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Chapter 4: Chief Detective, *** Gumshoe

Phoenix merely sighed as he stood outside the prosecutor's office. He had managed to rush here in time from his office with some of the stuff he had bought over the few years he was investigating Kristoph. Something told him that he would need those equipment now.

He walked into the office only to be blocked by a very familiar girl in a labsuit. He blinked his eyes and then said, "Ema?"

The girl looked at him for the moment, stunned. She rubbed her eyes slightly and then finally, she spoke with a smile, "Phoenix… You've finally decided to return. I have really been hoping for it. And just when I desperately hoped you would return…You did."

Phoenix started scratching his head and said, "Guess so. Came in the nick of time…. Wait. Were you worri-"

Ema immediately cut in and took out a snackoo she was absently minded eating and threw it at Phoenix as her face gave a slight hint of red. She then said, "It's not like that! You're thinking nonsense!"

Phoenix merely gave a slight hint of a smile as one psyche lock appeared. He would ignore that lock… since particularly since the important business was with the crime scene. He then inquired, "So, Ema… Are you the detective in charge of this case?"

Ema immediately gave a slight sigh and said, "As much as I wish to solve the mystery behind the glimmerous fop's death… nope. They've put the chief detective on this one. As per suggested by the new chief prosecutor that took over Mr Edgeworth, David Silverine. However… for a prosecutor… he sure is kind of like Mr Edgeworth…"

Phoenix merely nodded his head and then said, "So… who would that chief detect-"

Ema immediately proceeded to cut in, "You should know that detective… very well."

Phoenix was still puzzled when he heard a loud voice shouting, "Hey pal! You are not supposed to be here! Only authorized personnel-"

The source of the voice was a familiar man with a plaster on his cheek, gruffy looking and with his usual green coat. If you would put it in words… a professional yet dumb looking detective. No other detective would contradict in such ways… other than *** Gumshoe.

Gumshoe immediately paused and looked at Phoenix. He then said, "Oh, its you pal. You're back in the business?"

Phoenix just merely nodded his head in astonishment. *** Gumshoe… Chief Detective. How did that happen…? Why did he not know about it? As much as he felt the detective rightly deserved it, whoever promoted him was also slightly cuckoo. Without a doubt though, Gumshoe earned his promotion through hard effort indeed.

Gumshoe then said, "Sorry for not being able to visit you… and also meeting Mr Edgeworth on that day. The case the both of us were working on together was a real serious one... I was just promoted a few days ago before that day. And now another prosecutor is dead. So given the severity of the situation, the new Chief Prosecutor decided to throw me into the ring. However, I am glad to be doing some detective work!"

Ema then added on softly to Phoenix, "And he is slightly worried that Gumshoe would mess up… so I am here as his assistant."

Phoenix nodded and then said, "That's great, Detective Gumshoe. Though I am just curious…. What is the current situation of the case? What happened to the victim?"

Gumshoe then proudly beat his chest with one of his fists and said, "Gladly, Pal! The victim, Klavier Gavin was found dead around 3pm, shot directly on the head with one shot. The victim… Apollo was found holding the gun in shock when they found the victim's body. Other than that, the shocked expression that the prosecutor had on his face, according to many has indicated it to be someone close to the prosecutor who did the deed. And with the incriminating evidence and the decisive witness….. We have a big case against the defendant!"

Phoenix sighed as he nodded in sorrow. It was the usual wright tradition for him as usual, with the odds stacked against him. Just then, Gumshoe said, "Wright! I look forward to S-T-I-C-K-I-N-G it in your face this time! You will not be able to smash my testimony this time!"

Phoenix immediately thought, "Yes, yes.. Detective… as Much as you want to stick it in my face, you need not spell that word."

However, he just merely showed the carefree face he had acquired in the past seven years and said with a smile, "We will see detective. I look forward to seeing you around then."

Gumshoe nodded and passed him a file and said, "Not the best of autopsy reports, but it gives you a clear indication of the victim's death. Any updates will be presented by the prosecutor tomorrow."

Phoenix nodded and said, "I'll be checking the crime scene if you do not mind."

Gumshoe smiled and said, "Okay pal!"

With a wave of his hand, the detective left the scene. Ema still remained as she said, "Phoenix, I would like to assist. Just for the sake of good old days… where we handled a case together."

Phoenix smiled and said, "Sure. Let's get cracking. First, if you do not mind… I'll take a check on that computer of the security booth for a few peeks. There might be evidence that I might need."

He merely went to the guard room, remembering what Edgeworth told him since he handled Maggey's case when she was accused of murdering a detective. He went through the photos. As he went through the computer to check on the video… there was a 'to be deleted section". As much as it seemed normal, his guts were telling him to open that folder. He did so and then to his surprise…

"Folder: 27-9-2026"

Wait! Isn't that today's date? Why was it being processed through the 'to be deleted' section? Wait… Could this be something vital to the testimony? Let's burn this video onto the disc burner they have here, Phoenix thought to himself. Whoever tried to delete the video… had ulterior motives. Definitely.

Immediately burning the video using one of the disc burners the guard house had, he also printed one of the vital moments he spotted during the quick view of the video. Taking out a folder he had brought inside his suitcase, he quickly stashed the video disc and the photo into the folder and placed it back inside the suitcase. He then said to Ema, "My apologies for intruding."

Ema merely smiled and said, "No worries. I am not the detective on this case anyway."

Phoenix laughed and then he asked, "Just out of curiosity… Do you know the guard who was on duty during the shift when Klavier was killed?"

Ema then merely said, "Ah yes. He was here! I do not know him very well though."

Just then…


Phoenix stared slightly in horror as he saw the ever familiar chains and red psyche-locks. He merely frowned and looked at Ema sternly slightly. He said, "You are very sure?"

Ema merely then said as she took out her snackoos and started eating them, "MUNCH. Yes. Very. Sure. MUNCH! MUNCH! MUNCH!"

Phoenix nodded as he thought, I can see your tell, Ema… you're very obvious. Apollo doesn't even need his bracelet to even tell that you're hiding something…. But what? I guess I will have to find out myself.

He then said to Ema, "I guess I'll check the security booth, one last time before heading to the crime scene."

He had to gain some information… or rather evidence to prove Ema knew the security guard on duty today. The first thing he noticed in his second visit to the booth was an empty container, the type they use to store pills or medication. Phoenix picked up the bottle and glanced at the label of the container…

"Painkiller pills for the back."

Phoenix kept the container in his suitcase once more, noting it to be of great importance, based off a gut instinct that had never let him down, not even once in a court case. Then he nodded as he scanned through the guardhouse once more, noting that there was no longer any evidence that might be of use. He walked out and then nodded to Ema and said, "I'll be heading to the crime scene. Though, could I borrow your forensic kit for awhile? The power of science might be needed for this case."

Ema merely smiled and said, "Sure! Though, you sure you can handle this yourself?"

Phoenix gave a slight smile and said, "Yes, I can handle this. The seven years were not just wasted by being a piano player or a dad. I've picked up some knowledge along the way… hoping to return back to investigations like this."

Ema laughed and then nodded her head in approval and passed Phoenix the forensic kit she had. She then said apologetically, "I wish I could help out… However, the police headquarters has requested that there should be a watch out in the office here…. Something about ensuring the evidence does not get touched."

Phoenix merely assured Ema, "No worries. I've been used to investigating solo… these past seven years. As lonely as it maybe… I can get much work done. Though… it still feels a bit cold."

With those words, he walked away to the crime scene. Indeed, he meant every single word he said. It was really cold. Cold without the warmth that he had… those past few years with Maya. He admitted it. Maya was the one that made cold occasions like this feel warm…

Author's Note: Here goes our firsy psyche lock of the case! Get ready, we'll be breaking that lock in the next chapter!