Harry slowly walks away from the departing mining ship carrying the other astronauts back to Earth. As he gets a hold of the detonation button, and settles into his hobbit hole on the asteroid headed towards Earth. Pelted with asteroid rubble, he turns to examine the rocks surrounding him.

" I can't believe it", Harry says with a smirk on his face. He lowers the Space Monocle on his helmet continuing to examine the rocks closer.

"This is made up almost entirely of Calcium Hydrogen Phosphates, Sodium Monofluorophosates, and Triclosan. Incredible!"

Harry's intimate knowledge of rocks comes from his years of off-shore drilling experience.

"Push the button Harry!". The Mission control room back in Houston, a small suburb south of Arkansas, was getting nervous.

Harry lowers himself further into his hobbit hole, just enough so he can still see where he is headed, much like Oscar the Grouch. He closes his eyes and starts to apply pressure on the detonation button; he sees his visions of the past: of playground fights, his role as Abraham Lincoln in his fifth grade production of A Night at Ford's Theatre, holding Grace as a child, and the last moments he spent with her before departing. He has now completely pressed the button.

The Mission control room watches on monitors as the asteroid is destroyed, and begins to separate. There are mixed emotions in the room. Some cheer, some cry, and some are unsure how to react and just stand there looking around. Asteroid bits soon begin to rain down over the African continent, pelting Hippos and Giraffes with ice cream sandwich sized shards of asteroid.

As Dan Truman slowly begins to walk out of the Mission control room, looks up at the monitors, taking one last look at what has just happened, he hears empty static coming from the Asteroid video feed. He walks up to the monitor to say goodbye to Harry, but stops suddenly.

He hears a voice amongst the static…"Truman, you there? Anyone?"

"I'll tell you what, you can't kill me that easily".

Harry is alive.