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Mr. Uncertain: Epilogue:

Five years later...

Jake and I were throwing this year's Fourth of July party in our new back, that Jake had spent many hours creating the perfect festive scenery.

When Jake and I learned we were having a baby he insisted that although my house was big enough for the three of us, he really wanted something that we both purchased together as a married couple. I was a little saddened at the thought of putting my first home up for sale but I understood Jake's dream of owning a house that we both got to choose together.

The house we finally decided on, was a bit bigger than I had bargained for, but Jake insisted we would need all the rooms, eventually. I warned him that although I was pleased at having his baby, I wasn't going to be popping out kids left and right just to fill up the empty space inour new home.

We invited the whole block and all of our friends who lived near and far.

Jake was the most excited about seeing Embry, who shortly after his mother's death had moved away to start over his life. We pleaded with him to remain in Forks so we could assist him with his grief but he explained it was time for him to do some of his own soul searching.

He traveled the world for a year and then returned to settle down in Seattle. He liked the city life too much to return to our quaint town of Forks. He came for visits, holidays and special moments in our lives. He was Jake's best man for our wedding, he is the god-father of our son, Blake, and he came back to help us celebrate my chain of bakeries.

On one of his visits, he brought a friend. We met Macy Howards and fell in love with her. It was easy to see that Embry was madly in love and she returned his feelings, so it was no real big surprise to us when he called us six months later to announce he and Macy had eloped on a cruise ship. We were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to witness the special event but we understood.

I looked at my missed calls on my phone and saw that one of them was from Leah.

"Hey. I will be there but you better have plenty of peppers. I"m trying to get this baby out of me."

I laughed out loud. Leah was due anytime now. After Jake and I got married, Leah followed suit. She decided that her wandering days were over. Cristian popped the question and she was quick to say yes. We knew that he was right for her when he warned her that she might wear the pants in the relationship, but he could take them off of her easily.

Alice was the other missed call. I listened to her message and once again laughed.

"Okay, so I got the potato salad from the grocery store. Don't kill me. It's not easy dragging three kids under the age of six. Oh and I can't wait to see what Jake has done to the yard. It better not be better than mine, just saying."

Alice's husband threaten to cut up her credit cards if she didn't slow down with the spending, although he didn't mind that she paid Jake handsomely for the wonderful landscaping. When we bought our home, we not only got a five bedroom house, with a two car garage and an acre and half back yard, we also got Alice and Jasper as our neighbors. They lived four houses down.

All of our friends were attending today except Lauren. She was off to Rome with her fiancee to meet his parents. She had done the unthinkable and met someone online. It turned out it was the best spontaneous thing she had ever done.

I heard the doorbell ring and rushed to beat Blake to the door. He was two now and thought that he should greet everyone who rang the bell.

"Hold on little man." I swept him up in my arms, placing him on my hip before opening the door.

"Mia!" I cried out happily.

When my bakeries took off I made Mia in charge of overseeing them. She loved the traveling and the constant headaches of running the ten bakeries. However, I don't think Seth was as pleased by her promotion. It didn't give them as much time as a family and he was usually the one stuck at home with their five year old whenever she was away.

We were shocked to learn that Mia was pregnant by Seth before they ever announced they werea couple. Luckily, Mia's parents didn't kill Seth the way we had feared but they had insisted on a quick marriage before their granddaughter was born. The two of them appeared to be quite happy despite the fashion of their marriage arrangement.

"I brought food, a grumpy husband and beautiful daughter." Mia announced just as Seth and Brynlee walked up behind her.

Seth stuck out his tongue behind her back. I couldn't stop myself from giggling.

"I'm so glad you two made it." I stepped back allowing them to enter.

Seth had his hands full with bags.

"You know where the kitchen is, go ahead and put them in there." I took Blake back to his play area, although he really wanted to be underneath the grown ups. Jake lately, was hinting that Blake needed another baby to play with, so he would be less lonely.

"Oh MY!" Mia cried out as she stepped into our back yard. Jake had done a fabulous job and I hoped he enjoyed the satisfaction of his hard work.

"I know...I'm sexy as hell." Jake came around the corner, making us all laugh.

"Okaaay!" Mia rolled her eyes playfully.

"Jake!" Brynlee threw her arms around him. Jake and I had taken many turns at babysitting Brynlee and had grown a close bond with the little girl.

"There is my Bryn!" Jake scooped her up and twirled her around. She laughed hysterically.

"When is everyone coming?" Seth asked as he looked out at the large back yard.

"In about ten minutes they will start walking up." Jake announced, putting Brynlee down.

"Why ten minutes?" Seth asked curiously.

"Cause that's when they will start smelling the delicious steaks and hamburgers I just put on the grill."

We all laughed in unison.

"Come on Bella, I will help you finish setting up." Mia grabbed my wrist and practically dragged me into the kitchen.

"What's wrong?" I had a feeling that she wanted some privacy with me.

"I don't know how to tell you this or if today is really the day to do it. I mean it's a holiday." She began to ramble.

"Spill it." I demanded.

"I'm pregnant. There I said it." Mia sighed heavily.

"Congratulations." I threw my arms around her and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Really? You're not mad at me?" She frowned.

"Why would I be mad at you?" I laughed.

"Because this means that I can't be there when you need me. Seth really wants me to spend more time at home." She explained.

"It's fine. We will just hire you an assistant to take the workload off of you." I offered.

"Seriously! You would do that for me?" Tears filled her doe brown eyes.

"Of course.I've been expecting you to ask for one, for months now."

"You mean, all I had to do was ask for ONE!" her voice shriek.


"Damn it." Mia shook her head with disbelief.

"What's wrong?" Jake walked into the room with a tray full of empty glasses.

"I'm getting Mia an assistant for work." I said with a big grin on my face.

"About damn time. Did you finally get the courage to ask?" He teased Mia.

"I swear you two are horrible people but I love you." Mia cried out.

"Glad to know you love us, despite our faults." Jake laughed, circling his arm around my waist.

"So you're pregnant, aren't you?" Jake looked between us.

"Your husband is unbelievable." Mia exclaimed.

"I know. That's why I married him." I smiled proudly up at him.

Jake kissed me passionately before the door bell rang announcing our guests arrival.

"See told you, ten minutes." He chuckled as he made his way to the door.

I was one lucky woman and knew in my heart that the choice I made five years ago was the right one. I had everything I ever wanted, the white picket fence, the loving husband, adorable son and all the love I could ever want.

XXXX The Very EndXXX