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White Vow

Turn 01: Sealed with a Bet

Jaden Yuki—or "J" as friends would call him—groaned in frustration. Ever since he'd walked into the grand assembly room of Kaiba Corporation, his breath had grown increasingly low, a lump chunking his throat. He had gotten himself into a real mess this time. He was such a fool. If only he didn't lose the duel against that man!

Losing is not really the issue here, he thought, barely aware of the door creaking open. It's the bet I'm worrying about.

The duel had gone well at first—Jaden gaining the upper hand with fusion monsters out on his side of the field. He was careful enough not to make any mistakes, since his opponent was considered to be one of the best in the world, in addition to the fact that he was wealthy and powerful. And unlike the opponents he faced before, who were either playing for fun or out to dominate him, or rule the world, the guy wanted something from him.

He never expected that his fate would be sealed last four days ago.

He remembered playing Elemental Hero Neos and Elemental Hero Flamewingman, and a face down card Mirror Gate. Even with 1600 life points left, he had unbeatable monsters. His opponent's field was as clear as day. He only held three cards in his hand. But there was only one card that stood between him and his victory. When his opponent revealed the trump card, Jaden's world came crashing down.

Bummer, he sighed, as he swivelled in his chair. He was way, way tougher than expected.

He lost the duel and lost the bet. Now that opponent wanted something from him. No, he didn't want money. The guy was already super rich! He supposed the bet wasn't too bad since all he had to do was MARRY A GIRL!

"This is so unreasonable!" Jaden told his opponent during their after duel meeting.

"I can assure you that I'm not an unreasonable man, Jaden Yuki," his opponent, a tall, good-looking brunette, said.

"Why pick me? I'm sure there are better and richer guys out there for her."

"I am quite aware of that, but rich and arrogant men simply won't do. I should know."

"And what makes you think I'm the best choice?"

A conceited smirk appeared on his face as he stared at Jaden behind his office desk, his eyes shrewd with intelligence and pride. "I know a great deal about you, Jaden Yuki. Although you were a Slifer Slacker, you graduated as one of the top students in Duel Academy. You have a strong passion for dueling and you have the ability to see monster spirits. I've recently learned that you housed the spirit of Yubel."

Jaden's face fell. "Okay, so you did research on me. Swell… But I can't guarantee that she'll be happy with me," he stated.

"Oh, she will. At least, you won't have trouble approaching her since you're already friends."

Jaden blinked in surprise. "We're what now?"

"More than just friends, to be exact. You even dueled for the right to be her fiancé."

Jaden slapped himself on the forehead. How could he have been so naïve? He never did get to understand the whole fiancé thing until it hit him right in the kisser. He guessed there were worse things than marriage, although he wasn't ready for any commitments yet. Christ, he was only 17 years old, barely an adult.


Jaden leaned back in his chair and stared up at the ceiling, imagining the girl he was going to marry. Then someone cleared her throat. Snapping back to reality, he rose up from his chair and spun on his heels. To his surprise, the person who now stood before him was none other than Alexis Rhodes.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Um…Well…I-I…" He suddenly got clumsy and tripped on his own feet, landing butt-first on the cold floor. "Oh, man…"

"Jaden, are you all right?"

He immediately got back on his feet, waving one hand slightly. "Yeah, never better! I was just around the neighbourhood and I—erm…Well…" He was badly stuttering and he wanted to go hide in a hole somewhere.

Alexis couldn't help but giggle at his odd behaviour. He'd found himself struck by her burst of sweet giggles. It was a nice sight.

Then her cell phone rang. "I have to take this," she said after seeing the caller id. "Excuse me." She pressed the answer key and placed the phone over her ear.

During the brief conversation on the phone, he noticed her smile. She looked the best when she smiles. He had seen the different sides of Alexis during the three years they were together in Duel Academy. He mentally slapped himself for not realizing how beautiful she was. Her features were amiable. Her skin was clear, hair silky smooth, her face stunning with lips that seemed the very embodiment of temptation. No wonder she was sought after by countless boys in the academy. Her eyes were the most striking. Gentle colors that shifted from grey to light brown depending upon the light, her eyes held an interesting spark and calmness. She had all the right curves in the right places. She featured a full bust, a small waist, and legs so long and creamy.

His groin swelled with distinctive arousal, leaving him surprised. What the hell am I thinking?

He supposed most guys noticed her beautiful features instantly, but he'd found himself more intrigued by the way she dueled at first. Truth to be known, he fell in love with their duel.

Okay, J, you need to focus!

And this was probably the first time he'd seen her wearing casual. Her outfit consisted of a pink jacket over a blue turtleneck skirt-dress, with a pair of grey knee-length boots to match.

FOCUS! DAMMIT! he screamed in his head, squeezing his eyes tight for a moment.

"It's been three weeks since the academy," Alexis said, leaning against the table. The call had ended, and she was now staring at him. "So, how's life treating you?"

"Fine, I guess," he replied, trying to ignore the loud thumping of his heart.

He couldn't calm down for some reason. He'd never been so edgy around Alexis before. He supposed that things were going to be different from now on since Alexis was the girl he was going to marry! But they were friends, for crying out loud. How was he going to explain it to her? Hey, Alexis, how about you and I tie the knot and live happily ever after? Yeah, right! Romance had never been his subject of interest. It was always about dueling.

"What brings you here?" Alexis asked, leaning towards him, curiosity sparking lightly in her eyes. "Are you meeting someone?"

Probably you, seeing that he didn't show up, he thought silently. "Kinda…But I think he'll be a no-show."

"Well, my friend did a last minute cancelation, so I'm free right now," she explained, sitting down on the table and crossing her legs.

Jaden felt a jolt of lust. Those long legs and that skirt-length didn't do justice at all. It took tremendous effort not to keep staring at her legs. This usually doesn't bother me before! And it just took one bet and the notion of marriage to make him more aware of the opposite sex—of Alexis to be precise. But this was far from what you can call love. If he were to marry Alexis just because of a bet, wouldn't it just cause her pain? Marriage without love could never bring a happy ending. Even a guy as clueless as him knew that.

"Alexis, I have—"

"Let's hang out together," Alexis suggested, hopping off the table. "We didn't exactly have the chance to enjoy ourselves the last time we came to Domino City. How about it, Jaden?" She graced him with a smile.

His heart skipped a beat. Hang out as friends? That he can do without complaints. However, since they were more or less engaged, it would be like a date. At least, Alexis didn't treat the fiancé thing seriously, because she was still under the impression that he had no idea what the word meant. It was a good thing, right? Damn, he so wanted to rip his hairs out. He can't even think straight around her anymore.

The afternoon excursion had been going well. They'd gone to the arcade, the park, and the museum. They also got sidetracked in a card shop downtown, where Jaden bought a lot of booster packs and a new deck case. Afterwards, they took a short break at a cafe, ordering some ice cream before resuming their 'friendly' date, as Jaden called it.

Passing by an expensive brand boutique, Jaden noticed the sparkle in Alexis' eyes as she gazed at the outfit the mannequin was wearing. And that got him imaging her in that outfit. "Hmm...I bet it'll look great on you, Lex, so why don't you go try it?" he said, and she blinked at him in surprise. "Come on!" He grabbed her hand, dragging her into the boutique.

"Jaden, what do you think you're doing?" she said, swiping her hand away.

"Miss, she'd like to try on the clothes on that mannequin," Jaden addressed the store clerk as he pointed at the mannequin."

"Good choice, sir," the clerk replied before going to fetch the clothes.

She made a sound of disbelief. "Jaden, I'm not trying them on," she said. "I don't even plan on buying them."

"Come on, I just want to see you wear them," he said, grinning.

She sighed. "Fine then." She seemed very reluctant to do it, but he was pretty excited to see her in those clothes.

It took her about five minutes to don in the outfit, and the instant she stepped out of the fitting, she managed to turn a few heads in the boutique, especially the guys with their girlfriends and, of course, Jaden. The clothes complimented her well. The black leather jacket featured a notched stand-up collar and a hook-and-eye closure. The blue formfitting dress, which complimented her body so well, had a scoop neckline and a hidden back zip. A pair of metallic, leather sandals, featuring a buckled ankle cuff, covered stiletto hell, and a leather sole completed the look. Alexis looked like a model that popped out of a fashion magazine.

She caught him staring and couldn't help but blush. "So…what do you think?" she said, squeezing her upper arm, as she turned her head away.

"Wow…" A look of admiration crossed his face. "You look great, Lex." Great? She looks totally awesome!

She lowered her head, hoping to hide the deeper shade of red that burned on her cheeks.

"You look beautiful, ma'am," the clerk said. "Your boyfriend made an excellent choice."

She looked flustered. "He's not—"

"I'm not her boyfriend, miss," Jaden butted in. Alexis let out one sad sigh, but before she could say something, he took her by the shoulders and said, "I'm her fiancé!"

"Oh, my! You're her fiancé?" She squealed like a fangirl. "I'm so happy for the two of you."

Alexis arched a brow at him. "Fiance? Really now?" she muttered, almost grumbling.

"What a babe! The guy's seriously lucky!"

"Can't believe they're getting married already."

The whispers in the background weren't making things more comfortable for her, and Jaden pretended not to mind it at all. In other people's eyes, they were really a couple, and that thought alone thrilled him.

"So, are you okay with them, Lex?" he asked.

"Yeah...but I really have no intention of buying these clothes," she said. "I'm heading back into the dressing room to change, okay?" She spun on her heels and slipped into the dressing room once more.

And while Alexis was in there, Jaden pulled out a credit card.

"You will see it to it that she will be happy in your care," his opponent stated, a sharp pair of blue eyes staring straight into his soul. "Make her cry and I'll make sure your life will become a living hell."

The tension was so thick that it was getting more difficult for him to breath. The man sure knew how to drive him into a corner even with one deadly stare. The threat was serious, and Jaden wasn't so sure if he could woo Alexis. They've been friends for so long, and to suddenly start changing the way he treats her would come off as awkward.

"I'm giving this to you. Feel free to buy whatever you want, preferably things that would please her," the man said, handing over a golden credit card to Jaden. "I'll make plans for you two to meet. Till then, you're a single guy."

The credit card shone in his hands. Temptation at its best, he seriously planned on buying a new jacket and a pair of shoes. The man did say that he was free to buy whatever he wanted, so it was okay to spoil himself.

"Before I forget, make sure she doesn't find out about our little bet. It would only complicate things between you two."

Jaden shrugged. As if his situation wasn't complicated enough...

"As of this moment, this conversation never happened, understood?"

He let out a sigh and nodded. "Loud and clear..."

"Miss, my fiancée really doesn't like it when I spend too much for her, but I know she wants this," Jaden said, smiling mischievously at the clerk. "So I'm buying the whole set for her. Here's my card and have them wrapped up. Don't tell her, okay? I'll drop by to pick it up later." He winked a playful eye, and the clerk giggled, complying with his request.

It was just two friends hanging out together. It wasn't a big deal. They weren't dating, though several people today thought otherwise. They must truly look like a couple. Although Alexis favoured the idea, she wondered if she could ever tell him about her feelings. She made an attempt back at Duel Academy. She was about to confess to him when she realized that they did not share the same sentiments. Jaden was too passionate about dueling. He was young, full of energy, and had his own dreams to fulfil. It was the same for her. She had decided to attend Duel College in America the following semester.

By the time they reached the five-star hotel where Alexis was staying at, she felt a nudge of gloom. If only the day didn't have to end quickly. She wanted to spend more time with Jaden. Time sure flies when you're having fun, she mused.

They were at the entrance when Jaden did his signature pose. "Thanks for today, Alexis. Let's do it again!" He still looked so energetic. That's Jaden for you. "I'll be sticking around Domino City for a while, so when are you free again?"

Bold and full of confidence, his eyes shone like delicious chocolate. His brown hair was unruly and spiky, the style of a rebellious teen that made him seemed cool. He had a slender yet muscular physique, good enough to be model with those looks, though he was just as tall as her. She missed seeing him in red, despite the fact that he looked quite fine in his grey short-sleeved jacket over his black long-sleeves and the dark-blue jeans highlighted the tones of his legs perfectly.

She was going to stay in Domino City for another week due to some private matters. At least, her stay wouldn't be so boring with Jaden around to accompany her. "I'm free tomorrow afternoon," she replied. "You do have my phone number, right?"

He nodded his head.

"And I have yours. I'll call you when something comes up."

"Sweet! Catch you later, Alexis," he said.

She watched him disappear out into the streets, a dreamy gaze present in her eyes. He was the guy she least expected to see in this city. He left Duel Academy without saying goodbye. He had adventures to seek out, challenges to face, and he was never the type to stay put. But she has always believed that they will meet again. And they did.

While Jaden wasn't the brightest bulb on the planet, he was definitely cheerful and optimistic. Whether you're in Obelisk Blue, Ra Yellow, or Slifer Red, it doesn't matter. Jaden had proved to everyone that the color of your uniform does not define you as a Duelist. At first, everyone thought that he was just a dueling fool, but he possessed true skill and talent as a Duelist. He had done so much for her and, though they had their fair share of moments when they didn't get along, he always did manage to give her courage and strength. He was such a big influence on others as well. He has the charisma that simply draws others to him.

They talked about friends and families over dinner earlier that night. Jaden did most the talking though, and she enjoyed the stories. She never attempted to bring up her feelings or any topic concerning romance. It would be awkward. Jaden wasn't Mr. Romantic either, so why bother? When it comes to girls, Jaden was surprisingly passive.

She walked into the lobby of the hotel and came to a halt before the majestic fountain in the center of the room. Surprised and annoyed, she fought to stop a scowl on her face as her eyes connected with his. He was already unfurling himself from his position on the fountain, and she let out a disapproving sigh. "What are you doing here, Atticus?"

"I just came here to see my little sis," he said.

When she'd last seen him, he'd been wearing designer clothes and posing for a magazine. "To cause trouble for me I bet..."

Unlike her, who was pretty much hard to approach, Atticus was merry and laid back. He had brown hair that flowed past his shoulders and a pair of chocolate brown eyes. With his height and impeccable looks, girls would flock around him instantly. Wearing that black overcoat, he gave off a mysterious yet alluring aura.

"Was that Jaden I saw?" Atticus asked, his lips curving into a playful smile. Alexis rolled her eyes. "It was Jaden, wasn't it?" His smile became wider.

Alexis crossed her arms. "What if it was?"

"You guys went on a date, didn't you?" Atticus teased.

"We did not," Alexis stated in a stern tone.

"Oh, don't deny it, sissy." Atticus spread his arms wide, being the drama king that he was. "I can smell love in the air. You always had a thing for Jaden."

Her finely honed nature was the only thing preventing her from lashing out on her brother, who had always considered himself as the Master of Love. He had the knack of trying to pair her up with guys, much to her distaste. "Give it a rest, Atticus. Jaden and I weren't dating. We were just hanging out as friends."

Atticus arched an elegant brow. "Oh, really? But wait! What is he doing in Domino City anyway? And where did you guys meet?"

"He's just visiting," she answered, "and I met him at KaibaCorp earlier."


"He said that he was meeting somebody there, probably a sponsor. He is good enough to join the Pro Circuit, you know."

The playful smile was back on his face. "He was probably there to see you," he said, and Alexis couldn't help but sigh in frustration.

To be continued...

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