A new star shone in the night sky. Well, not a star, per se: it was moving. Stars don't typically do that. Unless they're shooting stars, in which case they're actually pieces of rock falling to the earth and burning up in the atmosphere. You can't really call them stars in that case though, can you? I mean…

Ah. Sorry about that.

In any case, there was a new light in the sky (I hesitate to call a star, even in metaphor, because it's really not a star at all and makes absolutely no sense to call it one). The Soviet Union had just launched the first manmade satellite into space. I say "manmade" satellite because a satellite is an object that orbits a planet or a moon, and in fact a moon is itself a satellite, but men didn't make unless you listen to conspiracy theorists who claim humans are actually descended from a space-adventuring race that came to this planet, settled, maybe got it on with a few genetically-compatible natives, though really the likelihood of finding aliens you're genetically compatible with is…um.

Sorry again.

Ivan Braginsky, personification of Russia, was sitting in his study, in his house, on the outskirts of Moscow. His usual scarf was around his neck, the customary bottle of vodka was clutched in his hand, and he was daydreaming of warm places and sunflowers. When everyone became one with him, he would build a house someplace along the equator.

In America, it was a different story.

Alfred F. Jones, personification of the United States of America, was being plagued with phone calls from various important individuals. Most seemed to think they had just lost the Space Race, an offshoot of the Cold War. Even Alfred himself was convinced he was about to lose.

But then someone had a brilliant idea.

Russia had put the first object in space. But America would put the first man on the moon.

The subsequent moon landing was believed by many, but a group of conspiracy theorists insisted it was all done in a movie studio somewhere on Earth. A few people even said it was impossible to put the first man on the moon, for their ancestors had either originated there, or been there before on their way to Earth. Most of these people were committed to mental facilities, and several were even pegged as fakes before a certain psychologist revealed he had not, in fact, sent any fakes to the mental hospital.

If you realize what that last reference was, you pay more attention in Psychology than me.

I really hope you like this, invisiblecanada, because I have finals coming up and zero time.

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