Author's Note: Watching the Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign ending, I wondered what Xiaoyu would feel if she were the one to find Jin buried in the sand. This is kinda based on that idea but you can interpret it how you wish :) Drabble that took about five minutes to write so forgive how bad it is XD

Watching a friend die is a horrible, painful thing. You want to help them but you know you can't. You feel useless, helpless. They look at you, a vacant stare. They are trying to speak, but they can't, and you know that. But you want to hear it. You want to hear their voice so, so badly. You run your hand through their blood-streaked raven hair, your eyes holding their dying chocolate brown ones.

They stop breathing.

You cry. You wail. You beg for them to open their eyes. "Wake up! Please, wake up!"

But you know they won't...ever again. You pull up their limp body and bury your head in their chest. Inside, you are breaking down. Your heart, it is cracking. Your soul, it is fading. "Why? Why was is necessary for you to leave me...?" you sob.

You wait for them to reply. But you know that is impossible. But then again, is this world even rational anymore? The world keeps spinning and its civilization, still breathing, and you hate that. You want everybody to know what it feels like. The thoughts and the feelings. You're not the sadistic type, but you wish that everyone else could experience the pain of losing a loved one.

As you lay their broken body on the cold stone floor, you stand, tears begin to fall again. Staring at your best friend, with one last sob, you bow your head in respect.

Walking away from them, from the laughs, from the tears, from the hugs...You finally realise it now...

If you wish, and wish very strongly, perhaps you will meet again...

Not daring to turn around, you whisper, "Goodbye."