Chapter 12

Mary and Daniel walked hand and hand down the street in New York city. The snow softly fell. It was a week before Christmas, their first Christmas together. the stores were all lit up and people rushed around to get things ready.

"This is my first Christmas ever in New York," Mary said as she looked around and smiled.

Daniel laughed and then looked over to her. He loved seeing her this way, smiling, content. Even after everything that she had gone through, there was still a touch of innocence to her. He was glad that that had remained. "You think we should take a picture of this?" he joked.

Mary laughed. "No. I'm just saying that this is new to me. I mean people rush around in Minneapolis too, but nothing like this."

"I think it has something to do with the fact that there's a few more people here than there are in Minneapolis."

"Hmm." Mary just looked around as they continued to walk. "This is also our first Christmas spent together." There was a small glimmer in Mary's eyes that shone.

"This is true." Daniel stopped and turned to her. He waited for her to stop.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

"What do you want for Christmas?" Daniel asked.

Mary had thought for a moment. There wasn't all that much that she needed. The past few months that she had spent with Daniel had been perfect to her. It was like she had suddenly found the perfect guy for herself. "I don't know. Anything I guess."

Daniel looked to consider this as he nodded. "Anything at all?" he asked. "I could bring you a breadcrumb and you would be happy?"

Mary shrugged. "As long as you took the trouble to go out and get it for me."

"Well, out here you do have the rats that would fight you over food," he joked. "I think I have something better for you though."

"Yeah?" Mary asked. "Just don't go all out though. I wasn't able to spend that much. I'll feel bad if you spent much more than I did."

Daniel smiled. This was something that he had been waiting to do since she had arrived at the airport. This was now the perfect moment. "I don't know how you'll about this then." Mary's face some what dropped as she expressed her guilt. Daniel reached his hand into his pocket and then slowly got down on one knee as he took out the box.

Mary's eyes widened. Tears of surprise and happiness started to fill her eyes. This was not what she had been expecting. "Oh my God," she gasped in disbelief. She raised her hands to cover her mouth.

"Mary Richards," he started as he opened the box, revealing a diamond ring. "From the second that I saw you in the newsroom, I knew that I liked. From the conversation that we had on our first date, I realized that I didn't want to leave you. I have seen you at your best and I have seen you at your worst and to tell you the truth, there is no way that I could ever walk out on you during either one. When we are apart, all I do is think about everything we did together the last time I saw you while looking forward to the next time I will get to see you." He stopped and sighed as he prepared himself to ask the question. "Will you do me the honors of marrying me?"

It was hard for her to react at first. It seemed as if everything had happened so fast. One moment walking down the street talking about Christmas and the next getting proposed to. She gently wiped the tears that were about to fall and nodded. "Yes," she said and then sniffled. "I would like that."

Danielsmiled as he grabbed her hand and slid the ring onto her finger. "Thank you," he said and then stood up. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her in for a kiss.

Rhoda and Brenda walked around the corner, but stopped as soon as they saw the two kissing. Rhoda had known that he was going to propose and smiled as she saw that Mary had said yes. Mary finally noticed them standing there as she pulled away from Daniel. "Hey," she said.

Rhoda laughed. "I guess this means you're gonna be Mrs. Custiuz?"

Mary nodded and then went over and hugged both Rhoda and Brenda as they congratulated her. "You realize that I have to be the maid of honor now right?" Rhoda asked.

"Of course," Mary said as she pulled back. "But if Joe ever gets around to popping the question," Mary said.

"Hey," Brenda cut in. "I am her sister ya know."

"I know that, I was going to say brides maid."

Rhoda sighed. "Don't worry. If he does you'll both be in the wedding."

Daniel looked over. "You know, before we plan anything for the wedding, there is a small celebrational dinner that I might like to take Mary to."

Mary looked back to him and smiled. "That sounds about right."

"We'll let you two kids go. Have fun tonight, and conrats!" Rhoda then lead Brenda down the street as Mary and Daniel went the other way.

The End