Sam and Bobby watched as Dean finished working on the Impala out in the salvage yard. Sam knew something was wrong with his brother. Ever since their father's death something has been wrong with Dean. He was the normal Dean…if you could call what Dean was normal.

"Something is wrong with him Bobby," said Sam as the two didn't take their eyes off him.

"Kid…I don't know what to tell ya," said Bobby as he walked away from the window, "Ever since your daddy died he hasn't been the same."

Sam nodded, "Maybe I can talk to him."

"Good luck."

Sam knew he was going to need it. He walked out towards the Impala with his hands in his pockets.

"Hey Dean…need any help?"


Sam bit his tongue and looked around, "She looks good."

"Stop it."


Dean looked up at Sam, "I know what you are trying to do. Trying to make me talk about my feelings and maybe even shed a damn tear and cry on your shoulder."

"Dean I just don't think that keeping everything built up inside you is healthy. I mean look at you…look what you're becoming-"

"You know what?" Dean stopped looking at his hands that was holding the oiled up rag from his dirty greasy hands. Sam didn't say anything just stared at him waiting for him to go on, thinking he had gotten to his brother somehow. Dean looked up at Sam and threw the rag on the ground, "I'm done."


"You heard me. I don't care anymore. I'm tired of being the good little solider."

Dean grabbed his jacket off the back of the car and walked towards the driver side.

Sam's eyes were wide as he walked up to his brother, "You can't leave!"

Dean looked over his shoulder at his brother and Sam saw something in Dean's eyes he's never seen before, "Why not? You did once. Now it's my time for me to do something for myself for a change." Dean got into the Impala and slammed the door before driving off and out of Singer Salvage with Sam staring at the taillights wondering if his brother was ever coming back.

Two Years Later

The Impala came to a stop in front of Lou's. Dean opened the driver side door and got out laughing at the guys pulling up in their own cars, a mustang and a corvette.

"Told ya," said Dean sticking his hand out, "No one can beat my baby."

The guys grumbled as they all handed him all $100 bills. He chuckled counting it and patted the one called Jack on the back, "Good luck next time."

"I should know by now not to bet against you," he said.

"Yeah you really should." He looked up at the place in front of him, "So you've heard about this from other hunters?"

"Yeah hunters like us that like to party, hunt their own way and get a little pussy in between said this is the place to go."

"Alright, but it better not be nasty service. And when I say nasty I mean she better have all her teeth not like the place you took us in Idaho."

"Shut up man. My mistake. I made a mistake once."

Dean laughed as someone opened the door for them and they walked in. The hunters looked around the bar. There was a huge bar in the corner and in the front were a few stages where women were dancing and stripping. Some of the women were dancing on tables, walking around or giving a lap dance.

Dean smirked looking at Jack, "Now this is my kind of place."

The hunters took a seat the booth at the far end next to a stage. They ordered a few drinks, flirted with the waitress and smacked her ass as she walked by. The guys chuckled as they turned back around.

"Hey Star!" yelled the waitress. Star turned her head looking at the waitress. "You got some winners over at stage five. Get up there!"

Star rolled her eyes. She just got off the stage. Whatever the money is what counted.

She sighed as she took off her shorts and left her small white shirt on. She took her hair out of the pony tail and ran her hand through her chestnut waves. She looked in the mirror and fixed her makeup.

She turned towards the stage and walked over to it. She heard the whistles and the cat calling that she would always hear when she got on stage. Supposedly what she heard from Lou is that she is one of his best girls.

The lights went down and the guys looked around wondering what was going on until they heard the music. Her back was to them and she closed her eyes breathing and calming herself down. She placed one hand on the pole behind her then the other. When the music started she turned around the pole.

There's only two types of people in the world
The ones that entertain

Star slid down the pole and her eyes locked with Dean's. She bit her bottom lip at the look he was giving her. Her left hand moved down her body and her legs parted fast, And the ones that observe.

The guys clapped and whistled. Some sat closer to the edge of the seat wanting a better look at her.

Well baby, I'm a put-on-a-show kind of girl

Star stood back up her eyes leaving Dean as she went around the pole and bent a little and smacked her ass, Don't like the backseat, gotta be first.

"Whoa!" they yelled seeing how hard she slapped it and seeing a small red mark starting to appear on the side of her ass.

"I love this place," said Jack punching Dean in the arm.

"I think I am growing fond of it also," said Dean taking a sip of his beer not taking his eyes off of her.

I'm a like the ringleader, I call the shots
(Call the shots)
I'm like a firecracker I make it hot
When I put on a show

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

Star started to slowly bend over taking off her little white shirt slowly. She moved the shirt up her body in slow torturous movements for the hunters. She locked eyes with Dean again and winked as she stood up and through the shirt at him.

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus
When I crack that whip, everybody gon' trip just like a circus
Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor just like a circus

Star swung around the pole before getting on her hands and knees and crawling to the edge of the stage. A few of the guys stood up putting money in her g-string. She smiled at them before crawling towards the middle where Dean was sitting and he leaned up leaning on the stage with the beer in his hand. His eyes never left hers or her body as he licked his lips and that smirk played on his face as he took a sip of his beer.

There's only two types of guys out there
Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared
So baby, I hope that you came prepared
I run a tight ship so beware

Dean tilted the beer towards her and she smiled as she tilted her head and licked up the drip that was sliding down the bottle she kept her eyes on Deans that were boring into hers. She licked all the way up to the top and she licked her around the rim and then down into the bottle making Dean smile at her. She took her tongue out of the bottle and grinned, "You want more?"

"Baby I want it all," he said in a scruffy sexy deep voice that sent shivers throughout her body.

I'm a like the ringleader, I call the shots
(Call the shots)
I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot
When I put on a show

She grinned as she placed a hand on his shoulder pushing him back into his seat. He looked up at her as she slid off the stage and onto his lap. She grinded against him and leaned to his ear, "This good sugar?"

Dean licked his lips as she leaned back up and continued to grind against him. He smirked shaking his head, "More."

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break
I'm like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that you feel the same

Star reached behind her and unclasped her bra and slowly slid it off her shoulders and arms. She threw it behind her and it landed back on the stage. "Better baby?" She placed her hands on the back of his neck and as she threw her head back and someone placed a dollar bill in her mouth as Dean's hand moved down the crevice of her breast and to her g-string before pulling it up making her moan through her teeth as she held the dollar bill and sat back up.

Dean still had that smirk on his face as she pulled it out of her mouth and placed it in her g-string. She grinded against him again.

"Aw come on Dean don't hog her up!" yelled Jack.

Dean looked at him, "Get your own," Dean smacked her ass, "this one's mine."

The others rolled their eyes as they got up finding another one. Star leaned over to his ear and whispered, "If you wanted me alone all you had to do was ask." She nibbled his earlobe and his grip on her hips tightened as he pushed her against the bulge in his jeans. She let out a small moan.

Dean ran his hand through her hair and gripped it tightly. She gasped as he made her look at her, "When's your shift over?"

"F-five minutes."

Dean smiled when his other hand cupped her large firm breast. "Good meet me out front in ten."


In the dark empty parking lot of Lou's the Impala sat with its windows fogged up and it slightly creaking back and forth. Moans, gasps and grunts were heard coming from it with a hint of some dirty talk and slapping of skin on skin.

Star's bare back hit the back car doors window and she gasped loudly as Dean continued to pound hard into her. Her hands hit the window slowly sliding down as it left her hand print in the fog. Dean had told her when they met outside how he liked it. He was very hands on, fast, rough but she wasn't complaining. She wasn't in the mood for some gentle lovin with rose petals tonight. She wanted a hunter that knew how to make a woman scream.

Dean sat up right against the back seat pulling her back onto his lap never losing their rhythm. Star bounced hard up and down his thick hard cock as their lips and tongues massaged hard against each other's and into their mouths.

Star's manicured nails scraped down his hard toned chest and dug into it causing a groan to come out of his mouth.

"You better fucking cum baby," he groaned as he slapped her ass and held it tight in his hands. He grabbed both cheeks in his hands as he pulled her against him hard each time she slammed down on him. "You're my fucking shooting star tonight."

First time she's heard that one. She moaned grabbing the back of his head pulling at his short hair causing him to hiss in pain and stare into her eyes.

"The only one who's gonna…oh God yes right there…be shooting is you baby…fuck yes don't stop!" Dean smirked as he watched her tilt her head back in concentration as her orgasm built up inside her. "Don't you…fuck…don't you stop!"

Dean's hands tightened on her ass pulling her harder and faster against him as she continued to bounce harder and harder until she screamed his name. Her hands found the roof of the Impala as her head tilted back. At the sight and the feel of her tight pussy tightening even more around him he came thrusting hard up inside her and holding her to him as he came deep and hard inside her. Harder than he's even cum before. He tilted his head back breathing heavily letting it lay on the back seat.

"That was…" Dean was trying to breath, "So fucking good Star."

Her hands slid from the roof back down to his shoulders breathing hard and heavy herself. "My God…that was amazing."

Dean smirked tilting his head back up to look at her, "Your place or my hotel room?"

She smiled and licked her lips, "My place sounds good right now."

After getting their clothes back on Dean drove them to her condo. He parked right in front of it and walked up to her door. Dean's hand was on her ass as he kissed her neck while she opened the door. She bit her bottom lip thinking of his tongue and lips being somewhere else. In the car they just cut right to the chase no foreplay or anything just lust and sexual release that was needed.

Star opened the door and turned on the light as they entered the living room. Dean looked around the condo and nodded at the place. "It's nice…you make good enough money for this place? I mean hunters don't even tip well." He arched an eyebrow at her as she smiled locking the door.

"Your boys did," she winked at him pulling out a wad of cash and then putting it back in her back pocket of her shorts.

Dean grabbed her arm as she walked by and he pulled her to him, "I should talk to them about that."

She laughed as his lips landed on hers kissing her hard. She moaned bringing her hands up to his face and resting them there. His hands grabbed her ass pulling her up to him as she wrapped her long slender legs around his waist. He moved them over to a desk that was set against the wall by her closet. Dean gripped her jacket and pulled it down her arms. Her hands rested on the desk and the one hit her answer machine turning it on as they wrestled with her jacket. Her hands pushed his flannel and leather jacket to the floor by his feet.

"Hi guys this is Marci leave a message after the beep."

Dean parted from her lips and arched an eyebrow, "Marci?"

Star licked her swollen red lips and a smile broke out on her face, "Star is my stage name what'd you think my parents actually named me that?"

"They could have been hippies for all I know." His fingers easily unsnapped the button on her shorts and pulled the zipper down.

She bit her bottom lip as he took both her shorts and g-string off. They fell to the floor next to his flannel and jacket. He spread her legs by the knees and ran his hands up her thighs. She sighed at the feel of them on her skin. She leaned against the wall behind her as Dean moved closer to her.

"You can call me whatever you want," she breathed out her hand resting on the back of his neck running her nails softly along his hairline.

Dean smirked his lips close to hers as his hands slowly started to move her shirt up her slim body. "I like Marci but…when I'm fucking you you're my shooting star."

She nodded staring into his eyes and lifted her arms up as Dean tore her shirt off leaving her naked to him. She must have left her bra in the backseat of his car…or the front seat…she wasn't too sure where and when Dean had taken it off at.

Dean didn't hesitate going down on his knees and bringing her to the edge and separated her legs. He looked up into her eyes as the tip of his tongue teased her clit. She bit her bottom lip feeling the small jolt of teasing pleasure. She ran her hand through his hair as he licked her clit a few more times.

She threw her head back as his tongue went inside her licking up and down every inch of her pussy he could get to. "Oh fuck! Dean…don't stop…I'm close already!"

Either she was still shaken from her hard orgasm she had in the car or he was just that good with his tongue. Her hips began to buck up into his mouth as she came arching her whole body off the wall and the desk. She gripped both ends of the desk with her hands her knuckles turning white.

"You taste so fucking good," he said licking her inner thighs and then giving her one more lick to her arousing pussy.

Dean stood up ripping his shirt off as Marci pulled at his jeans and boxers. He kicked off his boots and stepped out of his jeans and boxers and within seconds his hard throbbing cock was inside her tight wet pussy.

"Oh God!" She screamed as he showed her no mercy. She held onto the edge of the desk as Dean thrust harder and harder into her slamming the desk into the wall.

Marci wrapped her legs around his waist trying to get him deeper. Her grabbed her waist angling her just right as he started to hit that spot inside her.

"Oh fuck," she moaned closing her eyes.

"I could fuck you all day," he moaned, "So fucking tight and wet." He groaned slamming into her.

"Please…don't stop."

Her head was tilted back as he bit at it leaving his mark on her and giving her long hard strong animalistic thrusts into her.

"This is my pussy," he said as he slowed his thrust down and went shallow hearing her whimper at the lost of the friction.

"Please…don't stop…" She tried to bring him deeper but he wouldn't budge, "Dean!" She begged and looked into his eyes.

"Say it. Say your pussy is mine." He continued with the slow thrust teasing her.

She bit her lip hard not being able to take the slow teasing thrust, "It's yours…fuck it's yours! All yours! Please…deeper! Harder! Make me cum!"

Dean wasted no time as he thrusted hard into her and she screamed cumming hard, harder than in the car scratching her nails down his back. When she screamed his name Dean came inside her and let out a few grunts. He leaned his head on the wall breathing heavily.

Marci started to kiss his neck running her hands over his back, "I'm ready to go again whenever you are."

Dean chuckled and picked her off the desk, "Where's your bedroom?"

"Just around the wall."

Dean picked her up from the desk her legs still wrapped around him and him still inside her as he walked over to her bedroom and slammed the door.


Marci opened her eyes and her digital clock was staring her in the face but it was blurry. She rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times looking at the clock seeing it was 11 in the morning. "Shit," she muttered and leaned up on her elbows and looked towards her left to see Dean gone. She sighed knowing he wouldn't be there when she woke up. They never were. She smiled rolling onto her back and looking up at her reflection in the mirrored ceiling. It was a great one night stand the man knew had to make her scream and she had the most amazing orgasms she's ever had.

"Well, time to get up sugar…for a new day," she said as she rolled off the bed and grabbed her hot pink satin robe that came to mid thigh.

She ran a hand through her hair as she walked out of her bedroom and towards the kitchen when she heard the door open. She looked up seeing Dean with a duffel bag coming in and she was a bit shocked to see him.

"Hey baby," he said with a wink as he closed the door and dropped his duffel bag on the floor. "Just had to check out of the motel."

"So…uh what's going on?"

"What the hell does it look like?" he asked as he took his jacket off and threw it on the couch. His eyes scanned her body in the short satin robe and he licked his lips.

She wrapped her arms around herself, "I thought you were leaving."

"Nope…now go get me a beer," he said as he plopped down on the couch and turned the TV on resting his feet up on the coffee table.

She didn't say anything but looked at him shocked beyond belief. She walked into the kitchen, "He'll just be here for a couple days till he gets bored," she said under her breath. She grabbed him a beer and walked back into the living room, "Here you go." She handed it to him and he looked up at her before taking it.

"Thanks babe…now why don't you clean up a little this place is a mess after last night," he smirked at her before turning back to the TV.

She stood there still a little shocked. She couldn't believe this. Just a couple days Marci. Just a couple days.

"Fine," she said and Dean watched her walk off knowing she was angry and he smirked. He had her right where he wanted her. He relaxed back on the couch and continued watching TV.

Marci threw her clothes in the hamper and started to make the bed, "Just a couple days he'll get bored and move on. She pulled the sheets off that were on the bed from last night and threw them in the hamper. She sighed, "Just a couple days."

Little did Marci know that those couple days turned into two weeks, two mind blowing orgasmic weeks but with Dean controlling everything in the house with little things he would say. There were normal days if they could call themselves normal when the two would sit on the couch, Dean shirtless like usual and only in a pair of jeans as she wore her daisy dukes and tank tops. He would rub her feet for her as they watched TV and later Dean would throw her on the bed and have animalistic sex with her. Dean would have his hunting guys over talking about upcoming hunts they thought they should even bother with. Some nights she would be at work and Dean would be there and he would be the only one she would dance for. She didn't mind but it took away most of her extra money.

One morning she woke up to a note that read; Had fun and he was gone. And like that she thought that was the last she would have seen from him but was she wrong.

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