Creepy Charlie

A Music Man fanfiction

Note: The following fan fiction is Marian Paroo's first person reaction to her encounter with Charlie Cowell. I find Charlie Cowell's character to be kind of sketchy and creepy. I do not own rights to any Music Man characters.

"I'd like to spend an extra five minutes on you girly-girl."

That very line still makes my skin crawl. I didn't much appreciate being called girly-girl. I played mind games with him for a little bit but I certainly had no plans to get to know him any better. I don't feel the least bit sorry that he missed his train. He'll catch the next one. I think he's worrying too much about losing his job. Sure anvils have a limited appeal but he wasn't trying to sell me anvils. He was trying to sell me the belief that Harold is a swindler and a fraud. Something I refuse to believe even for a moment. I kissed him mostly to shut up so he would stop talking trash about Harold. His breath tasted of tobacco and I almost vomited.

What if it really is all true though? I don't know weather to believe Charlie or Harold. I can't even trust my own heart with my feelings for Harold. Trust is important though. I want to trust Harold but if what Charlie said is true how can I tell that the citizens of River City haven't been conned into some fantasy.

Should I tell Harold about this? Shouldn't I?