Amy sat sulking on the captain's chair in the console room, one hand softly stroking her baby bump. Rory was stood on the opposite end of the console room watching the central column move up and down.

"Amy what's wrong?" The Doctor asked appearing calm, but was secretly terrified as he'd accidently annoyed her a few times during the pregnancy.

"The baby has made me put on nearly 40 pounds"

"Amy, not to imply anything, but i doubt the baby weighs 40 pounds. Right Rory?"

The Doctor turned around to find Rory was gone.


The Doctor, Amy and Rory were sat eating their breakfast at the countertop in the kitchen when the Doctor picked up the milk pot.

"It's empty" He said in dismay he suddenly brightened up "Amy" He started putting the container under one of her breasts "Refill?"


Amy walked into the console room to find the Doctor eating ice cream while leaning against the banister.

"Let me have some please" Amy said smiling at him.

The Doctor looked at her and stated "Get your *own* ice cream Pond"