. You're in pain no more /3 And a special mention to my nan who died last year of the same horrid disease /3