(AH)-Rated R-Comedy, romance, fluffy, and a small amount of angst.

Bella Swan is a local baker who has a secret crush on the new Attorney in town, Embry Call. But when her dream guy comes to her to ask if she can rent out her extra room over the shop to his old friend, Jake Black, she hesistates. After all Jake Black is not exactly a clean cut guy. He screams "I'm a player". He is easy on the eyes but Bella can see that Jake is not exactly a church choir boy.

Jake is trying to figure out what to do with his life. He has had enough of trouble for one lifetime. When he sees how crazy the shy little baker is and how she seems to jump each time Embry is around, he decides to help her win over Embry.

However the more he helps her open up and reveal the woman inside of her, the more he sees a woman he could possibly fall in love with. He knows he is not her usual type of man. Can he become something safe and secure for a woman like her? Is he willing to give up his wild bachelor days and settle down into the man his parents always hoped he would be one day.