By Mishil

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Once, their story had begun, and to be ended in unruly way. His soul was unable to seek the light, Itachi promised to wait for her… Thousands of years had passed, when the fated encounter happened… Would there be a chance for their unfinished story?


"What's with this painting again?" Sakura went closer to inspect the old painting that fascinated her. In her twelve years of existing, she always finds the painting as a mystery. It also gave her a hair rising moment when there was a time she definitely heard someone's voice from the painting way back then. Her viridian coloured eyes slightly widen in surprised when a kanji characters appeared on the lower side of the painting, it looks like a small fire was scribing the words within the said painting.

"Our love will be like a myth…" Sakura whispered when she read the whole words.

"You can see it?" A voice inquired softly, hopefully. "You can see those words?"

Sakura swallowed, she was the sole person present in her grandfather's house at that time. And yet, she was hearing a voice somewhere and it was coming nearer to her. The temperature of the room suddenly dropped, her body was undergoing into a sympathetic response regarding the bizarre experience.

"I-I c-can," Sakura answered, the coldness was enveloping her lithe body in every seconds.

"Can you… can you hear my voice?" The velvety voice asked in even more heart-breaking tone. Sakura couldn't stifle the choked sob that was moving up after being lodged in the middle of her throat for what seed like forever.

"My voice… can you hear it?" Itachi asked again, now with quieter voice as if not expecting her to answer, as if already disheartened.

"I… I can. I can hear you," Sakura answered quickly, her fingers shaking. "I can hear you…"

"You can? You can… you can," The voice broke slightly underneath the load of emotions. "All powerful gods in heaven, I thank you. Then, let me inhibit a part of your soul."

Sakura gasped with amazement and surprised as the painting started to glow. As if rising from some kind of depths, a young man clad in Heian era garments rose, embraced in ethereal glow. He was covered in a black cloth, nearly hidden underneath it, and in his hand he held the Ogi-fan. Sakura swallowed. Afraid what will happen into her dear life, asking to herself if the spirit was going to take her soul and dragged her into somewhere.

"I will now once return…" As the spirit shifted closer, the cloth covering him surrounded Sakura as well. Closing her eyes in the feeling of pressure entering her mind and even more afraid that the cloth will be the instrument to end her life. "…return to the living world."

Sakura let out a breathless gasp as the pressure on her mind got too heavy to bear. Slowly her consciousness was leaving her away into the depth of the unknown darkness…

When Sakura woke up, it was the morning and she felt more tired than she had in a while. Rubbing her eyes she looked around in the room, until her eyes landed on the old painting. Memories rushed to her mind. She encountered a spirit. And currently wondering if she was still alive or perhaps she was only having a dream.

Sakura sat up quickly. The movement didn't agree with her suffered brain and she nearly fell over as her vision was over taken by colourful blackness, but a pair of arms suddenly caught her. "Woah," she murmured to herself while trying to regain her balance and vision.

"Are you alright?" The voice asked carefully. Sakura looked into the person who was holding her. Obsidian eyes met a pair of raven coloured eyes, he has fine facial structures, like a face of an angel, and most of it he was looking her in a worried expression. Sakura's mind registered that everything happened last night was not a dream, for she was held by the handsome wandering spirit.

"Just a little dizzy, so who are you?" Sakura asked and tried to stand on her own.

"Uchiha Itachi." The ghost answered while he looking at the painting sadly. "Once, I am one of the loyal samurai from the Heian capital…"

Sakura looked at her, her fear was suddenly forgotten when she heard his voice filled with agony and sadness. "You sound sad…" she said carefully, not trying to invoke the spirit.

"I fell in love with a princess and made a promise with her to return to her side once… But when I finally returned to the capital, the whole palace was engulfed with flames…" Itachi continued. Sakura held her eyes closed as she listened to him. Somewhat, she felt sad from what the spirit had experienced. "So, my soul was unable to rise from the heavens, because of the promise we made for each other."

"And that promise was?"

"To reconcile with her…" he replied and smiled at her. Once again, the smile was replaced with sad expression. "I cannot even remember her visage anymore, that was the curse of my over staying in this world."

Strange enough, Sakura felt sadness he was carrying and more of it, she felt a strange familiarity towards him, and a tear dropped from her eyes. Itachi caught the tear from his palm, and wiped away the tears. "Strange, you are crying for my sake."

"How are you going to find her? You said that you cannot even remember her anymore." Sakura replied and looked away from him.

"I will leave it to the hands of fate… You haven't told me your name yet, young one."

"My name is Sakura, Haruno Sakura…"

…And that was their very first ephemeral encounters…

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! This is Lenneth (the new owner of this account!) This is my very first story published here in this site. Please read and review, this is only a three of four chapter story. I was inspired when I watched again the Hikaru no Go...

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