Marci walked back out to the club and sighed looking around. Tonight was the night she was going to make a run for it. Dean was busy meeting with a few hunters. He was in the far left hand side but she knew he was keeping an eye on her. He didn't want her up on stage because of the last guy grabbing her ass. He wanted her on the floor where he could easily be at her side if he needed to.

Marci looked around at all the exits noticing all the bouncers, one at each one. She just needed a distraction.

She looked towards Dean's table and saw him look up. She gave him a smile and a wink to make him happy, he grinned giving her a nod before going back to his business.

Marci walked up to the table she has been giving beers to all night. She made sure to slip a few more to them. They were her escape route.

"So," she said placing her hands on her hips after giving them their beers, "How are you four doing?"

"We could be better," said one with a wink towards her.

She smiled but one kicked him under the table, "That's Winchester's property if he found out he'd kill ya," said another one.

"Well between you four and me," she said as she leaned down, "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

The four smiled at her and she stood back up.

"I think me and you will be having a little fun tonight then," said the one on her left side.

"Really sugar?" she asked with a giggle.

"No, no, no," said the one on her right, "I think I get dibs."

"Fuck that! I've been after that ass for a long time!" yelled another one.

Marci backed away biting her bottom lip watching them get into it with each other. She quickly walked towards the closest bouncer.

"Hey!" she yelled and he looked at her, "You're not really doing your job are you? They just grabbed my ass! If my man found out you will be on the streets in seconds!"

The bouncer nodded grabbing his radio, "Got a few guys over at table two fighting over Marci and one grabbed her ass."

Marci watched as a couple bouncers walked towards the table as well as the one in front of her. She saw Dean and a couple of his guys walking over and she watched as one said something to Dean. She saw the look in Dean's eye and quickly pulled back his arm and punched the guy square in the jaw causing him to fall over. Then everyone in the group started on each other.

Marci took this as her escape. She slid out the side door and never looked back.

Dean wiped the blood from his nose as the bouncers grabbed the guys and threw them out. He looked around at his guys seeing them brush themselves off and grab their girls and that's when he noticed Marci was missing.

"Where's Star?" he asked and they all looked around.

Dean was quickly angered. He walked into the back and looked around. He walked to her dressing room and opened it up finding it empty.

"That bitch!"

Dean ran back to the club to his guys, "Find her! NOW! No one is to rest until she is found got it!" Dean grabbed Jack by the back of the jacket, "You find her and you bring her back here even if you have to break some bones."

Jack looked at Dean, "Got it boss."

"Fucking bitch is going to pay." Dean watched his men run out of the club. She was going to wish she never ran out on Dean Winchester.


Marci grabbed her denim jacket and her bag and headed out the door. She ran to her car and got in. She knew Dean had to know she was gone by now and it was only a matter of time before he and his gang of assholes were on her tail.

Her car started up and as she went to back up three black SUV's stopped right in front of her. Her eyes widened, "You've got to be fucking kidding me." The SUV's were blocking each way out for her.

She watched the doors open and she knew she had to run. She opened the door slowly and looked out before leaving everything and just running.

Marci ran across the lawns of her neighbors and into their backyards. Behind them was a forest and she ran right into it. She knew they would lose her in there. She just had to be quiet. She continued to run and she didn't know for how long. Even though her legs were tired she pushed them with all her might to just keep going. She didn't want to go back there. She couldn't go back there. She was a prisoner in her home and her life. It wasn't even her life anymore, it all belonged to Dean.

Marci stopped as she ran into the guardrail of the small highway to get into town. She climbed over it falling onto her knees on the pavement. She heard some yelling and running behind her, they haven't given up. Dean probably threatened them.

Marci got up and saw her knees were bleeding. She bit her bottom lip and ran again. Her legs were sore and her knees hurt like a bitch but she had to keep going. She didn't know how long she was running for and she thought she was almost free when she stopped in the middle of the road. There was a road block of the SUV's blocking the exit of the town. She went to turn back when Jack and someone else came out of the woods.

She was breathing heavily and she couldn't help but cry. The two men walked slowly up to her. There was no way out. She looked around and they had everything blocked. She was trapped.

"Dean's pissed," said Jack and the other one laughed.

The drive to the club went too fast for Marci, she knew what was coming. Jack got out of the car and she shook her head backing up. Another guy pushed her out the SUV and she cried.

"Please you guys don't have to do this!" she yelled as they pushed her towards the club, "Please just tell him I got hit by a car! ANYTHING!"

"He'll want to see the body sweetheart," said Jack with a smirk, "Nice try though."

As they pulled Marci through the club she looked at anyone that looked at her, "Please! Help! Please, you guys! Come on! Don't be a bunch of pussies! HELP!"

They would have helped but they were all too afraid of Dean and his gang and what they could do to them. They watched, they all watched as Marci was pushed into the back where Dean was waiting. They knew he was pissed and they prayed for Marci. They didn't know what he had planned for her.

Jack knocked on Dean's door. "What?"

"I think we got something you may want," said Jack and he pulled on her hair.

"OW!" she yelled.

"Get in here NOW!"

Jack opened the door and threw her in. Dean was behind his desk as he glared at her. He shot Jack a look, "Leave."

Jack nodded as he closed the door.

Marci slowly stood up crying, "Pleaseā€¦please just let me go."

Dean stood up from his desk and walked around it to her. She backed away towards the door and grabbed hold of the doorknob. Dean grabbed her arm and forced her to him. She saw the anger in his eyes. He was beyond pissed.

"Please don't hurt me."

"What did you think huh?" he asked. The hand around her wrist was tightening, "Did you think I wasn't going to find you?" He slapped her hard across the face causing a scream to come out. He pulled at her hair and threw her on the floor, "You fucking little bitch! You made me look like an idiot!" He kicked her in her side and she rolled over holding her stomach crying. She was begging him to stop.

He stepped over her back and gripped her hair pulling her head up, "I am far from done with you. You need to be taught a lesson. NEVERā€¦EVER FUCKING RUN OUT ON ME AGAIN!"

Dean turned her around and before any of them knew what was happening his fist connected with her face not once but three times.

Dean stopped and all he could hear around him was her crying. He had a handful of her hair, but her face was turned away from him. He looked down at his knuckles seeing the blood on them. His eyes widened a bit as he looked back at Marci. He made her face him and he looked at what he had done. She had a bruise forming on her left cheek, a cut under her right eye and her nose was bleeding.

Dean let her go dropping her to the floor. She curled up holding herself to comfort herself. Dean looked away then back down at her before walking out the door and slamming it behind him.

After lying on the floor for what seemed like an eternity to Marci, she slowly got up. She was still feeling dizzy and she felt as if she was going to puke. She walked to the bathroom that was connected to his office. She turned the light on and the mirror screamed at her.

She took a few steps to it and frowned. She wiped the blood from her nose and stared at that. The blood made her angry. It made her rethink of what happened. She hated Dean; she hated what he had done to her. Why was he doing this to her? Why her?

Without even thinking Marci screamed and punched the mirror. There was now a huge crack in the mirror and part of the bottom fell off breaking in the sink.

Marci looked down at her hand and saw pieces of the glass in her fist. She started to cry again as she slid down the wall to the floor. She brought her knees up and continued to cry. She was broken, Dean finally broke her.

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