Author Announcement

Hello wonderful brothers and sisters of fanfiction, I am in need of some assistance as to how I'm going to pen my next projects. I do apologize for my absence and not updating on my stories, I blame college. Nonetheless I have much free time now so any suggestions, requests, or even advice about my work that would be much appreciated. Thank you and enjoy what I've made for you so far. I will also thank the people who have read my stories and have favorite them or me. And an even special thanks to the friends who helped post much of my work up here when I wasn't around a computer. Yall know who you are so don't be shy. Remember, reviews better the writer even if you only use two words I will still be very pleased that you took the time out to do so. Thank you.

P.S. If anyone at all has any F.E.A.R story ideas or suggestions I want to bring them to life. So please if you have something in your mind that you want to see come to life PM me with your idea.

Emoblackie out