I remember the first time I brought her to my house to meet my parents.

I remember every single detail of that special day. Well, to everyone else, it wasn't that special. But considering the fact that she was willing to go back to the Manor where she got brutally tortured, meet the woman whose sister gave her a faint but permanent scar on her right arm and accept the man who tormented her and her best friends for years,well, it was a really big deal for the both of us. Which was why that day was special.

Correction; SHE was special. And she still is.

I remember letting my mother drag me to the next room while my father and my girlfriend were debated about House Elves Rights. I still have the scars caused by my mother's razor sharp fingernails from when she squeezed my arm.

Okay, I guess the last part wasn't entirely true. But my arm still twitches uncontrollably whenever I see those nails.

"Draco dear" She began in a low voice "Why did you choose her of all people? It's not that I care about the fact that she's a muggleborn or anything. But there are so many witches out there who are of our standards" Mother hissed at me.

Truth be told, I didn't know why she had to whisper to me, since we were in a different room that was soundproof. But I didn't tell her that. I didn't want to injure my other arm.

I really didn't expect my mother to react this way when decided to bring Hermione back to my house to meet them.

(Well, actually I did.

I just didn't bother to think of a reasonable explanation)

I sighed and looked at my mother in the eye.

'She convinced Potter to let our family off with a warning because I didn't tell on them the night they were captured.

She annoyingly stuck by my side when we repeated our 7th year and ignored the people who told her to ditch me because I was a death eater.

She was my 'lawyer' during my hearing,which was why I won the case (you weren't there mother, because it was at the same time as father's hearing)

She bought our manor back from the ministry with the money she received for helping Potter defeat you-know-who when she heard that they were going to demolish it.

She didn't laugh at me when she found me crying one day, and instead offered me her shoulder to cry on.

She gave me a job at her bookstore since no one else wanted to hire a Death Eater.

She takes me out on muggle-ish (oh hush Mother! Muggle-ish is a word !) dates and no matter how much I grumble about being surrounded by muggles. I enjoy those dates. Well, unless the date is at McDonalds. All those little minions-I mean kids, mother" I shuddered at the thought and continued

"When I asked her out on a date by telling her I had loads of money, she flicked my forehead and replied 'If I can survive 19 years without your money Draco Malfoy, then I think I can survive for another 19 more'

Whenever I'm in one of my moods or if I had a nightmare, I'd secretly go to her flat. She would always grab my arm, kiss the Dark Mark and tell me that the tattoo doesn't change the fact that I'm a good person on the inside.

She would secretly leave my favourite muggle chocolates on my desk every Wednesday morning , with a note saying that it was from my secret admirer. She still doesn't know that I can recognize her writing anywhere.

She would clean my wooden desk for me when I'm not around and will act surprised when I ask her about my spotless desk. Little does she know that she always forgets to hide her hand that was covered with plasters from all those splinters.

She cheers for me whenever I have a Quidditch match against Potter and the Weasleys even though she hates that sport.

She would give me a big hug and call me her no.1 Quidditch player, even if I lose the said game.

And she makes me feel really loved. Mother, when I'm with her, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Whenever the two of us go out , I have to fight the urge to stick my tongue out at the other guys because I have her, and they don't.'

I paused and took a deep breathe.

'So mother, you asked me why I chose her. Well, here's a question for you. Why not her?"

I remember chuckling as I thought of that conversation I had with my mother on my wedding day.

And I remembered her reply when her friends asked her why I chose Hermione and not their daughters.

'Why not her' she replied coolly 'She was special. And she still is'