Margot-Eve and I were discussing her Story Addicted and, one thought led to another and I came up with the following What If? idea. She thought It was hilarious, and said I should share with all of you.

This is totally AU and has nothing to do with any of my other stories. Or, really, Margot-Eve's either.

What if Megamind and Roxanne became telepathic together? He's an alien, has a crush on her, and she's the only female he's around. Let's not get too deep into the whys. It's just for fun. Let's just say it's been getting worse recently and is starting to affect their professional relationship.

Metro Man smashes into the room to find Roxanne tied to a chair. She watches him float towards the floor. A vat of acid bubbles under her and Megamind's bootwheel of death is poised to kick her chair from its platform into the liquid below. Megamind is behind her fiddling with buttons on his control panel.

Roxanne turns suddenly toward the villain, a quizzical expression on her face. Megamind raises an eyebrow and smirks. She rolls her eyes, "As if" she answers. He laughs, deep in his throat, and presses a button. She shakes her head, "That's what you said last time. You're so predictable."

Metro Man looks between the two of them. Obviously, he's missing something. Like at least half the conversation. What the-?

"Since when are you two telepaths?" Metro Man asks.

"WHAT?" they both respond.

"Oh, come on. My brain's not as big as yours, Megamind, but I'm not an idiot. You two were talking to each other without hardly saying a word."

"Oh, not again. Megamind! Stay out of my head or I swear I'll sic your own brainbots on you."

"How would you do that Miss Ritchi?"

"I know your override code," she smirks.

"You do not!" he knows she's lying. He just switched those codes this morning.

"I do now, you just thought it."

"Agh!" he sees the code in her head, taunting him. Clever Temptress.

"Megamind, I know men are supposed to think about that about every seven seconds, but geez. Would you please not think about me like that while I'm in range?"

His ears turn bright fuchsia. "I'm sorry Miss Ritchi." He attempts to curb his thoughts.

"That's a little better, but clothes would be nice."

He shakes his head to try to dislodge the image, "I'm trying, but it's difficult to not think about something." Soon, Roxanne senses his thoughts turning to complicated calculus equations. Then the inappropriate images drift back."

"Fine, I can play that game too." Considering her subject, she concentrates on projecting, as clearly as possible, an image that nearly knocks Megamind over.

"Agh! That's disgusting! And- and- X-rated. And- and- With HIM?" Megamind points at the hero, who is wondering if he should be offended or amused by Roxanne's apparent choice of torture technique,

"Aack! Stop it!" He's pounding his fists against his head.

She relents, counting backwards from one hundred while her thoughts return to normal.

Megamind straightens, shaking slightly, and marches over to Roxanne. He unties her and says to the hero, without so much as glancing at him, "Take her." He marches out of the room muttering curses about evil and women. She can sense him wondering if she could actually be more evil than he is. She can tell he's unsettled by the thought.

"Roxy, what exactly did you show him?"

"You really don't want to know, Wayne. But I suspect you won't have any trouble with him for a while." She smiles.