Mike Newton

I can't believe I'm the one in the insane asylum. If anyone should be here it is Cullen. He started all this. I was quite happy with my original idea of stalking Bella through her window. Cullen must have stolen my idea. I should sue for copyright. My hero did that. What was the number he called? 07456 094305. It was a UK number so I should Yahoo the American version. Yahoo, most people say Google but as I am SPECIAL I need to have my own words. As I was saying it was completely not my fault that Edward copied MY idea. Just because he is the teacher he gets believed. No one should be that stupid perfect. I bet he even actually got to see Bella. Lucky idiot. And as if that was not enough he got me sent to the mental asylum. There are few decent girls here. Thankfully Jess has taken it upon herself to visit often so I get to see at least 1 girl. Poor Bella, she must be missing her Mikey. Anyway I am getting side tracked. They gave me this voice recorder to record my thoughts so that their councillors can help wish my problems away. I am the sanest one here. At first I was expecting a diary but apparently how the words are spoken have as much importance as the words themselves.

Arriving here was brutal. Dad was ashamed of me but Mum packed all my stuff up and told me to have a nice little relaxation. A nice pretty bus picked me up. I was told I had to in the home in a wheelchair so they could asses me. However they reassured me that after the testing was done I would soon be back on my feet. The drive was a long one but I have magazines to keep me occupied. The Girls Only one said I was nice and caring and that I would get a boyfriend soon. I tore that one up immediately. Who did it think it was? The home was in the middle of nowhere. I hadn't seen a house in an hour.

When we arrived I made sure that my bear was with me before getting to be wheeled up to the entrance. When I got there I had to be searched. A complete body search I think the person who did my search enjoyed it. They did it so quickly they couldn't bear to look at perfection any longer. They made me get dressed in this dress. At least it was my favourite colour. I had to wait 10 minutes before they let me do the IQ test. It was simple. They let me out of the wheel chair after the blood tests and I wondered to my room. I was impressed with the padding. I may finally get to bounce on the bed without having to go to hospital. I am still determined to get my revenge on Cullen and claim Bella as my own. I had better go, my PA has just given me some relaxing medicine so they can observe me when I am truly asleep. I can't feel my feet at all now. Night.