Forever Phantom

In the darkest of nights, a young boy slept restlessly. His dream plagueing him with screams of torture and ultimately death. Little did this boy know, he would again have the decision to either protect the Earth and Ghost Zone or conquor and enslave its inhabitants.

This boy was Danny Fenton. Now 17, there were more than a few changes his body went through. His black hair now reached his mid back tied with a black band making it into a pony tail. He grew a few inches taller standing now at 5' 10" and his body well toned due to all the ghost fighting. His power over the years grew immensly to the point that he could keep an even match with Vlad if not being able to force him into a desperate corner. Yet it seemed something more had changed about him...his heart's alignment.

Due to recent events Danny tended to pull more to the darker side of his psyche. He often would be aggressive and it took almost all he had to control some of his more darker impulsive urges. His mind at the moment was in a battle with itself, his good half losing.


Danny floated in the empty space of blackness that was his mind. He was alone...just like how his heart felt.

"Embrace it Daniel. Embrace your hatrid." a voice hissed.

"What? Who are you? Who's there?." Danny asked looking around only to come face to face with menacing red eyes.

"Why, I'm you of course Daniel."

"No, your not me. Show yourself!" Danny yelled at the dark figure.

"Perhaps its time you had a little push." the figure responded while lighting up everything, revealing himself and Amitypark in ruins.

The figure was none other then Danny but it appeared to be a younger version of Dan Phantom. He was 17 also, still in the hazmat suit but his eyes a bloody red, he still had his forked tongue, and his snowy white hair seemed to be floating upward loose from the band that held it down. He looked like Danny but different.

"You!" Danny exclaimed charging up an ecto blast in his hands before Dan raised a to stop him.

"Come now, I'm only a dream, right Danny?" /e smirked smugly.

"The least I can do is pummel you here." Danny hissed angerly.

"Tsk-Tsk Danial. Is this why she left you? Because of your temper?"

This caused Danny to stop and put his hands to his sides as tears slowly filled his eyes.

"What do you know about pain you monster?"

"I'm you Fenton, I know everything you do. Let me ask, wouldn't it be great to return the same hate this town has shown you? I mean come now, even your family can't stand the sight of you." Dan mocked.

"Can it!" Danny yelled flying toward Dan with falling tears and his fist cocked back. But before he could land his punch, Dan disappeared.

"Ooooh, did I strike a nerve there hero? Or is it because you can see your families shame and contempt in their eyes?" Dan's voice echoed.

Danny though not physically harmed fell to his hands and knees with a heavy heart.

"Jus-just shut up and leave me alone." Danny responded weakly.

"Aww, it's the weak and unlovable freak." a voice yelled at Danny. He looked up only to see Dash pointing and laughing at him with the rest of his school at Casper High.

"Yeah, even the goth freak didn't want him." Paulina said through her laughter.

"We all knew you were a loser Fenton, whether ghost or human. The loser and reject of both worlds." Kwan stated.

"What did I tell you mister Fenton? Your fated to be a failure." Mr. Lancer spoke darkly.

Danny stood up with his head down, his bangs covering his with an expressionless face.

"What did I even see in you Danny?" Sam's voice said behind Dash. He moved to the side allowing her to come to the front of the mob followed by her new boyfriend, Tucker, and Danny's family. Danny stood there with his head still down remaining silent.

"You've got to admit bro, James is better than you." Tucker said tauntingly.

" I- I..." Danny tried to speak but was barely even over a whisper.

"Your a disappointment to our family Danny, we all wish you would just die." Hissed Jazz.

Jack only held Maddie with a look that could kill in his eyes.

"Your an abomination, we have no son." Jack stated coldly.

"Look dear, he's crying. See how weak he is?" Maddie hissed.

"H-how, y-you...?" Danny kept trying to speak but nothing would come out.

"Hey Mrs. Fenton, you think Clockwork will let you go back in time to tell yourself to get an abortion?" Sam said causing everyone to laugh.

At this, Danny looked up. His eyes changing from their usual green to red. He hissed at them with his now forked tongue.

"I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!" he yelled causing everyone to stop laughing and look at him in fear.

Once he had their attention, Danny released his ghostly wail not holding back any, turning everyone into nothing more than dust and bones. Once he stopped, he just looked at their remains coldly.

"See Daniel? Did that feel good?" Dan asked as he appeared behind Danny. Danny turned and smiled darkly.

"If only it were more gorey." he replied evily.