Keep Calm and carry on

Chapter 1- Keep calm and carry on

"Dude, this hill is fricking high!" Alfred exclaimed throwing his arms in the air for emphasis nearly hitting Arthur in the face

"Watch it!" He warned "Do you want me to fall?" Brushing the dust off his shoulder

"If you did fall I would jump right after you cuz that what hero's do!" Alfred saluted, beaming from ear to ear

"Git" Arthur looked away from Alfred and thought for a while

The two stood there in silence for a while; slightly chilled by the wind that was blowing their hair against their faces

Alfred's phone let off a beep in his pocket before taking it out and checking a text

He swore before running off in a sprint shouting back to Arthur a mix of words he couldn't really understand, only hearing the words "Mattie" "House keys" and "Food"

Arthur sighed and looked down at the edge of the hill, between the line of flat grass and dark decent, damn it was pretty high wants it? Forty foot at least, hard to survive a fall with the nearly vertical decent and the sharp rocks and tree roots that found its self twisted between the long grass

Should he?


...Why not?

It would do any harm, would it?

Arthur shook his head trying to get the thoughts out of his head. He began to walk away but not before turning back to take one last look at the hill before he fell


He jumped

Then fell

Short chapter, yep others will be longer

Hey guys Anna here, just wanted to say a little bit about this story, I first got the idea after listening to allot of Beatles music and some vocaloid, (if anyone can guess the vocaloid song then good for you!) But the main characters in this are England, America Sealand and Canada plus some other people (France, Japan and the Italies) with secondary parts, i dont know, im still planning the chapters but I have the basics of it...roughly

I will have each chapter named after what inspired me to write so the title of this chapter, the posters that are world known by now and all I hear about in the UK, go wiki the saying up, it's quite interesting to listen to

But, yeah sad part here this story is rated T for well, suicide, swearing, anger and depressing micro-nations, yes depressed micro-nations, It worked out in my mind...somehow

That's all for now, if you like review and add to your favs/story alert and if you dislike it then go jump of a forty ft cliff/hill thing while listening to the Beatles and vocaloid

-Signing off SuperAnna