The Feeder

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AU: Edward and his family drink human blood. They can appear in the sunlight with no affect on their appearance. Nobody has any extra abilities, Edward cannot read minds, Alice cannot predict the future, etc. Info about vampire venom: In small quantities, a vampire's venom has a healing effect on human flesh. A human is only turned into a vampire with a large, excessive dose of vampire venom. If left unattended, a vampire bite turns painful and torturous.

*Warning, no rape is committed within this story, however, there are flashbacks of a previous rape in which mild details are described.

Bella is captured as Edward's newest "feeder". After weeks of drinking Bella's blood, one night takes a strange and seductive turn, sending Edward's mind spinning in circles.

I glanced at my watch, 11:12 PM. It was time to head back to feed. It was August 28, I had been feeding off of the human girl for exactly 3 weeks. For me, most only lasted about three or four weeks, unlike my siblings, who shared a feeder for at least six months to a year. Once the time came, we always helped each other eliminate all traces of evidence afterward.

I remember I had picked up her scent last month while running through the woods. She had a thick forest behind her house in Forks, Washington. I stopped in my tracks when I caught her scent; it nearly knocked me off my feet. I had to have her. I found her in her kitchen, putting dishes away. She was alone. I broke in through the back door and flew through the house into the kitchen. She barely had time to scream before I grabbed her. A glass fell from her hands, shattering on the floor, and we were back out into the forest within 3 seconds. God did she smell amazing. There was no way I could wait until we were back at my cabin. I stopped in the middle of the forest and pinned her up against a large tree. Then I sank my teeth into her neck, sucking until she was nearly unconscious. I knew when to stop before she lost too much blood and I sealed the wound using the venom on my tongue. Then I proceeded with her back to my cabin.

My footsteps echoed in the street against the buildings as I headed North through a parking lot, towards the dense trees up ahead. This evening had been uneventful. I met up with my brother Emmett and sister's husband Jasper in town for a while and we hung out, stopped a few places, and talked for a while, but my thoughts kept wandering back to the girl waiting for me in my cabin. Waiting was not the appropriate word. She was probably dreading my return. There was something about this one's blood that was so much different than other ones in the past. It was so, enticing, so, irresistible. I swear I could smell her blood from the tree line. None of the others had such a strong, desirable smell. Maybe I could try to make her last longer? As I entered the forest, I broke into a run, sailing over fallen trees and ducking under branches. About 7 miles in, my cabin appeared in the distance.

I entered the front door and walked into the bedroom. She looked up at me, right where I left her, her wrists tied to the bedpost. She had a tired and bored look on her face. I suppose I could have left her the TV remote. I knew she was probably expecting me as I normally gave in to my cravings around 11:00 PM. She sat up a little, and sighed. I didn't speak to her, as usual. I kicked off my shoes and walked over to her, untied the restraints, grasped her left wrist and led her to the attached bathroom. She closed the door and I heard the toilet flush and the water running. She opened the door and walked back to the bed, running her fingers through her brown hair. She was barefoot, and wore bright green cotton shorts and a white wife-beater, just a few of the 20 or so articles of clothing my sister had dropped off amongst several other human necessities. Whenever I brought home a new feeder, Alice simply needed an approximate height and weight, and she gladly picked up everything they needed along with anything her and Jasper's feeder needed. I estimated this one was about 5'3" and 110 pounds. It must be a female thing, because Rose would shop for her and Emmett's feeder as well, and they seemed to enjoy it.

I made a mental note to turn the air conditioner on before I left tomorrow. For a human, it was pretty warm, hence the clothing she wore today, or lack thereof. She robotically crawled to the middle of the bed and laid flat on her back. I guess she knew the routine by now, after 3 weeks. 5 seconds went by and she lifted her head up to look at me.

"Are you ready?" She asked softly.

I blinked. Never once, have I had a feeder give themselves up like she appeared to be doing. The first week, I had to restrain her, hold her down, tune out her screams as I drank from her. Like most feeders, she struggled. The second week, she still struggled, but less, crying her eyes out as she pushed against my chest until I took all I could before sealing the wound with my tongue. We've entered the third week, and she gives up? Well, I wasn't going to complain, it made it much easier.

I walked over to the bed and knelt between her legs, then leaned over her. My face hovered over hers. Her eyes were closed. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head. She scrunched up her face and whimpered. I guess I really didn't need to pin her arms, she wasn't struggling. I lifted her wrists and slowly brought them back down to her sides. She opened her eyes in surprise and our eyes met. Then, I bared my teeth and quickly bit into her neck, slicing open the artery. She cried out and her body tensed. Her arms flew up and she pressed her palms to my ribcage.

The warm blood flowed down my throat and I was again reminded of the amazing difference her blood tasted compared to anyone else. It was beyond delicious, it nearly drove me crazy. I swallowed once, twice, three times. I felt myself getting hard, which always happened while feeding; it was an extremely heightening experience for all my senses. As much as I would love to inflict friction on my now hard as steel erection, I could never bring myself to sexually violating a human girl. Drinking their blood was a survival need for me and I could meet my sexual needs from any number of female vampires if I chose.

I knew I probably only had about another 30 to 60 seconds before she lost too much blood. Just as I was about to seal the wound with my tongue, she did something I never would have expected in the 109 years I have been in existence. Before I knew what was happening, she had her right hand covering the bulge in my pants. I quickly sealed the wound and held very still, my face still buried in her neck, mouth agape, eyes wide open. She moved her hand, slid her knees up around my hips and lifted her hips so that her center was pressed flush up against the bulge. The friction was incredible, but what the fuck was she doing? I couldn't think. The combination of the blood I had just consumed and my arousal being acknowledged was overwhelming. I couldn't function. I stayed frozen and silent in her neck, waiting. She started to move her hips slightly up and down and I lost it. I flew up off of her and across the room in 1 second, landing with both hands pressed up against the wall, my head down. I heard her shuffling on the bed and turned my head around to look at her. She was still on her back, knees lifted, but she had lifted herself up on her elbows. She looked terrified.

"I'm sorry…I…don't know…what came over me." She stuttered nervously. She looked scared, as if I would come over and finish her off. I couldn't form words to say to her. Fuck, I didn't even know her name. We barley exchanged 10 words in the 3 weeks I had held her captive, other than commands and telling her the rules.

"I could have killed you." I said finally. She sat up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, but thought twice, and sat down.

"May I…please have a moment?" She asked quietly, gesturing to the bathroom. I nodded. She quickly walked past me, her scent as powerful as I have ever smelled her. She entered the bathroom and closed the door softly behind her.

I stayed frozen to my spot, both hands outstretched on the wall. My erection hadn't subsided. I listened. She was crying softly, trying hard not to make a sound, but of course I could hear through concrete walls, let alone a wooden door. I heard her body slide down the wall and pictured her sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees, hiding her face. A couple of minutes went by and my pants were no longer straining to tear the seams. I sighed, then walked into the bathroom. She was exactly how I had pictured her and abruptly looked up, a look of pure terror on her face, again, as if I came in to murder her.

"Please, I'm sorry! I won't do anything like that ever again! Please don't!" She sobbed, her back pressed firmly against the wall, pushing backwards as if she was trying to get away from me. I walked over to her until I was standing directly in front of her. She was squeezing her eyes shut. I bent down, slid my left arm beneath her knees and my right arm behind her back and lifted her up. I walked her back over to the bed and gently laid her down, placing her head on a pillow.

"Sleep." I said, then I walked out of the room.

I sat in my small living room for what seemed like about 3 hours. The TV flashed brightly, but I had the sound turned all the way down. I stood up, clicked the TV off, and walked back over to the bedroom. She was sound asleep. I quietly walked up to the bed and stood over her, looking at her. She lay curled up in a ball. She looked about 20 or 21, long brown hair, brown eyes. She was actually quite beautiful. I wondered what her name was. What the fuck am I thinking? She's a human with whom I feed off of! I use her for her blood! She is nothing to me other than a means to feed. My eyes stayed fixed on her.

By 7:33 AM, her heart rate changed and she began to stir. I knew she would awake soon. I hadn't moved from my spot next to the bed, looking over her. She uncurled from her position, and stretched out on her side. The wife-beater rode up on her waist, exposing the skin on her side. The green shorts were also riding up, and I could see the curve of her ass peeking out from the bottom of the shorts. She stirred again and rolled onto her back. Her arms slid up above her head onto the pillow. My eyes were drawn to her wife-beater inching upward, now exposing her flat, tan stomach and little bellybutton. My eyes traveled up, oh God, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were nearly visible beneath the thin white cotton. I was hard again.

She slowly opened her eyes and gasped. She sat up and scurried backwards, pinning herself up against the headboard. Well, naturally, who wouldn't be freaked out if they awoke to someone standing over you, staring at you while you slept? I felt like an idiot. I stood still, but turned my head away from her.

"I didn't intend to startle you." I said coldly. She was quiet. I looked back at her and realized she had noticed my clearly visible erection through my pants. In 1 second, I turned myself around and flew out of the room, leaving her to herself. I'm sure the fast, inhuman movements always made her uncomfortable, but how could it get any worse now?

A few moments later, I ordered the girl to make herself something for breakfast. She ate silently. I needed her to be well nourished so that I could continue to drink from her. After breakfast, I tied her up as usual while I spent the afternoon out. I stopped in, untying her so she could eat lunch, and allowed her to shower and change clothing. Eventually, the sun began to set. I waited until she ate dinner before I tied one wrist to the bed post. Before I left, I dropped the remote to the bedroom TV beside her on the bed.

I couldn't wrap my head around what had happened the previous night and I was driving myself crazy trying to make sense out of any of it, so I chose to avoid thinking about it. I occupied myself by running into town and stopping a few places, a book store, a music store. Then I simply walked through the streets until everything was closed.

Well, by 11:55 PM, there was no more avoiding it. I needed to feed, badly. I arrived home and entered the bedroom. The girl sat up. She had been dozing and blinked the sleep from her eyes. I removed my shoes and routinely walked over to her, untied her, led her to the bathroom, and silently waited. She exited the bathroom and climbed onto the bed.

Tonight she wore a pair of white cotton shorts and another white wife-beater. Her skin was tan against the white, it looked so smooth. It was about 80 degrees and I realized I had forgotten to turn the AC on for her. I walked up to the bed and knelt between her legs. She laid there, eyes closed, breathing heavily, waiting. I leaned over her face and waited. She didn't open her eyes. I leaned down into her neck and bit. Again, she cried out in brief pain and her hands instinctively went up and pressed against my abdomen. She didn't push me away though, really, there was no point, and she knew that.

I marveled in the thick warmth flowing down my throat and felt my body react, my jeans beginning to tighten. My mind started to wander, and I thought of last night...her hand pressed against my crotch, the friction, her hips, sliding...oh God, I wanted it. I wanted her. I needed to feel it again.

I continued to drink. My knees started to slide down the bed, closer, closer, until my groin came flush up against her center. My left hand started to move downward, as if it had a mind of its own. It moved down her side, her hip, her leg. My fingers curled underneath her knee and I lifted it up, bringing myself tighter up against her. My hips started to glide in an upward and downward movement, grinding against her core, pressing the bulge in my jeans all over her white cotton shorts. I slid my tongue over her neck wound, sealing it, but still kept my face buried in her neck. I could hear her heartbeat racing. Then I felt her move. She lifted her other knee up and wrapped it around my hip, holding me against her. Oh my God, was this actually happening?

I pressed my hardness into her center, reveling in the friction, if only my jeans weren't restricting me. Then, as if she could read my mind, her hands started moving. She slid them down my abdomen, and they grasped the top of my jeans, her warm fingertips lying gently on my pelvis. I froze as she began unbuttoning my jeans. I let out a half gasp half moan as I realized what was happening. She started to push my jeans down. I helped, moving in inhuman speed to pull them off and toss them on the floor, and was back above her before she could take another breath, my face back up against her neck. With only my boxers restricting me now, the friction was mind-blowing. Grinding up against her center, I could feel the heat coming off of her. Her shorts were damp, I could smell her arousal.

There was no use, I was gone. My hands started to feel her, moving up her sides, underneath her wife-beater, along her ribcage. She let out a soft moan as my cool hands found her small breasts, gently groping them. My palms slid over her hardened nipples. I moved back down her body to them hem of her shorts. She lifted her ass up off the bed giving me permission. I lifted my head up a little and slowly peeled them off, she wasn't wearing anything underneath and I nearly came at the realization. Then, she arched her back slightly off the bed and pulled her wife-beater off, leaving herself fully exposed to me. She was perfect, other than the scars I had left all over her neck. I pulled my t-shirt off and lay on top of her warm body, her beautiful breasts pressing up against my cold, hard chest. The only thing separating us was my boxers and my cock was begging to escape. I continued to grind up against her. Then I heard her say, in the most erotic whisper,

"What's your name?"

I lifted my head up above her face. Our eyes hadn't met at all this entire time until now.

"Edward," I said, my black eyes burning into hers.

"Edward," she breathed, "please, I need this…it's been so long. I need you to fuck me."

I'm surprised I didn't tear her in two. I ripped my boxers off and slammed into her hot, wet center, hearing her yell,

"God yes!"

The way she said my name, whispered it, pleaded for me to fuck her, was the single hottest moment of my 109 years. I thrust in and out of her as she gasped beneath me, her fists grasping the bed sheets. Her legs spread open wide. I eyed her breasts jiggling up and down, up and down, with each thrust. I grabbed her by her right shoulder and flipped her over, quickly grasping her hips and pulling her back onto my cock. What a fucking beautiful ass on her, it jiggled slightly as I pounded into her. I reached around and grabbed both breasts in my hands. She was moaning loudly, it raw pleasure. Suddenly, she reached down in front of her between her legs and cupped my balls. I was so far gone, curling my hips into her, feral growls escaping my throat. Her heat, it was too much. I had never fucked a human woman and the heat was absolutely indescribable. I couldn't get enough. I found my hand sliding down her stomach, lower, lower, coming to rest on her swollen clit. I applied the slightest pressure there, and she started to quiver beneath me,

"Oh...oh God!" She screamed, I felt her pulse through her center and she started convulsing from the inside, squeezing around my cock. I growled loudly and my hips started to shake as I came. I continued to slide in and out of her until the sensation subsided and I stopped, still inside of her. I couldn't get enough of that heat, it was incredible. I had never felt this way before, it was sensory overload. To fuck after feeding? And to fuck a warm human? Unlike the cold, dead, female vampires I had been with, this was no comparison, she was no comparison.

I pulled out of her and fell next to her on the bed, as she lay down on her stomach, panting and quivering. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I had just fucked a human woman and didn't even kill her in the process. And it was fucking amazing...fresh blood flowing through my body, a warm body beneath me. She was nearly scalding hot to the touch, especially between her legs.

Then my brain started to function again...what the fuck was she thinking? I kidnapped her, tied her up, used her, and practically tortured her. I couldn't take it anymore, it was driving me crazy. I normally do not speak to feeders any more than I have to, but this was unlike any other scenario.

I sat up in the blink of an eye, grabbed my pants off the floor and pulled them on, fastening my belt. I left my T-shirt and torn boxers lying on the floor. She saw me moving and took that moment to pull herself up and turn away from me. She wrapped her arms around her torso, and hunched over slightly. I walked around the bed, grabbed her wife-beater and shorts in one scoop and tossed them to her. I walked to the other side of the room as she dressed and came to a stop at the window, peering out into the night. I remained fixed there, arms crossed, looking out into the darkness. Once I knew she was dressed, I spoke,

"Come here." I commanded. There was a slight hesitation, but I heard her slowly stand up from the bed and walk towards me. She stopped beside me, to my right, still keeping her distance. With my arms still crossed, I slowly turned my head to look at her. She was scared. I could see it in her eyes. "What are you called?" I asked. She got a confused look on her face. "Your name." I said impatiently and a little louder than intended, "What is your name?" She swallowed once,

"Bella" She said softly.

"Well...Bella," it was strange acknowledging a feeder by their name, "I don't know whether you've lost your mind, or you are just stupid. Tell me...what is wrong with you?" Her mouth dropped open slightly and her eyebrows turned inward.

"Nothing is...wrong with me!" She argued, "...but, other than food and water, humans have other needs too, you know!" She snapped loudly, frowning. I grabbed her throat with one hand, not hard enough to choke her, but with enough pressure to turn her around and pin her up against the glass window.

"Do not raise your voice at me!" I scolded her. Her hands flew up, and she tried to remove my hand from around her neck. I let go after a second, my eyes still burning into hers. Her eyes started welling up with tears and I looked away.

She spoke again, "Look...I...I know I am not going anywhere. I'm probably going to be here until...until..." I knew what she was trying to say. Until I killed her. She sighed, not completing the sentence. "I might as well...make the best out of it." She said under her breath. If my hearing ability had been of a human, I probably wouldn't have been able to hear that last sentence. She took a quivering breath, and I turned back to face her. Two fat tears rolled down her cheeks. I stood there, looking at her, for the next 10 seconds. She avoided my glare. Then I reached towards her, causing her to flinch and back up against the window, but I only cupped her face between both my hands, and used my thumbs to gently wipe the tears from her eyes. Then I placed my left hand behind her onto the small of her back, and led her back to the bed. She silently climbed in and lay down.

"Rest now." I said, and turned. I started to walk out of the bedroom.

"Edward?" She said, causing me to stop in my tracks. Again, to be acknowledged by name by a feeder was somewhat disturbing, it caught me off guard. I turned to look at her. She sat up on her elbows, her eyes still watery.

"Why do you do that?" She asked. I stared blankly at her, "Why do you act as if you want to hurt me or punish me, and then suddenly…you're kind to me? Like yesterday, when you carried me to the bed, and then now, when you touched my face like that. You were…gentle, and kind. I don't understand."

Hell, I didn't understand myself. This human confused me. She made me do things without even thinking. Why was I kind to her like that? I shouldn't be. I needed her to fear me. This is why, when I speak to her, I use aggression so that she won't forget where she is and who she belongs to. She needs to realize that she would be punished or hurt if she broke my rules. I suddenly realized, I didn't want to hurt her. I couldn't explain it in my own head, let alone, to this girl. I sighed and ran my fingers through my messy bronze hair.

"Just lie down now, you need to rest." I said, avoiding the question. As I walked out the door and into the hallway, I quickly flipped the switch to the air conditioner on.