A/N: Random, short one-shot, blame me for remembering old times. I think it could be called AU.


His clip ran empty as the droids kept approching him, his victory cut short by their arrival.

"Boss, I've got a problem here..." He grumbled as he ducked behind cover, withdrawing his DC-15 pistol.

"Sev, where are you?"

"Sector Alpha 24, multiple hostiles..."

"Lost his signal, Boss."

"Well, find it again damn it!"

"Sectory Alpha 24, I need some help here!"

"Negative negative, Three-Eight, new orders came through from the general's—clear the area and evac now."

"I'm sorry Sev, Delta regroup."

"Boss, Boss!" He shook it off, he was alone against an army of droids, he had been in worse places.

"Come and get it clankers!" He raised from his cover and began to shoot off the heads of several battledroids before they began to fire back as he dove behind a set of knocked over containers.

The pistol recharged and again he raised up, knocking down more and more of the yellow droids. Only too late did he notice something.

A SBD with a rocket attatchment aimed at him.

And the crates he was using for cover leaking bowcaster rounds.


He made it a few feet away before the whole bay was engulfed in flames and his vision went black.

His head, not his helmet, bumping onto something made the cammando wake with a start, reaching for his weapons that he did not have at the moment. And after a moment saw he was no longer in a storage bay, but a freaking tree.

"You really know how to get yourself into a mess." He sighed, rubbing his temples when a roar sounded behind him.

"Yea yea, thanks flee bag." The cammando grumbled as he stood, turning to see a wookie looking satisfied as he roared again.

"Uh huh, well thanks whoever you are." He nodded, looking at his burnt and all but destroyed armour as the wookie talked, only catching the last of what he said.

"I need to get back to Delta. Uh, thanks Chewbacca." Sev extended his hand and the warrior shook it with a firm grip before Sev began to limp off down a trail toward what looked like-

Sev stopped in his tracks.

A republic staging area, on Kashyyk?

This is gonna be fun He grinned.