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Written by NialsFiction

Harry Potter jumped through the veil in OoTP. Unfortunately, instead of finding Sirius, he finds himself in world without magic (except him). He was then adopted by a kind couple and graduated muggle college. Because of his high grades, he attracted the attention of Sector 7 and was offered a job as a scientist. Later on he was assigned to NBE-1, Megatron.

Harry James Potter was not usually a rash person. In fact he tended to think very carefully about the repercussions of his actions to lower all the possible damage he could cause. He acted brash and, to be honest, quite stupid when in the presence of Ronald and Hermione mostly because he wanted to be seen as at least somewhat 'normal' no matter how hard it was to do so in a school filled with wonders Muggles had only dreamed of. In fact, Harry was more Slytherin like than he was willing to admit. Smart and cunning he should have at least been in Ravenclaw rather than the house of the red.

It was times like this however that he really did prove to belong in Griffindor after all.

Harry sprinted forwards towards where his beloved godfather had only just been standing, panic and pure horror clearly seen on his, admittedly quite handsome, face. Strong arms halted his mad dash towards the Veil, and quite possibly his eminent doom of some obscure form or other. Harry however did not pay attention to the whispered words choked with grief. He struggled, fought with all his might against the encompassing grip of his once teacher.

"...He's gone..."


It wasn't possible!

Sirius couldn't be dead! If only he could just get out of Remus' grip...


The iron grip the man had had on the boy had slipped just enough for him to wriggle away. He sprinted forwards, ducking underneath a stray bolt of liquid green, so like his eyes, that shot over his shoulder.

A voice shouted from behind him saying what sounded suspiciously like swearing and a roar of 'Harry No!'. Harry nearly giggled hysterically. He had never heard Remus so angry before. He was going to be in soooooo much trouble.

He was close now. All he would have to do was reach forwards through the Veil and grab Sirius. Harry had however forgotten to add two small, or not so small, factors to the equation. First was the protruding piece of rock that he naturally had the ill luck to step on and skid right on through the soft flaps of the veil. Second he had not brought into account the boredom of the lady Magic (Otherwise known as Mother Nature) and the lord Technology (The almighty Primus).

"So HE's your favorite? A touch impulsive don't you think?"

"He has been a little out of sorts lately. Far too much stress for such a little thing to go through."

"Fate would not be pleased that we decided to interfere. Although the rock was a wonderful touch."

"Why thank you. Fate is far too cruel to the poor boy."

"She is cruel to a great many."

"...Hmm. Aha!"

"Oh dear..."

"Why don't we let him see your favorites?"

"Actually... It has been a tad boring the last few years. The humans have been coming along brilliantly but still..."

"I agree. We could easily smooth everything over."

"Hmm. A wonderful idea! This should be entertainment for quite some time."

"Agreed. Now then... Let us send the boy off!"

Darkness. An endless sea of black that hugged him close. He was not the only one there. Somehow he knew that there was another floating in limbo. Harry couldn't see him but somehow... somehow he knew. This new person wasn't human. Nor did he feel like any creature he had seen before. This presences' mind was organized almost to scary proportions and was extremely old. Impossibly old. In fact it was millennia older than how scientists predicted Earth to be and was filled with bizarre knowledge.

For example what exactly was this bizarre language almost everything was remembered in? Even the sudden angry mental voice that was directed at Harry was roared in the slightly metallic sounding language.


Harry found himself hissing in alarm at the voice and cursing profoundly in parseltongue before switching sharply to English.

"God Dammit have you ever heard of an indoor voice?"


Apparently not…

His extremely interesting shouting match with the weird entity was cut short however when he felt a weird tugging.

Time to go dear.

Oh… So he was dying? Such a silly way to die tripping over a rock.

Soft laughter followed the thought.

Oh no. This is not the end. Merely a new beginning… Please brother keep him safe. The last was a softly whispered plea and then… Nothing.

It had been a very long time since Harry's absurd appearance in the middle of a poor American couple's garden and he was content with life. He had everything he could ever want after being adopted by the originally shell-shocked couple and being shunted around the system for a bit. Who would have guessed that in this world –for it was indeed not the one he had been born in- had no Harry James Potter of its own? He was eventually adopted by the Burke couple. They had been so horribly nice. Adopting a stranger who had literally popped up out of nowhere was the kindest thing they had ever done and Harry had quickly adapted. Nobody had questioned Harry's false claims of memory loss after several well-acted breakdowns.

He still had painful moments of remembrance but, in an effort to distract himself from his depressing memories of his old friends, he had instead studied with a fervor rivaling Hermione's. Ah but how he missed his friends. In their absence he had studied and learned and found that he had actually found certain subjects that he actually enjoyed. Of all the subjects he had discovered however several had quite simply gotten him addicted to them.

Technology and Computing had become a major part of his life. With the magical leak that Hogwarts had constantly spewed he had never truly been able to notice the intricacy of mechanics and engineering and the intriguing combinations of wiring that would make up most of modern day technology.

It hadn't been easy to catch up with his fellows, oh no, but soon he had passed beyond those his age and didn't mind the slightest. He absorbed new information like a sponge and loved every moment of it. He still had no clear calling and nor did he know or care to try and predict exactly where his life would end up. He knew this and yet hung to the new wonders of technology with strong determination.

This determination coupled with the need to forget his troubled childhood quickly caught the attention of several collages. Harry Potter does not 'breeze through' anything but instead eagerly latched onto the information supplied and learned all there was to learn.

And after college.


Harry or Harris or Harr looked up at the absurdly high ceiling with mild interest. He had only days ago virtually been kidnapped by a government organization that had want of his skills. He hadn't minded the rather sudden intrusion on his otherwise normal life and had signed the contract of secrecy with a growing feeling of giddy glee. It had been years since he had last been involved in anything dangerous to a national degree and this would likely be the first time he had actually agreed to go along with it in the first place. Fate had seemed to find it funny to drop him smack bang in the middle of an adventure with next to no warning whatsoever. That or he was suicidal.

His bright green eyes focused on the slightly serious man in front of him.

"As you have accepted to work for us you will have access to several specialized laboratories and top secret equipment held only by the United States government. All you will work on and see or do is highly confidential and you are certainly not permitted to tell ANYONE about your work and the work of those around you. You will be assigned to a senior scientist until you become used to your work and no longer need guidance."

Harry 'Hmm'd smiling politely at the obviously quite stuffy person who took his work far too seriously. He did actually remember the terms of the contract he had signed but apparently the man was going over something he had to repeat to every new employee due to the monotonous tone in which he had actually spoken.

The absurd bubbly feeling had grown significantly and Harry was itching to get to work on his real job. This was just the formal procedure and tour but he had not yet seen the mysterious NBE-1 he was supposedly working on reverse engineering.

When he was eventually lead to the main hanger where he would be working he very nearly had to smack himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. A giant robotic behemoth? THAT was certainly one to add to the books. Trolls, deranged pixies, mad teachers, and dragons were all well and good but Robots were a tad much. A humanoid robot that looked like it could quite possibly be sentient worried him just a touch.

He had learned quite quickly back then that anything that looked like it could be alive and possibly somewhat sentient quite possibly was just that.

"Will it wake up?" A perfectly naturally question but apparently not the one Harry's guide had been expecting.

"Oh... Um no. The low temperature makes sure that NBE is completely unable to move."

Riiiight. Basically if the temperature fluxed everybody was advised to run for their bloody lives.

This was going to be fun.

Oh Yeeeesssss~

In my prolonged state of inactiveness I often found myself considering anything and everything I could think of. Boredom was not something I had ever really experienced before but the current circumstances definitely gave a large amount of time for me to develop boredom. Being stuck underneath several metric tonnes of snow and ice did that to a mech.

Over the countless years trapped under the ice I contemplated everything and anything I could think of and more than once my thoughts drifted to my complete and utter disgust at the weird organic flesh bags that sometimes passed overhead.

Of course that was before they arrived. 'They' being bipedal creatures that had an almost uncanny resemblance to my own species. Admittedly they were covered in disgusting squishy organic flesh but the resemblance was there.

Their primitive little vessel had gotten stuck in the ice above, or so my scanners told me. The little heat signatures milled around aimlessly for a short while before, with a snap of cracking ice, one of the little creatures skidded right onto my hand.

Such silly little things. Horrible little organic creatures which probably didn't have a shred of intelligence between them. As it was I was more concerned to the fact that the thing reached out and tapped my hand inadvertently triggering my navigation systems.


I really should have gotten that particular feature moved somewhere mere safe shouldn't I?

They left soon however much to my relief. And oddly enough my disappointment. Being stuck on your own for so long is hardly healthy for any mech or femme. Despite being one of the most feared beings in the galaxy I still appreciated company and an intelligent conversation or two every so often. Admittedly there had been no conversation between myself and the little glitches but they had been company for a short moment in time.

Then I am ashamed to say I nodded off. A quick recharge had probably not been the best idea but that had hardly mattered at the time.

When I next onlined my optics I nearly shrieked at the alarmingly close proximity of a fleshling right next to my face. Luckily I didn't. Shrieking like a femme was not on my to-do list for anywhere within the next millennia or so.

It was speaking to another little fleshling a little ways away. Judging from its apparent youth the other must be its superior.

"-keep you from your new toy after all." New toy! Exactly what was the flesh bag implying? I was pleased however when the youngling told him off for his cheek.

"I think he'd take that a bit personally." He patted my facial plating lightly before looking back at the data pad clutched in his fleshy digits. And then he whispered so quietly I almost didn't catch it;

"And I wouldn't want to annoy something that looks sentient and could quite possibly blast me off the face of the planet..."

Smart little Fleshling! Apparently some weren't as dumb as rocks!

I looked at the youngling carefully. Also exactly how backwards was this species when they didn't even notice my systems reengaging? They certainly hadn't.

He was young. Just on the divide between a youngling and an adult. His mop of shiny black stuff on his head was standing up in odd gravity defying angles and was probably around shoulder length. His Optics –eyes- were a vivid green which were apparently as rare for this species as with Cybertronians.

I really was no judge but apparently the fleshling was quite beautiful by their standards. I could see slightly how the species would think so. His skin was pale and unmarred other than an oddly shaped mark on its forehead and the pair of glasses perched on his nose.

Speaking of glasses… I wondered when the twit Starscream would get me out of this supposedly scientific compound.

I somehow had the feeling that I would have to wait some time until my freedom.