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The Return of The Turnabout

Prologue: The Return

"Mr Phoenix Wright?"

A familiar man with the blue suit, red tie and spiky hair turned his head towards the clerk that announced his name. Yes, he, Phoenix Wright had decided to take the bar exam once more. It was more than just because he had restored his reputation. No. It was more than just that. A certain faint feeling… a certain desire he wished to feel once more. That was his reason for retaking the bar exam. More than just that, the past seven years… he had a chance. However, he did not retake it. Why? It was not because of his lovely daughter, Trucy. No. It was his personal vendetta with the previous law system and with a certain corrupted attorney now behind bars… Kristoph Gavin.

Phoenix merely responded with the carefree tone he gained in the past seven years, "What is it?"

The female clerk merely gave him a slight smile and then said, "Congratulations on passing the test. In this envelope, your attorney's badge and your registered number on the attorney database and other important documents. Other than that, have a good day."

Phoenix merely nodded politely as he left the centre, smiling. All was good. Perhaps he would return back to court, get back to defending and once more… seeking the truth. Having opened the envelope, he quickly pinned the badge onto the usual position he used to pinned it back in the past. Brushing aside the nostalgia of his first trial as he finished pinning the badge on, he went through the documents that was in the envelope and duly noted that he had been registered once more as 23681. With a lighthearted chuckle to himself, Phoenix walked towards the two people waiting for him: a boy with two spiky hair horns and a girl dressed as a magician….

Indeed, he was greeted at once with cheers of joy and laughter… indeed, he would never forget that day. The famous turnabout lawyer had once more, returned to the legal circle….