Summary: Winter comes.. It's time for families, friends and couples celebrate it. Including Shirosaki and Ichigo, and of course their families. Noticing that Ichigo's very happy, Shiro is planning to give his little Berry a good time. But, will it work like he planned to?

Pairings: Shirosaki x Ichigo

Rated: T - M

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Author's POV

It's 5 o'clock in the morning. No sounds of birds chirping and it feels a little chilly.


Well what do you know? It's the first season of winter now! The snowflakes falling down beautifully from the clear, slightly grey sky. Covering the Karakura Town with white feather blanket. Some of the adults are awake by now, waking up their families. Probably to celebrating the first season of winter, and of course they'll soon talking about Christmas.

Ah, the Kurosaki's family must be celebrating this too. Wonder if the blonde girl will cook something delicious this morning. Or maybe-



Unfortunately, I forgot that this has been a ritual for a certain man with face like a goat. Or so his son and daughters said. Well, at least he just broke a window from his son's bedroom. Don't wan-


"Shut up Goat-face! It's still five in the morning!"


"Will you just shut it Goat-face! I'm trying to get my dream about soccer back!"

Ah yes, this is what always happen. Even so, this is what makes the family are unique and interesting in their own way, no?

Normal POV

The orange haired boy grumbles a little as he pads over to the bathroom door. Obviously he can't dozed off into the Lalala Dreamland anymore because of a certain man with his flying kicks. His dad even broke his window, AGAIN.

Ichigo sigh at that then shakes his head as he now are in front of a mirror in his bathroom.

He turns the knob, washing his face. After he dried his face with a small white towel beside the mirror, he starts to brushing his teeth when a sound is heard outside the his room.

"Ichi-nii! When will Shiro-nii come? I'm going to make some breakfast now,"

Ichigo stills for a while, then blinking his eyes a few times. A groan come out from his throat. "I'll call him Yuzu! Just make whatever you want! Anything's fine!"

"Ok then. I'll tell you if breakfast ready,"

The sound of Yuzu's footsteps starts to disappear. The 18 years old orange haired teen rinse of his mouth. Then walks over to his bed where his phone lays beside his bed. He dialed the number of a certain someone.

"Heya Ichi.. Miss me so much 'till you called me in this early morning?"

"I'm not! I just wan-"

"Oh I know! You wanna have a phone sex with me, aren't ya? Why Ichi, I don't know you really want me that much,"

"What? No! I don't even want to have sex with you, you pervert!"

As he said this, his face starting to turn red. Almost screaming at his lover.

"Ouch, that hurt Ichi. Never been I heard that in my 21 years life. You don't have to be shy or shame 'bout that. Or you would rather me being there right now while whispering hot things in your ear?" said the 21 year old man. His voice getting huskier as he said the last part to his younger lover.

"Shiro! Stop that-Urgh! You mean!"


A scowl is painted on the carrot-top face. Shiro sometimes will tease him until his face turned all red. Then the man will laugh as Ichigo starts to blinking his amber eyes a few times whenever his older lover laughing at him after he teases him.

He know that Shiro was just playing around, but still. Each time his lover mentioned about sex to him, Ichigo will go all nervous and a little scared. He don't know why, but he's afraid that Shiro is just using him for sex.

But then again, Shiro has never done such things to him like touching his body in such private parts. He will just hold his waist, hugging him tight but gently. Kissing his forehead, cheecks, nose and mouth. Sometimes with tounges. But that just that.

He knows how his little Berry got nervous each time they do that. But he already promised to his Berrry, that he will never do that until Ichigo's ready. He sealed his promise with a kiss on the mouth.

The sound of his phone vibrating against his hip startling him.

The stars lean down to kiss you

And I lie awake and miss you

Pour me a heavy dose of-


Ichigo sighs inwardly. His albino always like this. That's what he loves from Shiro. Always there for him, guiding him, protecting him, loving him. He's kinda a romantic person too. Ichigo smiled a small smile, then masking his voice with an angry voice. He speak in a hush voice though.


"I'm sorry? You know I would never do that to you, don't you?", said Shiro. Feeling a little sorry for his young lover. He knows that Ichi understand, but still, he wants to apologize. He doesn't want to lose Ichigo's faith in him.

Ichigo smile warmly. "I know, I know. I trust you, Shi"

He can tell that Shiro is grinning now. "So, when will you be here? Yuzu was asking for you. She's planning to make some special breakfast",

"Hmm… 10 more minutes okay? Kairo's with me now. It's been a while since he visited that neko–chan. What the- Kai! Stop nudging your nose to my hand! It's freaking cold, and wet!",


" –sigh-… He says hi", said Shiro while ruffling his dog's head. It's head reached his waist. Well, Kairo's a BIG dog anyway. Purebreed.

Ichigo chuckle then jumps a little when a white shaped thing hopped on his shoulder.


Ichigo laugh a little at his cat's antic. He scratch the cat's ear, pleased when receive purring besides his ear.

"Hey Kairo.. Ryuu says hi too,"

"Hey Ichi..,"


"Open the door. I'm already outside your house,"


The teen blinked in shock. He said 10 more minutes!

But still the teen runs to the front door, he's a bit shy to admit this but, he misses his lover dearly. A week ago, Shiro was on the trip to Australia to visit his friend and his workplace. Actually he has 3 different workplace. One is his own house, the one in the Australia, the other one is in Singapore. He works as an artist and musician. He owns a place called Seiryu 51. It's where he puts several of his paintings. It's where he works with his friends. He runs that place for 6 years now.

As Ichigo open the door, he's greeted by the sight of his lover and his loyal dog.

Shiro only wears a pair of ¾ dark blue jeans with chains hanging around the right pocket, a pair of sneakers, a black T-shirt, a white jacket with a 51 on the left side around the chest, and a titanium soldier necklace hanging loosely around his neck. Casual, but attractive according to Ichigo. Not to mention that sharp golden eyes with black sclera surrounding and he wears a square glasses with transparent frame that makes him look more cooler, handsome and sexy.

Shiro give a lop-side grin when Ichigo staring at him. From top to bottom. His Berry still wearing his black pajama's suit. His big amber eyes meet his golden ones.

"Heya Ich- oof!"

He eyes goes wide when a pair of tan arms finding itself around his neck, Ichigo's warm body pressed up against his. Ichigo's face is burry in his neck, standing on his tip toe. Well, being 5'6 for Ichigo and 5'9 for Shiro.

Shiro wraps his arms around the lithe waist, holding him close to him.


"I miss you Shiro,"

Shiro smile then kisses his Berry's head, and whisper in his ear.

"I miss ya too Ichi.. Sorry it took longer than it was. We got some trouble with the last finishing touch,"

Ichigo shakes his head in Shiro's neck.

"It's okay. You're here now,"

They release their hold, staring at each other eyes. Ichigo smiled then kiss Shiro's soft and warm lips with his own. Puts his hands behind the man's neck and head to pull him down. Shiro gladly kiss back with love. Just a small and sweet kiss, but they pour all their love through that simple kiss.

As they pulled back, Ichigo laugh a little. Shiro's glasses now is a little foggy because they previous kiss and the cold air that surrounding them. Well, it's about 6 in the morning anyway. And it's really cold outside the house.

Shiro laugh too then pulled away his glasses from his face then hooking it on his T-shirt's collar.

"I forgot to put it in the coffee table again. Heh…,"

Ichigo frowns as he hear this. Sometimes, if his lover couldn't get some sleep, he'll end up in front of his desk. Drawing some sketches until morning and he can still do his activities without being worried to be tired of fall asleep when he was on his works. Ichigo doesn't want his lover to be sick. Even if the albino looks fine, but the truth is he's tired too.

"You didn't sleep, did you? Shiro, how many times do I have to tell you? You should take the pills-"

"I'm fine Ichi, really. It's not like that I'm gonna die or-"

"But I'm worried about you! And I know, even if you said that you're fine, you're not! Don't lie to me,"

Shiro just stare at Ichigo's amber eyes, fill with worry and anger. The man sighs then his eyes softening while he puts his hand on Ichigos' face, the other one still holding his waist. His thumb rubbing softly on Ichigo's cheekbone.

"Sometimes I just can't sleep without you beside me. You are my cure Ichi. I…,"

Ichigo puts his hand over Shiro's alabaster one. Keeping it there while he leans into the touch, closing his eyes. Then reopened it again while saying,

"Can you at least try to get more sleep? I know you hate those pills but, I don't want anything bad happen to you. Promise me okay?"

Shiro leans down, staring at Ichigo deeply and lovingly.

"I promise, love. I promise," said the man while smiling gently.

Ichigo's face turn red slightly at the words. Then he smiles shyly, while kissing Shiro's lips for the second time.

"I love you,"

"I love you too Ichi,"

The dog and the cat just stares at their masters, smiling without their master know it.

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