for Rosawyn's Dr. Seuss Quote Challenge

prompts: Dirty clothes, Butterfly, Trellis, Pickle, and Padlock

a/n: my longest freeverse ever! yay! Oh, and some of you may know me as xXSarcasmAndCakeXx.

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"I know you'll hike up far, and face your problems, whatever they are."

-Dr. Seuss

dedicated to Bluey and Lissy

Congrats on your engagment, you two ;P


butterflies are meant to fly


to you, she's a butterfly.

vibrant and beautiful, with her bright red hair and know-it-all attitude

she's the meaning of p e r f e c t i o n

and she doesn't even [know] it.

she locks her heart away with a padlock

keeping it safe from painand rejection

she [ t r i e s ] so hard

(but she's never good enough, is she?)

you want her to know exactly how you feel

(that she's just so perfect in your eyes)

you try several times to tell her

b u t | s h e | n e v e r | l i s t e n s ,

does she?

she's too busy, trying not to drown in her own sorrow

[ to pay you any attention ]

but you keep trying

you want to save her from herself

and she keeps ignoring you

(she's got better things to do, anyway)

but you never give up, not on her

you need her, like a fish needs water

she's your drug and you're addicted

so you keep trying


but you've got your own problems;

you mum and dad's marriage?

it fell apart a long time ago

then there's the N.E.W.T.s coming up

you haven't studied in ages

Oh, and let's not forget,

Molly doesn't even know your name.

to her, you're just another face in the crowd.

how could she know, you've been in love with her since you were seven?

but, you are.; you love her with all your heart

and, it's sad how she doesn't even realize.

you've always been there

w a t c h i n g. w a i t i n g. h o p i n g.

(but she never sees you)

"it's time to move on," Lorcan tells you one day, his hand locked tightly with Lucy's.

you can't, though.

no matter how much you want to just give up.

to just forget it all.

"i can't, Lorcan. you just don't understand."

you say.

Lucy shakes her head at you.

"don't move on."

she says.

"talk to her, and make her listen."

she tells you, with that look in her blueblueblue eyes.

the very same blue eyes molly has.

without even thinking, you say "alright."


"Molly," her name rolls off your tongue so easily, you feel you'll get addicted to saying it.

but she ignores you.

l i k e a l w a y s

"i've got school work to finish," is her excuse.

you feel like a fool for even trying.

she doesn't want your help; she can save herself.

but then you remember, she's a butterfly.

and, butterflies are meant to fly.

"Molly!" you call again.

it's starting to rain now.

(let it pour)

she turns around to face you, sighing loudly.

"what, Lysander? what do you want?"

you try and ignore her tone of voice

(it's like she's talking to a five year old, you think bitterly)

"you're a butterfly," you whisper as you walk closer to her.

rain clings to her eyelashes, making them stick together and for the first time,

you see a light in her eyes.

"yeah?" is her reply.

"yeah," you nod.

"you're a butterfly. a beautiful, glorious butterfly. with wings and all."

"i am?" she asks, looking down.

a faint red dusts her cheeks, and for a second, her cinnamon freckles aren't visible anymore.

you caress her cheek,

her perfectperfectperfect cheek.

it's soft and smooth, just like you always imagined.

most importantly, it's

r e a l

"you are," you nod, trailing your hand ever so carefully down her cheek, leaving a trail of goose bumps in your wake.

you stop at her chin, cupping it.

"you're a butterfly, Molly" you repeat.

"and, honey, butterflies are meant to fly,"

you say it quietly, but with all the passion you have in your voice.

and then, you do the thing you've only dreamed of since you were thirteen.

you kiss her.

your lips lightly graze hers.

you only press them tighter to hers when she doesn't shove you away.

it's amazing and wonderful.

it's everything you've ever dreamed of, and so much more.

it's the best damn kiss she'll ever get

and she knows it.

"Lorcan?" the light's still there, in her blueblueblue eyes,

it feel's good to know, you're the one that put it there,

"just know, i believe in you, Molly. and i know, you'll face your problems, whatever they are.

you won't make up excuses and avoid them."

you tell her,

"because, we both know, its not like Molly Weasley to do that."

she's dumbstruck, staring at you with wide blue eyes that remind you of a baby deer.


"i told my father i refuse to work in the ministry with him; that i want to do something else, something different."

you look up from the books you've been reading, trying to memorize every word.

"you did?" your eyes are wide, unblinking.

[you never thought she would]

"don't seem so shocked. you told me to face my problems, and i did."

she tells you, a scowl messing up her prettyprettypretty face.

"sorry," you say instantly. you don't want to hurt her feelings, thats the last thing you want to do.

"sit, sit," you scramble to stand up and pull a chair out of her.

"i've actually got to go. i'm going to hang out with Lucy and the girls tonight, and i've got to get going, you know, get ready and stuff."

she tells you, playing with the ring on her right ring finger.

"i just wanted to say, thanks."

and then, she leans in and kisses your cheek.

"i'll catch you later, alright?" she says, before turning and walking away.

you imagine wings sprouting from her back as she does so.

she's finally learnt to fly.

and you're the reason why, you think, a dumb smile on your face and a hand laying gently on the spot she kissed you.