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The Real World

By Toreina-Mei


The Dark Trainer

Episode 1


By Chance


"Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, the doors will be opening to the 'Safari Reserve'," the female voice of the reporter floated from the television where an 11 year old Tanya Dumas squealed delightedly, bouncing up and down on her bed.

"Scientists have finally given the okay for Pokémon to be released into the real world, and many of the higher level and second stage evolutions have been released into the United States for trainers to capture. Any passer-by's of these wild Pokémon are told to simply ignore them, and they will not bother you. For children 10 and up, you may come down to the Safari Reserve to select a Pokémon you would like to begin with. The lowest cost of a starting Pokémon is thirty thousand dollars – Cash and checks only. Children under 18 will not be permitted to buy a Pokémon without parental consent."

"Thirty thousand dollars?!" Tanya repeated, "Only rich little snobs are going to be able to get Pokémon…"

"Hey, keep it down, runt. I'm trying to do my homework," Tanya's sister, Amy, smacked the wall that separated their rooms for effect.

Amy was six years older then Tanya and a senior in high school, but if you stood them next to each other, Tanya would look like the older one. Tanya was tall for someone just starting 6th grade at 5'4". Her hair was a dark coconut color, cut to her shoulders and carefully twisted and spiked at the ends. She wasn't big on socializing with kids her age – Most of them were stuck up gossiped about the latest couple in school. Middle school was the official time that kids dubbed themselves as being allowed to date and swear. Tanya, though, preferred to concentrate on her studies, mainly her trainer's studies.

Three years ago, the schools were required to add in Pokémon studies for kids who might be interested in becoming trainers. The classes never said how scientists had brought Pokémon into the real world, but she did know that scientists had been studying them for five years now. Seeing if they could survive here, what kind of impact they would have, how quickly they could reproduce, and most importantly – If they would harm people. And now, five years later, scientists were releasing Pokémon to public, satisfied with their studies. From what Tanya knew, every species of Pokémon had been brought into America. There was just one little problem, she didn't have the money to afford one.

Tanya had watched the Pokémon episodes on T.V, she'd seen various Pokémon of the wild select someone that it wanted to be its trainer. But from the information provided by the news reported, only high level and second evolutionaries had been released into the wild for capture. Those aren't usually the types that come begging to have a home with a young lady.

She envied the wealthy kids she knew would populate the Reserve tomorrow morning. In this society, many of them only learned reading, writing and basic mathematics in their private schooling. After that, they began learning the finer points of running a business and investing in the stock market. Which meant that many of the kids who got Pokémon wouldn't know the first thing about taking care of them.

"Oh well… Pokémon isn't life, right?" Tanya giggled. She was just lying right through her pearly white teeth.

Ever since Tanya had heard that Pokémon would one day be available to the public, she'd been learning as much information as she could. She had hoped that they would be of reasonable price, and you had to take some kind of trainer's test in order to be allowed to have a Pokémon, but of course that wasn't the case. That's not the way things worked.

Tanya rested her arms behind her head, staring at her surrounding walls. The wall directly in front of her was loitered with pictures of the various cuddly creatures: Charmander standing beside Charmeleon, and behind them Charizard; Marill with its head tilted back, spraying a jet of water into the air and having it come down as a fountain. Tanya even had a picture of the three legendary birds battling it out against the guardian dogs. She laughed at the thought of actually seeing that.

"I wonder if they brought the legendaries too…" she mused.

There was an Ekans alarm clock on her nightstand to the right, the upper body used as the hour hand and the tail as the minute hand. She was very fond of that little alarm clock because it always woke her up time with its little tail rattle. It was 10 o'clock already and Tanya wanted to wake up by 6:30, which is the time she set her alarm clock to go off.


It wasn't too far passed 8 by the time Tanya reached the Reserve. She had biked for almost an hour to get there and found that the parking lot was full of luxurious looking sports cars, the sign of the wealthy. She would be way out of her element going in there, but she wanted to see the Pokémon up close, to see them for herself.

The building was huge, not in height, but in size. It was the size of any average shopping mall and you could probably easily get lost in there. Taking a deep breath, Tanya pulled open the twin glass doors. She was greeted by the sight of a receptionist's desk, the woman behind it twirling a pen between her fingers, utterly bored.

"May I help you?" she asked blandly.

"I'm not here to buy a Pokémon, but I was wondering if I could take a look at them…"

"Sure, sure. Pin this number tag to your shirt so that the assistants know you're just browsing."

The woman handed Tanya a laminated card with the number 54 on it. She carefully pinned it onto her shirt as she was directed through the sliding glass doors off to the right. Inside it was like a Pokémon ranch, complete with an enormous pond, rocky terrain and grassy fields. A steel-gated fence separated each different habitat and a wire fence separated each area for the individual species of Pokémon. Tanya was impressed. Fire, Electric, Steel and Ground types were kept on the rocky ground; Grass, Psychic, Dark and Normal sorts were on the grassy plain and that left the Water and Ice types to the pond. There were kids all over as well, some accompanied by parents in suits and sweater-vests, other children such as herself that could only look on.

Even if she would have had the money to buy one these Pokémon, Tanya didn't know which one she would pick. She was very fond of each type and many Pokémon, so she couldn't even begin to narrow down any selections. So Tanya went to the enclosure that was closest to her, which held the Meowth's. Meowth had always been a favorite of hers as she was a cat-lover, but she never did like that walking-talking Meowth that Team Rocket had on the television series. She laughed, wondering how many kids would want one of these Pokémon in hopes that it could walk and talk, or maybe even provide them money with it's Payday. One of the felines took notice to Tanya watching their small group of five and it trotted over to her, offering a small 'Meow' in greeting.

"Hello, cutie," Tanya slipped her fingers over the wire that barely reached three feet, letting the Meowth sniff at them before petting the silken fur softly.

"Meow meow meowth?"

"Uhh… Sorry, but I don't exactly understand Poké-talk," she grinned sheepishly. The small cat nodded understanding and pointed to Tanya, then motioned around the building.

"Are you asking me what Pokémon I'm going to pick?"

It nodded.

"I'm afraid I can't pick any. I just came here to look at all of you. I want a Pokémon, but guys are expensive, and I can't afford it.

"Ooh! Mommy, I want that one!"

A young boy was holding his mother's hand, he couldn't have been over the age of ten. He was bouncing up and down enthusiastically, pointing to the Meowth that Tanya was currently attempting to communicate with. Tanya smiled apologetically at the Meowth as the mother picked it up. She sighed, virtually invisible to the upper-class, and moved on to the next pen – Abra.

Biting her lip, she crouched down and tried to get one of the three remaining Abra's attention. Abra often didn't associate with other Pokémon or people for that matter. They were asleep and would only wake up if someone caught their attention or if they were hungry. Tanya hung around for a couple minutes, it would be nice to talk telepathically with one of them, but she didn't seem to capture their attention.

Tanya looked over to the rock part of the inside habitat - There was a large crowd around Pichu's area. She almost laughed at those kids. She knew full well that they only wanted Pichu because it evolved into Pikachu, the Pokémon that many kids adored just because Ash Ketchum had the cute little electric type that was so powerful. But Pichu only evolved into Pikachu through friendship, which meant that many of those kids probably wouldn't ever get Pichu to evolve if that's all they wanted it to do. Not only that, not every Pikachu would be as strong as the one they'd seen on the television. Many of them can only learn two different electric attacks because they have a minimal learning ability, and their resistance to other electrical attacks is very low which doesn't help their already low endurance level.

Too bad none of them had ever taken the time out to actually study a Pichu and the form they hoped it would take. Tanya shook her head slowly and made her way over, but she turned away from the cage of the electric Pokémon and headed towards the Ground Pokémon, specifically Cubone.

Cubone had always been of favorite of Tanya's. She sat down in front of their pen, all six of them were still there. Tanya liked Cubone, most Ground types were weak when it came to flying Pokémon, but since Cubone had its bone to throw at them, its only real weakness came against Psychic types. Not only that, but she had always wondered what one of them looked like under the skull that it wore. Many people had the idea that it wore the helmet because it was ugly, but Tanya knew differently. Cubone's wore the skull of their deceased mother as a sign of respect and that their spirit may live on forever, which is why they only had one offspring.

"Attention future trainers," a male voice echoed on a loud speaker, "there is a minimized Pokéball hidden somewhere in the Safari Reserve. The person who finds it may bring it to the front receptionist desk and will be allowed to select a Pokémon from the Reserve… for free!"

There was a loud whoop from the kids. All of them immediately began searching for spherical red and white ball, except for Tanya. She'd never had much luck finding things. Instead she stayed with the Cubone. A pair of them had been mock battling with their bones when they noticed that Tanya was still there, contentedly watching them. One of the male ones approached her, confused, and she could understand that.

"With all of those kids running around I'd never find the Pokéball. Besides, I like watching you guys," she looked at the price sign that hung on of the posts near their pen, "if I ever get $45,000 – I'd want to get one of you," Tanya smiled proudly, settling her dispute of which Pokémon she would start off with… If her parents ever won the Lottery, that is.

The Cubone tilted its head at her. He then lifted his bone and pointed it towards a small crevice between two nearby rocks that were jutting out. Tanya followed the direction the bone was pointed in and tentatively reached her hand into it. Her fingers touched something round. She grabbed the object and pulled it out, it was the minimized Pokéball. She smiled gratefully at the Cubone and went to stand up, but Tanya was roughly shoved back into the ground, her head hitting the rocks she had just pulled the Pokéball out of.

"Thanks, kid," the guy said, plucking the ball from her hand. He had to be at least 15, lean with ashy blond hair. It was obvious from the sweater vest he wore that he had a lot of money, enough to afford one of these Pokémon instead of getting it for free.

"Hey! I found that!"

"Sure you did, kid…" he rolled his eyes at her.

Tanya was powerless to stop him as he walked away. He was older and bigger, which meant that he could only hurt her. Sometimes it just didn't pay to be young. Tanya saw the Cubone that had pointed her in the direction of the Pokéball lift his bone, ready to throw it at the teenager.

"Don't. Just let him go," she said dejectedly. She wanted to run to the receptionist, tell her that the guy had taken the sphere from her. But she was well-educated for her age, she knew that they would believe him over her. They would blow her off as a whining child who just wanted a Pokémon.


Cubone reluctantly dropped the bone back down to his side, but he looked to be deep in thought. He called over the other Cubone and whispered something to them. They nodded.

"Bone bone cubone," they each called in unison, getting the attention of many of the surrounding Pokémon.

Tanya was confused. She had no way of understanding them and had never read about anything like this before. So she could only watch as the rest of the Pokémon seemed to pass along the same message in their Pokémon tongue.

The ashy-blond teenager that had stolen the Pokéball passed by her with an assistant to help him pick out a Pokémon. He smiled smugly at her and Tanya just stared back. The teenager stopped in front of the pen of Machop, a Pokémon that cost about fifty thousand dollars. He looked at each of them carefully, trying to select the one that he wanted. But they all turned their backs to him. He blinked. The assistant with him was bewildered as to what the Machop were doing, but stated the obvious.

"I don't think any of them are interested. Perhaps you'd like to pick another?"

"No way! I want a Machop!" he shouted stubbornly.

One of the Machop turned around, its arms crossed over its muscular chest. It began yelling at the boy in its name speech. The other Machop turned around and began doing the same. Utterly confused, the teenager tried to quiet them, but he didn't have a clue as to how to do that. More Pokémon began yelling at the boy and he whirled around in circles, looking and listening to all of them in wonderment, making himself dizzy in the process. The assistant who was with the boy seemed to get the hint, though.

"Did you really find this Pokéball, sir?" the woman asked.

He nodded. But the Pokémon shook their heads. The assistant believed the mass of Pokémon over the young teenager.

"Then who found it?"

They all pointed to Tanya. The woman nodded and left the teenager, handing the Pokéball to Tanya.

"Pick any one you want, sweetie."

Tanya smiled. She'd finally get her Pokémon! She turned to the cage of Cubone, looking for the male that had pointed her to the ball in the first place.

"Would you like to come with me?"

The Cubone nodded.

"Okay then," she said, grinning broadly. After watching so many episodes of Pokémon, she felt like a pro with what she was about to do… "Pokéball go!"

Tanya tossed the Pokéball at the Cubone, watching as his form turned to a body of red dots that were sucked into the ball by a small beam. She reached over the fence and grabbed the ball. Unable to resist the urge, she held the sphere out in front of her and flashed the V for victory sign.

"I caught a Pokémon!"

"C'mon, dear, we need to register your Pokémon and get you some extra Pokéball's," the assistant said, surprisingly helpful and cheery about her duty.

The blond teenager was left glaring after her, his jaw set firmly.

"I'm gonna make your life a living nightmare…" he seethed.

"Steven? Have you picked out a Pokémon yet?"

"Yeah, dad."

Steven's dad picked up a squirming Machop out of the pen, calling over one of the staff members who provided them with a Pokéball to put the muscled Pokémon into. His dad wrote out the check, sneering slightly at the price of it, but knowing full-well that he could afford it. Steven bounced the ball in his hands, satisfied with himself.

"Let's see that little twit beat this…"

"What was that, son?"

"Nothing," Steven mumbled quickly.


"Mom, dad, I'm home!"

"Tanya, do you realize you've been gone all afternoon?"

"Sorry, dad… But look what I got."

Tanya proudly held up her Pokéball and even her sister Amy looked interested. She tossed it to the ground, releasing Cubone.

"Good heavens, child, how did you get that?" her mother asked incredulously.

"They let one of the kids their pick out a free Pokémon… And I got it," Tanya smiled proudly, "you don't mind, do you?" she added quickly.

"Of course not. But you're going to be the one that takes care of it," her father warned.

"Right-o! C'mon, Cubone."

Cubone eagerly followed Tanya to her room. He crawled up onto the bed where she'd patted her hand and looked around. There were Pokémon stuffed animals neatly decorating one corner of her room, various cards and movie cases were sitting neatly on her shelf and even her walls were adorned with various posters.

"I think you need a nickname."


"Uhh… Was that a yes?"

He nodded.

"Alright then. How 'bout…" Tanya sat thoughtfully for a moment, "Fury?"

Cubone grimaced and shook his head.

"Okay… Whaddya think of Savoc?"

"Bone!" it nodded.

"Welcome to the real world, then, Savoc."