The President stared, wide-eyed and confused, at the extremely large- oh, he couldn't even believe he was saying this out loud- UFO in his backyard. He took a quick glance at the rest of his companions to see if they were in as much disbelief as he was.

With the exception of Arthur, the other nations seemed indifferent, while the British nation just looked even more irritated and grumpy than usual. His kids looked to be star-struck, mouth's hanging open at the prospect of getting to see a real-life flying saucer, and his wife...well...

"Alfred! Alfred, Is this the Roswell ship? Oh my gosh, it's the Roswell ship! I would recognize those scratch marks anywhere! Those are from the crash, right? Oh my gosh, Mr. Kirkland, are you seeing this?" The President rolled his eyes. His wife had always been a bit of a conspiracy theory nut.

"Yes, I see it," Arthur grumbled. "Now let's go. The last thing I want to deal with right now is the bloody alien."

There was a small gasp and the President turned to look at his son who was practically radiating excitement. "There's an alien in there? A real one?" he asked.

"Of course not," his daughter huffed, crossing her arms. After a few moments, she bit her lip and glanced up at Alfred. "Right?"

Alfred was glowing. "You bet there is! And you were right, Mrs. President, it is the Roswell ship. Usually it's got this cloaking mechanism detonated, but Tony always takes it off after I get a new boss so the President can see it. Pretty sweet, huh?"

Matthew smiled comfortingly at his now nervous looking daughter. "Don't worry, Tony's harmless."

"To you, perhaps," Arthur grumbled. "The thing is a menace!"

Gilbert laughed. "Tony has a strict 'no not-awesome' policy."

"Don't use double negatives," Arthur grumbled. "And the only reason that little twit hates me is because-"

"You're Golden Boy's little boy toy and he's tired of you always stealin' him?"

Arthur sputtered, blushing deep, florescent red. "W-why you little!"

Alfred laughed, apparently not concerned that Arthur was currently chasing Gilbert around the yard, wielding what looked to be a magic wand (he wasn't going to ask), and turned to the ship once again. "Hey Tony! Open up, bro!" he exclaimed, knocking at the side.

A couple of crashes and clanks echoed from inside the ship before a kind of whooshing sound accompanied the release of the door. The humans all held their breath as a figure started to emerge from the steam, and even Arthur and Gilbert (who was now sporting a rather large knot on his forehead) stopped their roughhousing and joined them at the base of the ship's ramp.

His kids held their breath as the alien came fully into view, obviously shocked enough to be a witnessing a real live alien that the size of the thing did seem to disappoint them at all.

"I thought they were supposed to...bigger," his wife whispered in his ear. "Like, taller. Or like, the ones from Independence Day. All freaky looking." The President shrugged, he'd never seen an alien either, how was he supposed to know?

Now that it was standing next to Alfred, the President could see the alien was just short of his shoulders, and had a limbs even thinner than his young daughter's. His head was large and bulbous, and at first glance, he couldn't quite make out a nose and mouth. Alfred grinned, throwing his arm around the creature's shoulders and gesturing to the presidential family excitedly.

"This is my new boss and his family, Tony!" he exclaimed. "Go on, say hi!"

The alien, Tony apparently, stared up at him. After a few seconds and a little push from Alfred, he extended his arm in what was apparently a handshake.

'"Fuck you."

Well, it obviously had a mouth.

Behind him, his wife gasped, and he could just imagine her throwing her hands over the children's ears. Arthur and Matthew could be heard respectively slapping their heads and groaning, while Gilbert just laughed. Alfred seemed unfazed however, grinning and patting Tony on the shoulder proudly. The President tentatively shook the alien's hand.

"Isn't he something? Tony and I are total BFF's! Truman saw how well we got along after he crashed in Roswell, so he let him live here and we've been tight even since!"

"Fucking bitch."

Alfred laughed. "I know, right? We've had so many crazy, fun adventures!" He smiled at the President, waiting for praise and acknowledgment, his smile faulting as the family returned only confused and slightly horrified looks. "Hm? What's wrong?

"What's wrong?" Arthur exclaimed. "What's wrong is you exposing that little abomination to your boss and his family! For God's sake, America, there are children present!"

Tony turned to Arthur and promptly flipped him off. "Eat shit you fucking limey."


America raised an eyebrow and looked back down to Tony. The alien simply shrugged. "Dude, what are you talking about? Kids love Tony."

As Arthur continued to shout at Alfred, Matthew turned back to the family and laughed quietly. "America doesn't exactly...notice the swearing," he explained. "For the most part, we think he actually hears real words but no one quite understands what goes on his his head, so it's all speculation really. Please don't be offended, the only one Tony truly hates is England...for whatever reason."

"Boy toy~!" Gilbert sang, cackling and going over to greet Tony with a high-five. Arthur flushed, stomping after Gilbert while Matthew simply hung back and shook his head.

After proper introductions, the group left Tony to his devices, promising to read his chapter in The Book and return to visit him later. He seemed to take a liking to his son and wife, and the President figured that once he got used to the swearing (if he ever got used to the swearing) he could see Tony potentially not being completely terrible.

It was a suggestion from Matthew to make sure the rest of the nations hadn't torn the place apart, and a complaint of hunger from Alfred that prompted them to return to the White House where everyone was asked to join them in the dining room for a bit of dinner. A few nations declined, either because of other plans for blunt refusal of eating anything prepared in America, but the few that remained provided some excellent dinner conversation involving some of Alfred's most embarrassing moments.

Usually he wasn't one to take pleasure in other people's misfortune, but after the day he had, the President welcomed it with Schadenfreuden glee.

"One more time, Arthur," he said, sipping from a glass of (well deserved, thank you very much) whiskey, "when was it Alfred stopped wetting the bed, again?"

"Oh, well past his twelfth birthday if we are going by human years," he replied with a chuckle. "By that time he started trying to wash his own sheets of course, but the boy could never do it right. Each one of them had a dull yellow stain of them by the end of spring."

America, flushing up to the tip of his hair, cleared his throat loudly, attempting to combat the laughter. "Okay, this is totally not proper dinnertime conversation!" he exclaimed. He turned to Arthur with a pout. "And how would you know that, anyway?" he snapped. "You were never around when I was growing up!"

"Oh, there, there, poppet," Arthur cooed, patting him on the head condescendingly. Alfred's cheeked puffed up even larger in annoyance. "I'm sure it was just a genetic thing. How about you, Canada? Any problems in that area?"

Matthew swallowed the bite of roll he was chewing and shook his head. "Not one."

Francis beamed. "My little Canada was always such a bon garçon!" He took a sip of wine. "Perhaps it was young Amérique's upbringing?"

"Belt it, frog."

The group continued sitting at the table and talking throughout dinner and even after dessert, telling stories of being nations, historically significant and simply mildly entertaining alike, while the president and First Family told about themselves. They were only made aware of the time when the President's son yawned tiredly, and the children were whisked off to bed.

The rest of the group followed suit, excusing themselves and wishing the President and his family goodnight. America, despite everyone's insistence on the contrary, offered to take the nations to their hotels, apparently wanting one more joy-ride in the armored car. The President bid the nations farewell and good luck, reminding Alfred to be quiet when he got home because he was going to bed dammit, and he was going to wake up there in the morning.

The First Lady smiled at him as the front door closed and the nations could be heard wrecking havoc outside. "Are you coming to bed, sweetie? You look exhausted."

The President kissed his wife on the cheek and shook his head. "I'm going to look through that book a little before I turn in." He sighed, "Just some stuff I need cleared up before I'll be able to sleep."

"Just not too long, okay?" she asked, ruffling his hair and giving him a light smack on the bottom. "I love you!"

The President laughed. "Love you too."


The President flipped back and forth between Alfred and Tony's chapters, reading the words that were not quite making it up to his brain. Most of what was in the book were things he already knew just by being around the NPP members today and common knowledge. The Roswell page did have some interesting stuff about extraterrestrials, but even that stuff became rather dull after living through this stuff first-hand.

He was just about to close up the book for the night and join his wife in bed when there was a knocking at the door.

"Doing some late night studying there, Mr. President?" the Vice President asked, leaning far too casually on the door frame. The President smirked and gestured for him to come in.

"Oh, just brushing up on some things I should have known yesterday," he laughed. The Vice president sat in the green leather chair across from him and crossed his arms across his chest, apparently waiting for the scolding. Well, he was never one to disappoint. "You know, you could have warned me," he chided playfully.

"Where would be the fun in that?" the Vice President asked. "America only gets to do this every four or eight years, don't want to spoil that for him."

The President sighed. "Has he changed?" he paused, as if to consider his words more carefully. "I mean, since your father was in office?"

The Vice President thought about this for a moment. "Not very much, actually," he finally answered. "He's pretty much exactly how I remember him; the blond hair, the blue eyes, and bright smile, the way he could drive the president up a wall."

The President chuckled. "Oh good, I'm not the only one, then."

The Vice President smiled, closing his eyes as if to remember something from a very long time ago. "America wont always be around as much as he was today. He usually stays in his penthouse in New York City, or this old mansion in Virginia England helped him build when he was a colony. At least, he did when I was a kid. Sure, he has a room here, but he only usually stays there for business. He also spends a lot of time traveling around to the different states or to different countries for business."

The President found himself leaning forward in his chair before he realized it. This was the stuff he wanted to know, information that the book didn't provide. The kind of things that would only be known by someone who knew the nation first hand.

The personal things.

"He's terrified of horror movies, so if he ever tells you he's going to watch one, make sure he has a friend over. England, Canada, and Japan usually work well for that, they are the closest friends he has. Expect to eat a lot of M*Donalds when he's around, and stay stocked up on ice cream. Also, he forgets his own strength a lot, so don't be surprised if he accidentally breaks something. He'll be horrified of course, but it's bound to happen again, so I would just brush it off."

The President nodded. "Good things to know."

"To be honest," the Vice president mused, "I think the best thing about the NPs is that every country has one, so they are a great conversation starter. Literally every other world leader has to deal with their nation's antics, my dad used to say what better way to start up a conversation than 'well, Alfred blew up the Washington Monument again'?"

"What?" the President laughed. The Vice President smirked.

"What? You don't think the Queen has ever had to deal with England getting drunk and streaking through London? Trust me, it happens. I think the president of France even had to bail France out of jail a few years ago. Something about a drag queen and a beret... Or maybe it was a mime. They kept the details to a minimum."

The President shook his head, chuckling to himself and suddenly realizing how tired he actually was. "I notice you call him America rather than Alfred. Any reason?"

The Vice President shrugged. "After a while, it doesn't seem so strange anymore."

The President smiled, somehow comforted by this. "What would I do without you?" he asked with a yawn. The Vice President winked.

"Have to figure this all out on your own like the rest of us."

They bid each other goodnight and the President placed The Book safely on the square, glass table next to his chair so he could finish looking through it the next day. He figured he should also probably return it to the Library of Congress as soon as possible. They were probably not too happy about Alfred stealing it.

Once he had checked to make sure his kids were sleeping soundly, he tiptoed his way through the halls, freezing as a door was heard opening and closing somewhere in the house. A thump and a curse quickly followed, but the President heeded it no mind. It was just Alfred. He had made it back safely.

Another thump and curse sounded somewhere near the stairs this time and the President sighed. "Alfred, turn on a light!" he called, and after a few moments, a light flickered on somewhere downstairs.

"Heh, thanks! Sorry boss! Goodnight!"

He chuckled to himself as he slipped into his room and crawled into his bed. As his eyes slid shut, he couldn't help the small grin that escaped onto his lips. "Preserve, protect and defend indeed," he mumbled, finally drifting off to sleep.

It was going to be an interesting four to eight years.

The end! Not the most exciting ending in the world, but I don't think there was anywhere to go once the President met everyone without dragging it on, so here we are! I thought about doing an epilogue, but then I realized that pretty much every fic I've done with the President is like an epilogue. XD

Thank you all for sticking with me through this fic, I've had so much fun getting to develop Mr. President and his family, and I hope you enjoyed them as well!

The next fic on my list is my first AU! XD it's gonna be a USUK that follows the boys on their college track team. I know it sounds kinda wonky, but I think it'll be fun! Anyway, once again, I hope you enjoyed! :) have a great day!