Caroline's case intrigued Chell.

Yes, ever since Chell had begun volunteering at the Black Mesa Home For The Mentally Unstable, she had watched Caroline's progress with an interest she usually only devoted to music and physics. Chell would be the first volunteer to see Caroline each morning, and would visit her on every chance possible. Chell had seen patients (or "guests" as the BMHFTMU's staff referred to them) with stranger cases before, but for some reason she felt pulled to room Caroline, the nameless multiple personality patient with no last name.

Some days, Caroline would wander down to the cafeteria, and try to flirt with the younger men. Once Chell entered the building to find Caroline, clad in tight jeans and a green tube top, trying to get into the manager's pants. Chell had quickly ushered the "guest" away, and forced her back into the typical orange jumpsuit. God only knows where she got the other clothes.

On better days, Caroline would speak in a horribly faked British accent and act like Chell was her best friend in the world. Chell didn't mind the "guest's" over-zealous friendliness, it was actually kind of amusing to watch the British-Caroline talk over everyone else, at speeds so fast it was hard to comprehend her.

On rare occasions, Caroline would sit in a corner and snarl at everyone else. She would snap and bite at everyone to approach her. On those days, Chell was the only one able to calm him down. Even rarer, she would sob about all the "horrible things" she'd done and swear repeatedly to herself to "do better next time."

On the strangest of days, Caroline would spew completely incorrect facts, like that the Schrödinger's Cat Theory was created to "justify killing cats." Or, on occasion, she would simply stare out the window at the moon and ramble on about how they should "go to space."

Sometimes Caroline would be curious to the point of insanity, pointing out every detail in awe, as if each pencil or chair or human was more shocking than the rest.

If Chell was ever at the BMHFTMU for a night shift like she sometimes was on the weekends, she would see Caroline writhing of nightmares. She described these nightmares, and Chell was horrified to discover that they were centered around Chell herself. In the dreams, Caroline was torturing and trying to murder Chell, and Chell inevitably killed Caroline at the end, referring to her as "GLaDOS."

Yesterday, Caroline began innocently talking about cake. Today she claimed cake to be her favorite food. Black forest cake, apparently. So, this morning Chell had driven by the local bakery to find a cost-effective black forest cake to bring Caroline.

Chell arrived and signed in, she left the cake in the small fridge in the little kitchenette. She delivered breakfast to a few dozen "guests," and decided to visit Caroline with her cake while another volunteer served the other patients.

Chell stopped by Caroline's room on her way downstairs. "Hey, Caroline!" she said cheerfully, "I brought you some cake!"

Caroline's face lit up. "Really?"

"Yeah, but it's not with me. I'll give it to you in a little while."

Chell dashed downstairs to retrieve the black forest cake.

Alone in her room, Caroline's eyes filled with tears. "The cake is a lie." She whispered.

That was random XD.