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Ginny Weasley has never heard Draco Malfoy utter the three simple words a girl deserves to hear. Especially since his wife was none other than Hermione Jean Granger. It bamboozles her and she didn't like it one bit.

But what boggles her mind even more is the fact that Hermione does absolutely nothing about it, it's as if Hermione didn't care that her husband never tells her that he loves her! Even Ron tells Luna those three simple words though he could be a git at times. Harry certainly tells her that he loves her every day.

For example, whenever the six of them (Ron and his wife, Luna included) go out for dinner together and Hermione comments on how cold it was, Draco would simply button his jacket up and reply "Well, you should have brought your coat!".

Or when Hermione was pregnant with their first child and she asked Draco to go out and buy her some caramel ice cream. He came back with chocolate ice cream just because he preferred them!

There was also the time when Hermione ran into one of her teachers from her old muggle primary school, and Draco came up to them and PURPOSELY said "Hey HONEY, we need to get you new thongs... The ones you have at home are already torn from last night"

Not to mention- you know what, there were millions of moments that made Draco look more and more like a jerk...well, not literally millions of moments...but it was a lot of moments that it gave Ginny Weasley-Potter a headache!

So, being the true friend she was, she brought the topic up the next time she visited Hermione one evening.

Boy was she even more flabbergast when her best friend started laughing hysterically.

"Oh Ginny" Hermione shook her head between chuckles "Every day he would wake me up gently and brush my tangled hair as I slowly wake up.

Then, he'd undress me and carry me to the shower.

While I get ready, he'll go downstairs and make me some breakfast, a sugar donut and a cup of hot cocoa.

Then, he'd place my work shoe by the door, the toes facing to the front so that when we leave the house, I'd just have to slip it on.

After I eat, we'd both go to work together and he'll give me a quick but loving kiss when we arrive. During our lunch break, he'd come over to my office with a small basket he paid our house elf to bring over and we'd have a mini picnic by my desk.

After work, I'd meet him at the entrance and we'd go back home and make dinner together. If the next day is a weekend, we'd both go out on a date. But if it's not, then we'll just sit in bed after taking a shower, and we'll just...well, talk until we both fall asleep.

Whenever I have a bad day, he'd place me on the soft couch, take off my shoes and massage my feet while I complain about my day, which he will actually listen to, no matter how many times I repeat the same story again and again.

When I was pregnant, he'd wake up every hour to check whether I wanted anything and he told the medi-witch to transfer some of the labour pain to him so that I wouldn't have to suffer much when I give birth.

After our son was born, he'd help clean Scorpius's nappy and will take care of him if I had a tiring day. That is why you'll see me do all the work on Sunday while Draco sleeps because he was too busy tending to our son all night.

He wears the colour dark grey and purple a lot just because that's my favourite colour.

He brings me to McDonalds even though he hates it.

He pays the house elves and talks to them politely just because I support S.P.E.W.

And he stocks peanut butter in our fridge even though he's allergic to nuts because I can't live without peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,"

Hermione paused while the Weasley woman digested her words before ending her speech "So you see Ginny, I accept his flaws and he accepts mine, thats how much we love each other. And my husband doesn't need to tell me that he loves me because he shows it to me every day"

And as if on cue the man in question, Draco Malfoy came into the room, greeted Ginny, gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and left the room to check on Scorpius.

As he walked out of the room, Ginny couldn't help notice the way his eyes looked when he gave Hermione another shy glance when the brunette wasn't looking.

It was there and then that Ginny Weasley found out that Draco Malfoy didn't love Hermione Granger.

He worshipped her.

a/n- this story came up when I observed the way my dad treated my mother...yeap...he does all those things for my dear mommy :D the only difference is that he tells her that he loves her as well... anyway,thanks for reading and reviewing...