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Anyway, this is an Alice and Jasper story! :O A little different from the usual stories. Chapter 1 will be posted soon after this... happy reading!



I looked back as I saw the man I love, sleeping peacefully in his bed. The covers were askew and his hair was all tussled. He was having problems with sleeping tonight, but he had eventually settled around 1am, he must have sensed that something was wrong. He's always right.

A lone tear streamed down my face as I whispered 'I love you' and gently closed the door behind me, not to disturb him from is slumber.

My bag was neatly placed in the linen cupboard, nestled in between the boxes containing various bed sheets; I didn't want him to suspect anything. He would never understand, he'd be angry, ashamed, hurt, broken...oh what have I done? I've stolen another woman's husband to break his heart. I promised I wouldn't, and yet here I am, running away.

I quietly grab my car keys from my bag. I told him that the car was at the garage, oh how deceiving am I? I cover my mouth as I sob, I don't wish to wake him, not when I've made it this far.

I lock the door and make my way down the dark and empty street. The car has been parked two blocks down, why go through all that trouble for him to catch you starting up the 'get-away' car?

The car is silent. There is no music, no radio chat and no tears. This is my end, I am to be punished, I have lied, cheated and stolen. Why should I have a happy ending? I don't deserve it. He doesn't deserve this and neither does his wife...

My best friend, how can I call her that when I am the reason for all her pain? I may call her my friend, but I know she will never call me hers ever again.

I drive by the house, all the lights are still out, he hasn't woken yet. For a split second I feel upset that he hasn't, but what would I do? If I saw him, would I stop, tell him that I'm sorry for running away and beg him to forgive me? I know I would, I want to go back, but what I want and what I deserve are two completely different things.

As the house disappears from sight and the freeway looms I say my last goodbyes and pray that one day, Jasper Whitlock would forgive me.

Hope you like the idea.. the story will obviously pick up after I have posted more chapters. Chapter 1 will be up shortly.