Jasper's POV:

When Alice and I left home to save my brother and his girlfriend from Maria, we had not planned on joining her army. The plan was to be turned into vampires, get Peter and Charlotte, and together find a way to escape. Then the four of us would go somewhere together and make our own coven and carve out our own territory. And if we could not cut it, maybe we would fall back on William and the Alaskan vampires and go live with them for a while.

The plan, however, was completely forgotten the moment I started burning. By the time I woke up, it was a distant fuzzy memory that I could not quite recall. And after my first hunting trip and tasting the splendor of human blood, which soothed the incessant burning in my throat, the plan was a nonexistent figment of my imagination that had been torched so thoroughly that nothing was left but a pile of ash.

So instead of following our human plan, Alice and I joined Peter, Charlotte, and the rest of the young ones following Maria's plan. Her plan involved fighting and conquest, but most importantly it involved blood, and lots of it. My mission in this life was to gorge myself on as much rich succulent sweet blood as I could. If I was thinking, I also included on my list watching out for Alice and making sure she got some blood too, but that was the extent of my plans in this life.

Peter and Charlotte were no longer family members who needed my help, but vampires who competed with me for the all-important blood. Well at least that is how I thought of them, but I could feel Peter's love for me and I knew he was not as crazed as I was. He wanted us to be a family.

"You're young, Jazz. Soon your mind will clear and you'll remember that we're brothers and love one another. Here, you take my human," Peter said to me once while we were hunting together.

I did not understand why he would give up his precious blood to me, but I took it and gulped it down greedily just the same. He thought that it was only a matter of time before I would return the favor and look out for him. He wanted us to have each other's backs and work together. He made me and Alice practice fighting with him and Charlotte every day so that we would be skilled enough to fight with them. And when we went into battle, we went into it together.

Battle was a necessity when it came to securing blood. Alice and I worked long and hard until we were at a level where we could hold our own in battle, so that we could earn even more blood for ourselves. We became good at fighting and winning. At first the other newborns were surprised at how quickly we learned and improved, but surprise quickly turned to jealously, especially when Maria made it clear that Alice and I were her favorites.

Peter and Charlotte were some of the oldest of our fighters and so along with the other older fighters, they were in charge of the rest of us, while Maria and her mate Pablo ruled our coven with an iron fist. And as her favorites, Maria was grooming Alice and me to take our place between Peter and Charlotte and her and Pablo in rank. It would be years still before we would surpass Peter and Charlotte, but Maria took me aside and assured me that we would in time. I just had to keep training, fighting, and proving my worth and that is exactly what I did in battle after battle.

It was a day like any other day. In the early morning before the sun rose Alice and I went off on our own into the city of Monterrey and found several humans to drink. We were slow returning to camp, stopping instead just outside the forest to spar. We could have gone back and sparred with the others, but we enjoyed having time to ourselves and we were well matched, because when it came to fight, Peter was our only equal among this group.

Lately Alice has been thinking less about blood and fighting and more about how to get in my pants; I knew because I could feel her arousal when we were alone. She had been too engulfed and overwhelmed by the bloodlust of the newly turned to be aroused for a long time after we woke up, but lately her head has been clearing and she has begun to think about it. I could not have that, so I dampened the lust and shared the lingering remains of the burning in my throat, because there was nothing like thirst to distract a young one.

Alice and I had not been sexually active since we were humans and I was not about to change that anytime soon. This was not something I planned, but ever since my conversion when I woke up and discovered that my silicon testicular implants did not make it through the change with me, I have not been able to bear the thought of having sex. That day I pulled the silicon balls out of my underwear and pulled said underwear away from my body just enough to be horrified by what was suddenly between my legs again, because the conversion completely undid the entire surgery and I was right back to how I was pre-op.

I did not take the news very well and ripped several limbs off of the vampires who were watching me, including Peter, but I was too new and too volatile to stop myself. Eventually, after Maria's entire army came to Peter's aid, they managed to force me into submission. They gave me a pen full of humans to take my rage out on and reunited me with Alice and I have not had another meltdown since. But then, I have not looked at my genitalia since then either.

As a vampire, I have yet to need to remove my underwear and we rarely even change our clothes. After a battle I take a dip in the river to clean up, but I keep my clothes on for that, even if I do normally switch my shirt due to tears. Out of sight, out of mind, and that was how it is going to stay; I just have to keep it out of Alice's mind too and we will be alright.

"Do you think it's too late to go back and get one more human?" Alice asked me, clutching at her throat. Back when we were human she would have looked for a vision to answer her question, but visions require focus to conjure, and that was something she did not have. She still saw plenty, but only whatever happened to pop into her head and she was completely unable to focus her mind enough to see what she wanted to see. Mostly she saw blood, fights, and potential danger, but even then many things slipped past her.

"The sun's already rising, but if we stick to the shadows and are quick about it, we could find one more," I replied before taking her hand and leading her back towards the outskirts of town.

It was wrong of me to make her thirsty, I knew, but it was the only way, so I led her towards an easy prey. We could see a bum passed out drunk at the end of an alley, but when we moved to enter the ally, a smell alerted me to the danger. I smelled many vampires and not one of them I recognized, so I grabbed Alice by the shoulder to stop her. She turned around and hissed at me, angry that I was stopping her when she was so close to blood, but then she smelled the danger too and we ran.

We were running back towards Maria and her army when several vampires stepped out in front of us, blocking our escape. There were many vampires in back of us, judging by the wide variety and mix of emotions, not to mention smells, so we were surrounded. I lowered my center of gravity into a defensive crouch, preparing to spring and defend my mate at a moment's notice.

I looked over my shoulder at Alice, only to see that she was lost in a vision. Of all the times for a vision to hit, why does it have to be now? This would probably get us both killed, because she could be rendered defenseless by her visions. Often times they helped, because she would see the near future and use it to her advantage in fighting, but judging by the happiness she was emitting, I highly doubted this was a vision of the fight and so I knew that I would have to save us both on my own.

I sized up my opponents and decided that the large young male with the red eyes and the curly black hair was my biggest threat. I tucked Alice behind me and positioned myself directly in front of the large male and prepared to strike.

"Don't Jasper, you'll kill Emmett," another young male warned.

This male had bright red eyes and copper colored hair that was strangely familiar for some reason, but I did not take the time to figure out why he seemed familiar. I turned myself towards him and was about to launch myself at him when Alice reached up and grabbed my arm saying, "Stop Jazz. They're not here to harm us."

"Alice, why didn't you see this coming? You normally see anything dangerous," I asked now that she was with me again.

"Because they aren't here to harm us. It's just Mom, Dad, Emmett, Russell, and Edward. They've come to bring us back to Washington," Alice replied.

"Concentrate Alice, we need to escape. You have to cover my back as I fight our way out of here," I ordered.

"No Jazz, I want to go home. William's here too," she replied pointing to the nurse who had cared for her as a child.

William was behind me with the rest of Carlisle's cousins from Alaska and a bunch of other vampires I had never met before. I was surprised to see them, but I recognized him immediately, because he had not changed at all. The same could not be said for my brothers, aunt, and uncle, however, because they looked nothing like I remembered. They had been human the last time I had seen them, but now they were vampires. If it were not for their familiar emotional signatures I probably never would have recognized them. As it was, I still could not figure out which one was supposed to be Russell or who all the extra blond females were.

"Alice, Jasper, we've been looking all over for you. Please come back with us before Maria notices our presence," Aunt Esme said.

"Why'd you bring an army with you if don't mean to destroy us?" I asked, indicating the army of blond newborn females. They did not look particularly intimidating, but they were all newborns and there were two males in the group as well.

"In case we had to fight Maria for you," Uncle Carlisle said. "My cousins wouldn't go after you alone because they said it was too dangerous and that we'd need an army of our own. They really aren't an army, just our extended family."

"No, no family would have so many newborns unless they were an army," I retorted.

"Mom and Dad had me changed because I was dying and they had themselves changed so that they could take care of me and go after the rest of you," Edward explained. "Russell and Emmett were changed by Russell's biological mother and her boyfriend, along with all of Russell's siblings." He kept pointing to the blond chick with the huge knockers who was clinging to Emmett, but he also indicated the army of newborn blonds as well.

"Where is Russell?" I asked, thinking that he will be livid when he finds out about the chick hanging off of his husband.

"That is Russell," Edward said indicating the same blond chick next to Emmett again. "He looks even more like a girl now, but he's still our Russell."

"We need to hurry, before we're found out. Will you go with us and let us explain further?" William asked, stepping forward and reaching his hand out to Alice.

Alice nodded, but seeing my human family reminded me of my human mission and I suddenly realized just how poorly my rescue attempt had gone. "I can't without Peter and Charlotte. That's why we came: I promised to help them get away," I said.

"They're already coming," Alice replied, pointing off towards Maria's camp.

I turned my head, worried that the entire army was coming, but was relieved to see just the two shapes running towards us. I could recognize my brother from miles away, so I knew it was him.

"Maria sent him to find you two, because she's trying to gather everyone together to go over your attack strategy. We need to leave immediately before she notices that they've been gone too long and sends your army after us," Edward said. I wondered how he knew that and I got my answer, because he added, "I can read minds now. Get your brother and his girlfriend and let's go."

Peter and Charlotte felt panicked as they neared me, so I calmed them and said, "This is our family. They've come to take us back to Forks and I want you two to come with us. We have to hurry."

Peter nodded, but Charlotte began to question him. He silenced her with a look and asked, "Where to?"

"Out of town so that we can talk. Then we'll sit down and explain everything and you can decide if you want to continue with us," Uncle Carlisle replied.

Once again Peter nodded and then we were off. This group was clearly not a trained army, because they were not running like one. They kept breaking formation and chasing one another, instead of concentrating on our safety. The mature vampires were the only ones besides Peter, Charlotte, Alice, and me who seemed at all concerned about our safety and the fact that we were in enemy territory; even Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle seemed clueless.

Luckily we were not challenged and were able to run north into Oklahoma that day. It was a sunny day, so we had to stick to the shadows and what little trees there were in the area, but we stayed to the uninhabited regions as much as possible and rarely crossed paths with a human. When a human was coming, Alice or Edward would warn us and we would all hide until it was safe again, before continuing on.

The Denalis wanted to stop in Oklahoma to explain, but Peter and I did not feel safe there, because we knew of an army who claimed it as their territory, so we kept going until we reached Kansas. The mature vampires led us to a secluded spot deep within the woods and then explained what was going on. Russell's mother and boyfriend took the army of blond females off to hunt, but the rest of us stayed there and talked.

They seemed genuine in their assertion that this was a rescue mission and my aunt and uncle just wanted their children back. William also wanted Alice back, but that was because he felt like a father to her and wanted her to be happy and did not think she would be happy fighting. My aunt and uncle were willing to take Peter and Charlotte with them, but they were reluctant to go, because of their worry over territory. Maria had plenty of hunting territory and it seemed foolish to leave it behind only to have to carve out another territory in the north.

But then William and Tanya explained that the north works differently than the south and that vampires are free to roam as nomads and not hold territory if they choose. Tanya had claimed the Denali forest and we were welcome to join her there, but there was no need to defend it, because no one else wanted it. My aunt and uncle explained that they planned on going back to Denali with them and hoped that we would all join them.

Edward surprised me by saying he was going back to La Push to live on the reservation with Seth when this was all over. Vampires were not typically allowed on werewolf property, but Edward was the exception, because he was still Seth's imprint. I was shocked to learn that the conversion had not broken the imprint, but it was what it was and if my brother wanted to cross the species boundary for love, I was not going to stop him.

In the end Peter, Charlotte, Alice, and I decided to go back to Alaska with my aunt and uncle and so we took off north again, only this time heading west as well. We made a detour in Washington to drop Edward off in Forks, but then we set off once again for Alaska. Russell's relatives broke off from the group in Yukon, but the rest of us kept going. The Denali national forest was everything they had described, but we found it hard to adjust.

Not only was the climate the utter opposite of Texas, but Tanya and her coven were vegetarian vampires. They had mentioned this in Kansas when they had told us all about life in the north, but I had not believed it until I saw it. My aunt and uncle actually drank deer blood! In front of me! And what is even more unbelievable is that they even liked it. They claimed that it quenched their thirst and did not poison them and they seemed to be telling the truth.

They wanted the rest of us to try their way of life, but we were skeptical. Luckily Russell and Emmett were used to Human too, so the pressure was not only on us. The vegetarians started off small with making us watch them consume animals, while still letting us hunt humans, but eventually they began to require us to try it ourselves. We all struggled with the switch, but over time it became more and more bearable.

And so we stayed in the Denali national park gorging ourselves on animals and Seth and Edward even joined us. Edward was welcome on the reservation, but he wanted to spend more time with his family, so they decided to switch off between the two families. They would spend half of the year with the werewolves and half the year with the vampires.

And so we all lived happily ever after, mostly because Maria had assumed that we were killed by the large army that had been scented in Monterrey.

Author's Note:

Each of the Cullen children had an issue he or she was dealing with in this story. Jasper was dealing with body image, which was why he had the surgery. Russell was dealing with gender identity, which was why he kept going back and forth between genders. Emmett struggled in the beginning with his sexuality, before realizing that he's bi. Edward had boy troubles and took forever to find the right one and even then was embarrassed of the micro. And Alice didn't know how to treat Mr. Right once she found him. So I'm wondering how well this came across. Did any of you notice any of these things about the kids?

This story could probably use an epilogue, but I have no plans on writing one and this is the last chapter, so feel free to imagine the epilogue going however you wish. Thank you to everyone who read and especially those who reviewed! If you are interested in reading more from me, I'm currently working on the sequel to The Gall Stone of Doom: it's called Bezoars of Yesterday and Tomorrow.