Summary: You know why.
Pairings: None
Author's Note: I don't think I need to tell you who the speaker is; considering who the speaker is, you can count on this being a case of unreliable narrator.
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars.

These old Jedi in their high towers. They have kept to the clouds and the cold air. They don't know the truth about me or anything. Instead of looking for wisdom where wisdom is found, they "search their feelings". I think you know what the result of that is.

You know who I am, Anakin. Often you wonder why I am condemned; after all, there's nothing inherently wrong with me. I am just that which expresses who you truly are. I am merely your anger, your fear, your sorrow, your love. I am your animal impulses and sensations. There's nothing to fear from me; it's only natural to sense me, to give yourself over to me. Those who never feel me are the unnatural ones.

Those sterile fossils. Those unnatural life forms. Their very words are blasphemy.

In their ignorance, they say that a simple act is enough to send someone to my arms. This is a fallacy. This is a failure of logic. The act is not enough. Everything depends on the reaction, not the act itself. Everything depends on the emotions surrounding the act.

In their ignorance, they say that to love another is wrong. They say that if you hold anyone to your heart, your soul will rot and you will turn to me. Fools. Only those who have never known love can say that it is evil.

You know the truth.

Love does not corrupt unless the lover is themselves corrupt. And the act is not enough.

In my hands you find yourself thanks to your slaughter of the Tuskens who slew your mother. We both know that it's not nearly as simple as the Jedi in cold towers make it out to be.


You are not mine because you killed them.

You are mine because you enjoyed it.