Ok here I'm having a crack at Sherlock holmes/OC story, please can people let me know if the like it? cos if you don't I'll just scrap it. It might take this is basically just an intro chapter. Oh the title of the story comes from 'Scandal in Bohemia' one of my favourite Sherlock Holmes stories.

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Dear Bonnie,

I'm glad to hear you are recovering well from the flu Aunt Ellen told me about in a letter earlier this winter, she told me not to worry about you, but you know how much I worry, I very nearly packed up my bags and medical supply to come to your home and care for you myself, but Aunt Ellen assured me you were under the capable care of Dr Vickers, and that you would be right as rain in no time, Which it appears you are.

The reason I am writing to you my dear sister is that Aunt Ellen also tells me you are getting restless in the countryside and wish to visit London, where your dear childhood friend Maria migrated in order to get married earlier this year. And I am offering you a place to come and stay for a while if you so wish, to visit your friend and experience London life. If you would like to take up my invitation, please let me know in advance, but you are welcome any time. I will be delightful to see you again; it has been too long little sister.

All my love, your devoted brother

Dr John Watson

P.S. I should warn you, my companion can be hot headed, bad tempered and difficult, but with a little patience I hope you can see past his bad habits.

Bonnie smiled as she read the letter over breakfast with her Aunt Ellen and Uncle George. Letting her eyes skim over the words once more she reached out with one dainty hand to her full glass of orange juice but missed, sending the glass spinning across the table staining both her light blue dress, and the crisp white cloth over the breakfast table. "For heaven's sake child! Watch what you are doing! And put that blasted letter down, its causing more hassle than it's worth. Go and clean up, and change your dress, it will be ruined." Her Aunt Ellen almost shouted coming quickly to her feet, and grasping a rag from the pantry sideboard, attempting to blot the orange juice from the table, her brown and grey hair coming loose from her bun with the quick movements. "Stop fussing Ellen, the girl can clean herself up, and the table can wait, Martha can clean it when she gets here." Uncle George said barely lifting his eyes from the paper he was reading, as he reached for a slice of buttered toast from his small china plate. "Aunt Ellen I am very sorry, it has just been so long since I have seen and heard from John. I will just go and change my dress. I will send Martha in if I see her on my way up to my bedroom." Bonnie said meekly folding the letter and placing it into the pocket of her apron, and curtsying slightly as she left the room her high heels clicking rapidly as she made her way across the polished wooden floors, bumping into Martha the maid on her way to the large staircase almost knocking the metal pail of water from the other girl's hand. "Oh, Miss Watson, I'm sorry, I didn't see you." Said the young servant, as she stopped, placing the bucket of the ground. "No harm done Martha, it was my fault really; I wasn't looking where I was going. Oh and could you do me a massive favour and clean up the orange juice I spilt in the kitchen, I had a bit of an accident." She smiled sheepishly indicating her now orange covered dress. "Nothing to worry about Miss Watson, I'll go and do that now. And you get along Miss; you will need to change your dress." Bonnie smiled and quickly hugged Martha earning a light giggle from her, before hurrying her way up the stairs.

Bonnie quickly changed out of her blue dress, dropping the soiled garment into a dishevelled heap at the foot of her bed and pulled on a dusky pink dress with deep pink silk rose details across the low neckline, and skirt. Poking her head out of her window she saw her friend Tobias in the courtyard of the next door house feeding and tending to his horses. "Toby!" Bonnie called poking her head out of her window; "Toby!" the blond man looked up from combing the horse's hair, and waved, a big smile on his face. "Mornin' Bonnie what can I do for you?" Bonnie waved the letter from her brother around in the air. "John wrote to me today, If I write a reply could you see he gets it for me? And book me a hansom cab to go to London on Saturday? Please?" Tobias nodded and told her he would collect the letter from her in an hour, after he had washed up and was ready to leave. "Thank you Toby, this means a lot to me." She called and closed her window once more making her way over to her old oak writing desk, where she began to pen a letter in return to her brother.

"A letter has arrived for you Dr Watson, delivered by a young man in country wear." Mrs Hudson said as she smiled warmly placing the letter down next to the doctor's plate, as she avoided the cold, hard gaze from the detective who sat beside the fire in the plush rocking chair he had occupied all night, a pipe dangling from one limp hand and china cup of tea clenched in the other, as he watched her suspiciously, "Thank you Mrs. Hudson" Smiled Watson genially as he split the envelope open, and unfolding the paper inside, his eyes tracing over his sister's dainty script.

My Dear John,

Thank you so much for the letter, and yes, I can assure you I am much better, though I fear if Aunt Ellen is to continue feeding me so much, as is her claim that it will make me better, I will become the size of a barrel. But I think a change would be nice, as much as I love our dear Uncle and Aunt, they are driving me to the brink of madness. So I would gladly like to take up your offer of coming to stay in London with you for a while. I had my friend Toby, who kindly delivered this letter to you; book me a Hansom cab for Saturday, giving me three days to get ready to visit you.

Thank you so much for the invite big brother, I can't wait to see you again! It truly has been too long.

All my love,

Bonnie xx

Watson smiled and folded the letter, placing it into the pocket of his waistcoat and readying himself to stand from the breakfast table, when he was addressed by Holmes, who hadn't even turned his head to look at him as he spoke. "A letter from a lady Watson? A young one at that." Watson sighed and looked at the ceiling in despair, "Yes Holmes, she's my sister. She coming to stay with us for a while, she was just letting me know that's her plan.

Holmes' eyes widened as he turned to stare full on at his companion who was leaning heavily on his walking cane. "A woman? Here? Absolutely not." Watson simply shook his head and left the room ascending the stairs to his office. "She's coming Holmes, you have no say in the matter" Holmes opened his mouth to protest but closed it again, realising he was alone, and there was no one to hear him complain.