So in the reviews a good point was made about Mr Hadley's relationship with Callum and to be honest, I'd completely forgotten about that - I got so caught up in Sephy being ill! So hopefully this chapter portrays their relationship a bit more, although I'm not sure I've got it quite right. Anyway read on and enjoy...

"This is your fault." Mr Hadley spat at me as the doctor walked away from us. I backed away from him slightly and shook my head in denial. No. Please don't say that.
"Mr Hadley I" I started to plead to him, but he carried on as if I hadn't spoken.
"You and your kind did this." He continued as he stepped towards me, his eyes blazing with fury "we should have got rid of you when we could. I swear to God if I could wipe out the lot of you I would"

"Kamal," Mrs Hadley tried to intervene, but it did no good. But worst of all, I knew he was telling the truth. This was my fault. I thought that maybe if no one else had said it out loud, if it was only me thinking it, that somehow it wouldn't be true. But he had, and I knew it was the truth. All of this was my fault. Mr Hadley was mere inches away from me now. I glanced over my shoulder, but the ward was practically deserted.
"I could crush you." He whispered slickly "I could crush you and your family right now." I stiffened. My family had nothing to do with this.
"One word from me." Mr Hadley carried on "And you'd all be hanging from a noose before you could blink." Anger raged up from within me. How dare he talk about my family like that? This was my fault and my problem, not theirs. I glared at him and took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. "Sephy wouldn't want us to argue."

Mr Hadley laughed in disbelief.
"Sephy wouldn't want us to argue?" he repeated sarcastically "My daughter is lying unconscious in that bed there, she's going to give birth to your bastard child two months early because of you. I don't think you're the best person to decide what is best for my daughter." He told me coldly.
"She's my girlfriend. And that's my baby." I whispered quietly under my breath. But not quietly enough for Kamal Hadley.
"Your girlfriend?" Mr Hadley scoffed "It may well be your bastard child but my daughter would never go out with a blanker."
"Kamal please." Mrs Hadley put her hand on her husband's arm. She turned to me "I think it's best if you leave. If there's any news the hospital will let you know." I looked at the three of them and realised they were serious. I sighed and moved past them to go and sit by Sephy.

"Stay strong for me Sephy." I whispered in her ear "I love you."

"That wasn't necessary." Jasmine rounded on me as soon as he'd gone. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. I'd known she'd start on me.
"Not now Jasmine." I muttered and sat down on the chair beside Sephy. She looked so peaceful, it was hard to believe she was in any pain at all. Maybe she wasn't. That was all I could hope for. It was all so surreal. Why us? Why my little girl? So many questions ran through my brain, questions which I knew could not be answered. The doctor had said that there was a chance she'd be alright, and my daughters were stronger than most. I never wanted her to have to go through anything like this, not the kidnapping and now this.
"What are we going to do Jasmine?" I asked
"We're going to stay strong. Sephy needs us." She replied, although her voice sounded like it was about to crack.
"I don't know how much more of this I can take Jasmine. Once the papers get hold of it, it's going to be everywhere. There won't be anywhere to go. My career, it'll be finished." I sighed. There was silence. Slowly I looked up into the glaring faces of my wife and eldest daughter.
"You're just as bad as him." Minerva told me shaking her head. I narrowed my eyes, confused.
"Our daughter could die and you're worried about how it could affect your career?" Jasmine asked, though we both knew it wasn't a question.
"We have to think about the future Jasmine," I started to protest but she held up one hand to stop me.
"No Kamal. We have to think about our daughters. You lord over that McGregor boy but you're exactly the same as him."
"I'm not the same." I argued "He's white as can be." Jasmine shook her head at me
"I'm not talking about your skin." She told me stonily "You want to do what's best for Sephy? Then I suggest you go home and look up treatment programmes for her."


Minerva left with him. It was just me and Sephy left. When they'd gone I broke down, I couldn't help it. I had to put on a strong face, for Minerva's sake and for Sephy but inside this is killing me. Ever since the kidnapping Kamal and I have been arguing and Minerva can sense something's wrong, she's not stupid. And Sephy...where do I even begin with Sephy? It's like watching your child hurt herself right in front of your eyes, over and over again and being powerless to stop it. She's not right. I thought she could just forget about everything that had happened to her and move on with her life...and for the first few weeks it looked like she was doing just that. But now, she's acting strangely. She doesn't know what she's doing most of the time, and it's like she's not even here anymore. I'm losing my daughter and I don't know how to get her back.

I stayed there for hours, just watching her, hoping that she'd wake up and everything would be alright. The doctors came and went, but nothing changed. Callie. That's what she'd said. She'd wanted to call her Callie. But now she might never have the chance to hold her daughter, to watch her grow. I'd have done so many things differently if I only knew this was coming.

It's torture watching her just lying here. Not knowing if she can hear me or not. Not knowing if she's unconscious still...or if she's gone for good. Wake up Sephy. Please wake up for me.

I can't find them. I'm all alone in this place, wherever this place is. I called out for them but they never came. At least in this place I feel normal again. Well almost...I guess it's like I'm here in spirit bu t not body. I never used to believe all that stuff about spirits and stars but now I'm actually experiencing it. It's weird. But I don't mind it. Before I was lost, and now it's like I'm finally seeing clearly again for the first time since the kidnapping.

A noise breaks my train of thought. A banging sound. I turn to see what has disturbed me. A man. Callum? I step towards the figure and squint my eyes, trying to get a better look. It is Callum. A rush of happiness surges through me and a smile spreads across my face. I start to jog towards him, looking for my little girl, but she's not there. He's not wearing his normal clothes either...He's wearing a dark leather jacket and jeans, if I didn't know any better I'd swear he looked more like Jude. But that's not possible because it's just me, Callum and Callie in my world. My perfect little world. I keep running, I'm nearly there. Callum's not moving towards me, he's just stood still, perfectly still. As I get closer I realise his hair's shorter and he's taller. Callum? My mind wonders but I push those thoughts aside, I'm so desperate to reach him now. I'm mere metres away from him now; I could almost reach out and touch his face if I wanted to. I want to. I reach out my hand. His face changes. With a gasp of shock I realise that it isn't Callum, it's Jude. I want to scream, I open my mouth ready to, but nothing comes out.
"Sephy." Jude smiles at me "I've been waiting."

Right so that bit above is still Sephy in her sort of dream like state. She believes she's dead or in a state similar to that, hence why it's just her, Callum and Callie in her perfect world. However Jude is still affecting her mind (as hopefully you understood from her bit) and still haunts her. Also I understand that Jasmine Hadley also strongly disliked Callum in Noughts and Crosses but this is my version and although she still doesnt like him, she's tired and just wants to focus on her daughter right now. She has come to the realisation that her daughter could be ill for a long time, and I guess she's finally seeing how she's acted in the past and wants to make things better. Izzie xx