Kuiper Belt Object Reclassification

The title Kuiper Belt Object Reclassification refers to Pluto's reclassification from a planet, to a KBO. Like Pluto, Edward, Jasper, and the rest of the Cullen kids are reclassified from teenaged vampires, to unusual human children. This is an alternative human beginning for a classic story, but with the same old fates. Follow this unusual human version of the Cullen family as they make their journey into vampiredom.

The story begins when a single young architect living in the city, Esme, adopts her deceased sister's intersexed son, Jasper, after the boy witnesses the tragic deaths of both of his parents. She quickly realizes why the boy's paternal grandparents agreed to take in Jasper's older brother Peter, but not little Jasper. Between the emotional impact of witnessing his parents' deaths and his medical issues resulting from his hermaphroditism, Esme quickly finds herself out of her league.

Meanwhile a young doctor in a small town called Forks, Carlisle, is confronted with a family dying of SARS, the Masens. In an act of kindness, he grants a dying woman's last wish by promising to adopt her dying boy, thinking that the child will only live a few hours more. But when the boy, Edward, miraculously survives, Carlisle finds himself way over his head raising a little Edward, who also suffers from a genital abnormality.

Carlisle and Esme both seek help in the form of a weekly group therapy session, where they meet. Mutual attraction between their new care givers leads to Edward and Jasper being thrown together on play dates, and eventually as brothers. But as the new couple prepares to build their family, another orphaned intersexed child, Rosalie, is unexpectedly admitted to Carlisle's hospital and they decide to adopt again.

After adopting Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme realize that they are both infertile, and decide that their three adoptive children must be fate's way of pushing them towards their destiny. They set about to adopt other orphaned children with special or unusual needs, in order to give a home to those who are the least likely to find one otherwise. In this endeavor, they come across Emmett and Alice, who are both also intersexed. Emmett is recovering from witnessing the gory death of his father and almost being killed himself, while Alice is a patient at the local mental institution, where her birth parents left her after being unable to deal with both her epilepsy and her intersexed disorder.

I will switch points of view as I switch from telling one family member's story to the next, starting with Carlisle and Esme's love story, and then moving on to the coming of age stories of their five adoptive intersexed children, and ending with the family's descent into the world of the undead. Rated M for language and scenes of a sexual nature (may include straight, gay, and intersexed scenes, but mostly the latter).

The inspiration for this story came from writing my other story, Tetragametic Chimerism, when reviewers asked me for outtakes of what it would be like if it were another member of the Cullen family with the intersexed disorder. Parts of this story do resemble those outtakes, and the two stories start off in the same world. But you will find very quickly that they differ drastically. If you liked that story, you will probably also like this one.

*Warnings*: If you're grossed out by hermaphrodites and hermaphroditic sex, please don't read. Includes issues of child neglect and self harm. One guy dies, but he's the bad guy and not much of a character, so let's call that minor character death. On the other hand, there probably won't be any cussing.